XMPP Council - 2019-10-16

  1. Ge0rG

    FYI, as the docker has gone MIA, here is a pre-rendered version of 0423, the one that I'm anticipating to request the Last Call for: https://op-co.de/tmp/xep-0423.html

  2. Ge0rG

    It's that day of the week again.

  3. Link Mauve

    Hi, I’m here!

  4. Ge0rG

    I was just two minutes early.

  5. jonas’

    I’m here, too

  6. Link Mauve

    dwd, Kev, Kev_?

  7. Kev

    I'm here.

  8. Ge0rG

    It looks like we have a quorum anyway.

  9. Ge0rG

    And if we count the two Kevs, we are even at full occupancy.

  10. Ge0rG

    Dave only sent apologies for the agenda, IIRC.

  11. Kev

    Only thing to do today is to LC CS, right?

  12. Kev

    Which I've not had a chance to review in detail yet, but +1 to LC.

  13. Ge0rG

    Kev: there is also an expiring vote on Message Moderation

  14. jonas’

    that’s the thing we definitely have to do, yes

  15. Kev

    Oh, I was sure I'd voted on that.

  16. Ge0rG

    Kev: apparently you were the only one

  17. Kev

    Ah :)

  18. Kev

    Well, let's start with

  19. Kev

    LC on CS?

  20. Kev


  21. Link Mauve


  22. Ge0rG

    Kev: can we make it More Formal please?

  23. Ge0rG

    Like, agenda and such.

  24. jonas’

    I don’t like how it puts fasten in an IQ payload

  25. jonas’

    oh, different thing

  26. Kev


  27. Ge0rG

    Who'd like to stand up to chair?

  28. Kev

    1) Last call on Compliance Suites.

  29. Kev

    Formal enough?

  30. Ge0rG

    1) Roll Call, please

  31. Kev

    We already did that bit.

  32. jonas’

    not formally, tho

  33. Link Mauve


  34. Ge0rG

    Kev: not Formally.

  35. Kev

    Do we really care whether we say the words 'roll call' before checking who's here?

  36. Ge0rG

    Kev: I'd hate the CS LC to be declared formally incorrect because of a form error.

  37. Link Mauve

    Ge0rG, we don’t have that formalism formalised anywhere, it’s only a tradition.

  38. jonas’

    okay, I’ll chair

  39. Kev

    Find me which bit of our formal process requires us to say 'roll call' at the start of Council.

  40. Kev

    I'll wait.

  41. jonas’

    if nobody objects

  42. jonas’

    because this is too meta

  43. Kev

    jonas’: Sure. I mean, I've already started, clearly.

  44. jonas’

    1) Roll Call

  45. Kev

    I'm here.

  46. Link Mauve

    Erm, I’m here too.

  47. jonas’

    me obviously, too

  48. jonas’

    is Ge0rG here, too?

  49. Ge0rG


  50. jonas’


  51. jonas’

    2) Agenda Bashing

  52. jonas’

    - LC for XEP-0423

  53. jonas’

    anything else?

  54. Ge0rG

    I suppose we can figure out the presence of 0392 in 0423 during LC

  55. Ge0rG

    upcoming DST as an AOB please

  56. jonas’

    we’re all in europe, AFAIK DST change is in 2w

  57. jonas’

    okay, nothing else for the agenda, so moving on

  58. jonas’

    3) Items for a Vote

  59. jonas’

    3a) Instruct Editors to Issue a Last Call for XEP-0423

  60. jonas’


  61. Kev

    As we're working on the basis that we should do things as they're normally done, rather than what's required or useful, I'll on-list this one in a couple of weeks.

  62. Ge0rG


  63. Link Mauve


  64. Link Mauve

    Kev, :D

  65. pep.

    There was more than that LC on the agenda, but dwd isn't here so.. of course he's not transmitting this :(

  66. Ge0rG

    pep.: what else was there?

  67. jonas’

    alright, Kev on list, dwd absent, everyone else +1

  68. jonas’

    3b) ...

  69. pep.

    292 is still in proposed state since February

  70. jonas’

    it had a single bit of feedback

  71. jonas’

    which was mostly "this looks good"

  72. Zash

    I'll note that there was some discussion prior to LC that I forget if it resulted in any changes

  73. Ge0rG

    Did we have a Lash Call Shepherd?

