XMPP Council - 2019-10-13

  1. pep.

    Can I ask that council have a look at the status of 335 (JSON Container)? It's been brought up by Guus a few days ago, the XEP is still displayed as LC. I thought about an editor miss at first, but I'm not sure there was ever a vote for it to pass to draft actually.

  2. pep.


  3. pep.

    There's also no feedback at all in the LC thread on the list from council members

  4. Zash

    > PASSED (-0:0:+5) > Last Call: XEP-0335 (JSON Containers) - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0335.html > (everyone): +1

  5. Zash

    wait is that only for LC'ing?

  6. Zash


  7. Zash

    Hm, 355 and 335 are easily confusable

  8. Zash

    So https://logs.xmpp.org/council/2019-01-23?p=h#2019-01-23-fabad5082dd7c7ce

  9. Zash

    And then there was Summit & FOSDEM, and everyone forgot about everything?

  10. Zash

    pep., https://logs.xmpp.org/council/2019-05-21?p=h#2019-05-21-49640fd1dbb137b1

  11. Zash


  12. pep.

    "On issues, there's only the last call vote for XEP-0335, which got passed. We did a Last Call, but I don't see any subsequent vote on advancing it to Draft - equally, I do see feedback and no new version, so..." right

  13. pep.

    So.. do we send it back to experimental now?

  14. Zash

    Back to Experimental and/or Poke Council seems to me (not an editor) like possible ways forward.

  15. pep.

    Actually now that I see that message from dave I'd put it back directly to experimental, but let's wait for council

  16. Zash

    pep., also https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0292.xml looks to be in a forgotten LC state

  17. pep.


  18. pep.

    Here starts the digging

  19. Ge0rG

    Please add things to the agenda.

  20. pep.

    The agenda that doesn't exist yet?

  21. Zash


  22. pep.

    It's not being used

  23. Zash

    Email to the Chair?

  24. Zash


  25. pep.

    I find even less mentions of 292 fwiw. There's a for LC on 2019-01-23, and that's it

  26. Zash

    I responded to it

  27. pep.

    Yeah I've seen

  28. pep.

    And you're the only one

  29. pep.

    I was grepping in the chat logs just now

  30. Zash

    There's also some from stpeter before the LC

  31. pep.

    there's a vote* for LC

  32. pep.

    I suggest we put 292 in council's agenda, unlike 335