XMPP Council - 2019-10-30

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  48. Dave Cridland Good news, my jabber.org accout still works. Bad news, it has 328 spam messages awaiting me.
  49. Kev Yay?
  50. Dave Cridland DSL router died on me at the weekend, so my subnet is offline while I use a crappy router instead, and my server is on that subnet.
  51. Link Mauve Dave Cridland, I’ve heard some work is in progress to fix this issue on jabber.org.
  52. Ge0rG I've heard there are people working on a much better way to filter xmpp spam.
  53. Ge0rG That said, I'm currently having a medical condition and may not be able to participate.
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  55. Dave Cridland Afternoon.
  56. Dave Cridland 1) Roll Call
  57. Dave Cridland Ge0rG, Kev, Link Mauve, jonas’ ?
  58. Kev Here
  59. Link Mauve Hi, I’m here.
  60. jonas’ my laptop is crashing
  61. jonas’ I'll be a few minutes late
  62. Dave Cridland Well, that's enough for a meeting anyway.
  63. Dave Cridland 2) Agenda Bashing
  64. Dave Cridland If I remember correctly, CS-2020's Last Call is officially halfway through, so that's not ready yet.
  65. Dave Cridland Is there anything else?
  66. jonas’ here I am
  67. jonas’ yes
  68. jonas’ https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/840
  69. Dave Cridland I was about to say we'll pause here for jonas’ :-)
  70. jonas’ pep., anything to add?
  71. pep. *reading*
  72. jonas’ my machine is still recovering, and I mostly missed last week editor-wise for private reasons, so I hope pep. has anything to add
  73. pep. jonas’, no nothing to add on #840, just that it was forgotten last week
  74. jonas’ pep., I mean, are there other things for council to look at?
  75. Kev I'm +1 on 840,.
  76. Link Mauve +1 too.
  77. Dave Cridland Yeah, let's do that.
  78. Dave Cridland 2) Items for a vote
  79. Dave Cridland a) https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/840
  80. Dave Cridland I see Kev and Link Mauve are both +1.
  81. Dave Cridland I am too, this looks like a good precedent to set.
  82. jonas’ +1
  83. Link Mauve And Ge0rG will then be on list.
  84. Dave Cridland That's 4 of 4 present, and Ge0rG to vote on list.
  85. Dave Cridland 3) Next Meeting
  86. Dave Cridland Same time next week? We should have CS-2020 to consider for Advancement then.
  87. jonas’ +1w wfm
  88. Link Mauve Same.
  89. pep. If too late for this week, items to consider for next week: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pulls?q=is%3Apr+label%3A%22Needs+Council%22+-label%3A%22Needs+Version+Block%22+-label%3A%22Needs+Board%22+-label%3A%22Needs+List+Discussion%22+-label%3A%22Needs+Author%22 :)
  90. pep. If labels are not appropriate, I would gladly update them with some guidance
  91. Link Mauve Let’s try to do the review of CS-2020 before the meeting so we can vote on it directly.
  92. jonas’ pep., you missed an "is:open"
  93. pep. oops
  94. jonas’ https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr+label%3A%22Needs+Council%22+-label%3A%22Needs+Version+Block%22+-label%3A%22Needs+Board%22+-label%3A%22Needs+List+Discussion%22+-label%3A%22Needs+Author%22++is%3Aopen+is%3Apr
  95. pep. better
  96. Link Mauve https://github.com/xsf/xeps/labels/Needs%20Council is a shorter URL for the same data.
  97. jonas’ Link Mauve, incorrect
  98. jonas’ pep.’s URL is deliberately excluding some labels
  99. Link Mauve Oh sorry.
  100. Dave Cridland Right - all those have been discussed before here.
  101. jonas’ pep., although, excluding "Needs Version Block" is false
  102. jonas’ pep., although, excluding "Needs Version Block" is wrong
  103. Dave Cridland In any case:
  104. Dave Cridland 4) AOB
  105. jonas’ not from me
  106. Dave Cridland Elections...
  107. pep. jonas’, ok
  108. Dave Cridland Looks like we have only three candidates for Council. It'd be good to have a contested election here, so please consider standing (if you're not) and poking others to stand.
  109. Kev I'm very reluctant to stand again, I'm supremely time-limited.
  110. Dave Cridland As noted, I'm not intending to Chair next year for similar reasons.
  111. Dave Cridland But in any case, please do think about who might be a good person on Council, and encourage them to stand.
  112. Dave Cridland And anyone reading this in the chatroom probably ought to consider standing. :-)
  113. Dave Cridland Anyone have any other any other business?
  114. jonas’ not from me
  115. Dave Cridland OK, assuming we're done then.
  116. Dave Cridland 5) Ite, Meeting Est.
  117. Dave Cridland Thanks all.
  118. jonas’ thanks Dave
  119. Kev Thanks.
  120. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  121. Dave Cridland I suppose an addendum to the above - the Council selects what time to meet each year, so if you wouldn't stand because these meetings are at an inconvenient time, then that's something that we can change easily if you get elected.
  122. Ge0rG I'm +1 on #840, if that still counts.
  123. jonas’ Ge0rG, you can post to the list, but yeah
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  126. theTedd Dave Cridland, Kev, Ge0rG, jonas’, Link Mauve: does anyone want to vote on XEP-0292 (vCard4 Over XMPP) ?
  127. Kev I probably should have, but won't be doing so today.
  128. jonas’ theTedd, going to, thanks for the reminder
  129. theTedd it expires today, so I thought it's worth the nudge
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  131. Ge0rG I'm sorry, I totally forgot. My knowledge in that regard is lacking, so I'd go with a +0
  132. jonas’ Link Mauve ?
  133. Ge0rG Also please don't expect me to post to the list any time this week
  134. jonas’ I hope you get better, soon
  135. Link Mauve I thought I already voted on this one, I’m definitely +1.
  136. jonas’ then it all hinges on Dave Cridland.
  137. Dave Cridland +1, if people are happy with it then so am I.
  138. Zash Is this a good time to mention that there was a thread prior to the original LC about the contact part, and how it ought to use contact JIDs as item IDs
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