XMPP Council - 2019-08-07

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  14. dwd Reminder that I'm on holiday, so won't be about for the meeting.
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  17. Link Mauve Hi everyone.
  18. Link Mauve It’s about time.
  19. Link Mauve Ge0rG, Kev, jonas’, ping.
  20. Ge0rG Sorry, I've been on the Autobahn.
  21. Link Mauve Ok.
  22. jonas’ I’m here
  23. Ge0rG As I'm participating in a real-life meeting at the same time, I'd suggest somebody else chairs
  24. Link Mauve Kev said “I am also not here next week. Probably.”, so we can assume no quorum.
  25. Link Mauve Oh, so you’re still here?
  26. Ge0rG Semi-here.
  27. jonas’ Link Mauve, can you chair?
  28. Link Mauve I was looking for things to put on an agenda, but sure.
  29. Link Mauve So, 1) roll call!
  30. jonas’ I’m here
  31. Link Mauve I count three people, we have quorum.
  32. Link Mauve 2) Agenda bashing
  33. Link Mauve Do we have an agenda?
  34. jonas’ we have three PRs
  35. Link Mauve I counted three PRs.
  36. Link Mauve Anything else?
  37. jonas’ not that I knew
  38. Link Mauve pep., did you do what you wanted to do, or do you want us to skip one of your PRs?
  39. Link Mauve pep., did you do what you wanted to do, or do you want us to skip your PR?
  40. pep. skip, I haven't submitted anything
  41. Link Mauve I suggest we skip the activity summary this week, as I don’t have it.
  42. Link Mauve Thanks pep.
  43. Link Mauve 3) Add pubsub#public in Publish-Subscribe features (PR #806)
  44. Link Mauve Shall we vote?
  45. jonas’ we can
  46. jonas’ soo… I’m not sure on this one.
  47. jonas’ doesn’t this require a feature on the pubsub service, too?
  48. Link Mauve I think so too.
  49. pep. Why?
  50. pep. Say in the PR "if it's not present consider it $boolean"?
  51. jonas’ pep., on the service, not on the node
  52. pep. I'm not sure why though
  53. pep. still
  54. jonas’ I’d want to know, with muclumbus for example, whether I’ll get non-public nodes in the search
  55. Link Mauve pep., so that users know that the service supports this new feature, and can avoid publishing something which can’t be made non-public.
  56. jonas’ in that case I wouldn’t bother to index
  57. pep. jonas’, you wouldn't get them, the server would hide them
  58. jonas’ false, if the server doesn’t support it
  59. pep. Then it's public
  60. jonas’ hm.
  61. pep. Just like now
  62. Link Mauve pep., but as an entity discovering it, you would need a feature to know whether “it’s public just like now”, or not.
  63. pep. I don't understand why you want that. A flag to False means it's hidden, a flag to True or no flag means public. As a publishing entity though you might want to know indeed
  64. pep. (?)
  65. Link Mauve I’m on list, I’ll send that feedback to edhelas after this meeting.
  66. Link Mauve Ge0rG, jonas’?
  67. jonas’ on-list
  68. pep. fwiw, a feature might not hurt for discovering entities, just that I don't think it's really useful
  69. Link Mauve 4) XEP-0045: Add Tags configuration and metadata (PR #808)
  70. Link Mauve This one I haven’t reviewed at all, so I’m on list.
  71. jonas’ +1 on that one
  72. Link Mauve 5) Outstanding Votes
  73. Link Mauve I haven’t followed at all, do we have anything?
  74. pep. What about pubsub#rsm? When I said skip I was talking about all the rest(?)
  75. Link Mauve Oh, I didn’t understand that; 5) XEP-0060: Add a pubsub#rsm disco#info feature to clear confusion
  76. jonas’ +1
  77. Link Mauve I’m +1 on this one, but you should register it with the registrar, in section 16.3, and maybe too section 10 too.
  78. pep. In coming changes I'm planning to rewrite rsm and order-by's "Dicovering support" sections, because these XEPs are not useful as is and it doesn't really make sense atm. pubsub#rsm is useful standalone though
  79. Link Mauve Indeed.
  80. Link Mauve I’m fine with this change in 0060 standalone.
  81. Link Mauve Alright, let’s continue.
  82. Link Mauve 6) Outstandinv Votes
  83. Link Mauve 6) Outstanding Votes
  84. Link Mauve I can’t find anything, I’d like to remind Editor that some PRs have been voted on and should be merged or closed.
  85. Link Mauve 7) Next Meeting
  86. Link Mauve Is +1W fine with the presents?
  87. Link Mauve I won’t be here in two weeks, fyi.
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  89. Link Mauve 8) AOB?
  90. Ge0rG sorry, I had a network outage. on-list everything.
  91. Link Mauve Ack.
  92. Ge0rG I've sent something to standards@ regarding Message Errors, and I'd appreciate Council feedback. But that can go on list as well
  93. jonas’ none from me
  94. jonas’ +1w wfm
  95. Ge0rG Also no video conference on Compliance Suite 2020 with Kev so far.
  96. Ge0rG +1W should work.
  97. Link Mauve Ge0rG, alright, we can do that.
  98. Link Mauve 9) End of Meeting
  99. Link Mauve Thanks all!
  100. jonas’ thanks Link Mauve
  101. dwd If Georg wasn't there, was that meeting technically quorate? Oh well. 😁
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  103. dwd Thanks for stepping in, Link Mauve.
  104. Link Mauve dwd, he was there at times though. ^^
  105. jonas’ if only we had a protocol to indicate presence
  106. dwd At the beginning, which is probably all that counts.
  107. Ge0rG I'm very much sorry.
  108. jonas’ in those IRL committees I was part of, we’d keep track of presence and stop the meeting (except AOB) when we lost quorum because people had to leave
  109. Link Mauve If only we had a way to track presences of participants in a MUC.
  110. Link Mauve If only we had a way to track the presence of participants in a MUC.
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  112. pep. If only
  113. Ge0rG https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0224.html
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