  74. jonas’


  75. jonas’

    okay, so: 3b) Vote on advancing XEP-0292 to Draft

  76. Ge0rG


  77. jonas’

    on-list, I’m afraid

  78. Link Mauve

    On list, I’ll have to gather data about what has been done and what should be done.

  79. jonas’

    Kev, ?

  80. Kev

    on-list. It feels like we've done this already.

  81. jonas’

    not according to any minutes on standards@ apparently

  82. jonas’

    4) Date of Next

  83. jonas’

    +1w wfm

  84. Link Mauve


  85. Ge0rG

    +1W WFM

  86. Kev

    I can't make next week.

  87. jonas’


  88. jonas’

    5) AOB

  89. jonas’

    5a) DST change

  90. Kev

    SOP, I suggest.

  91. jonas’

    UK, France and Germany change on Oct 27th

  92. jonas’

    I think that covers all council members?

  93. Link Mauve


  94. jonas’

    so I suggest that we move along with DST and meet at 16:00Z starting on Oct 30th, that is in two weeks. (discusing this now so that Kev can comment)

  95. jonas’

    so I suggest that we move along with DST and meet at 16:00Z starting on Oct 30th, that is in two weeks. (discussing this now so that Kev can comment)

  96. Ge0rG

    I think so too.

  97. Ge0rG

    jonas’: +1

  98. Link Mauve

    That wfm.

  99. Kev

    As I said, I suggest SOP. Which is that Council is pinned to European DST.

  100. Link Mauve

    The EU is going to abolism DST quite soon, is that what it is?

  101. jonas’

    Kev, I failed to parse SOP, sorry

  102. Kev

    Standard Operating Procedure.

  103. jonas’

    okay, so we all agree

  104. jonas’

    any other AOB?

  105. Link Mauve

    I have another AOB:

  106. Link Mauve

    5b) Could we not formalise formalism for formalism’s sake? Doing things slightly out of the ordinary shouldn’t matter for the purpose of a meeting.

  107. Ge0rG

    Link Mauve: I'm very sorry. To you too, Kev

  108. jonas’

    Link Mauve, I don’t have a strong opinion on that, but it seemed like the easiest way to break out of the meta discussion earlier today

  109. Link Mauve

    No problem with that. :)

  110. Link Mauve

    But it felt like things already started at that time, that’s it.

  111. Kev

    I was, incidentally, trying to get the meeting done with quickly so I'd have time to go review the CS before I have to offline for the day.

  112. jonas’

    Kev, which unfortunately backfired

  113. Link Mauve

    That’s also how it felt to me.

  114. jonas’

    Kev, though you can review the CS while they’re in Last Call ;)

  115. Ge0rG

    Sorry, everyone.

  116. Kev

    Eaty meeting east?

  117. jonas’

    6) Ite Meeting Est

  118. jonas’

    Thanks all.

  119. Kev

    Thanks all.

  120. jonas’

    Sorry for taking reign of the chair like that

  121. Ge0rG

    Damn, I just wanted to cast my vote on Message Moderation.

  122. Link Mauve

    Ge0rG, you can still do so on list.

  123. Ge0rG

    Thanks, everyone.

  124. Link Mauve

    As I’m going to do once I’m done with it.

  125. jonas’

    right, I forgot the pending votes section

  126. jonas’

    Link Mauve, technically, the vote has expired just now, I think

  127. jonas’

    depending on what "close of business" actually means

  128. Zash


  129. Link Mauve

    Really? Not at the end of business day?

  130. jonas’

    Link Mauve, business day in which time zone?

  131. Kev

    Close of business is when you're done working for the day.

  132. Ge0rG

    what if you keep working until after midnight?

  133. Kev

    If you're still voting, I'd argue you're still doing business.

  134. Link Mauve

    jonas’, the correct one!

  135. jonas’

    in any case, back to my cleaning frenzy

  136. theTedd

    voting nudge for: dwd, jonas’, and Link Mauve

  137. theTedd

    Message Moderation

  138. jonas’

    theTedd, thanks

  139. jonas’


  140. Link Mauve

    Finally reviewed them and sent my email!