XMPP Council - 2019-11-07

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  44. Kev Just reviewed https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0423.html . Just in case I don't make today's meeting, I'm premptively +1 on moving 0.3 to Draft.
  45. Ge0rG Phew.
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  49. Dave Cridland OK.
  50. Dave Cridland 1) Roll Call
  51. Kev 2, bacon.
  52. Dave Cridland Had 2 bacon ones for lunch today, with extra thick bacon. Yummy.
  53. Dave Cridland Ge0rG, Link Mauve, jonas’ ?
  54. Ge0rG Kevin Bacon?
  55. Ge0rG ,o/
  56. Link Mauve Yes, I’m here.
  57. jonas’ .
  58. jonas’ am here
  59. Dave Cridland Well, that's a full house.
  60. jonas’ Bacon Buger!
  61. Dave Cridland 2) Agenda Bashing
  62. jonas’ Bacon Burger!
  63. Link Mauve I’m hungry now.
  64. Link Mauve After failing at making mochi. :(
  65. Dave Cridland I'm assuming we just have XEP-0423 to Draft.
  66. Ge0rG Let's add something to the agenda just for the sake of it
  67. Dave Cridland Let's not.
  68. Dave Cridland 3) Item for a vote:
  69. jonas’ I’m +1 on XEP-0423 to Draft
  70. Dave Cridland a) Advance XEP-0423 to Draft.
  71. Ge0rG +1 on XEP-0423 to Draft
  72. Dave Cridland jonas’, Patience.
  73. Link Mauve I’m +1 on XEP-0423 to Draft.
  74. Link Mauve I’m +1 on advancing XEP-0423 to Draft.
  75. Kev +1. And a big thank you to Ge0rG for sticking with this. This is, I think, the most useful CS we've had in as long as I can remember - I think having some sort of nuance really helps.
  76. Link Mauve Indeed!
  77. Dave Cridland Tempting to veto for dramatic purposes, now.
  78. Dave Cridland But no, best not.
  79. Ge0rG Dave Cridland: you could on-list instead and wait until the 20th.
  80. Dave Cridland +1 to advance to Draft. And I agree with Kev, this has been a lot of effort for Ge0rG, but it's resulted in a much better document than we've had for a long time.
  81. Ge0rG Even the 21st.
  82. Ge0rG And announce your vote right before Alex closes the polls.
  83. Ge0rG And then it will get delayed by the MTA and...
  84. Dave Cridland Thanks also to the rest of Council for the extra meeting and being prepared for it.
  85. jonas’ I, too, am happy with the result, but I’m not with (nearly) burning out all CS editors
  86. jonas’ I, too, am happy with the result, but I’m not with (nearly) burning out all CS editors/authors
  87. Dave Cridland So, for the record, a unanimous decision to move CS-2020 to Draft.
  88. Link Mauve \o/
  89. Ge0rG I must admit, there was a period of some days after I started work on 423, where I felt burned out as well.
  90. Dave Cridland 4) Next Meeting
  91. Link Mauve Next week Wednesday as usual?
  92. Link Mauve 16:00Z
  93. Ge0rG +1 for next Wednesday
  94. jonas’ wfm
  95. Dave Cridland Yes, I think so. I'd note that if there is anything to vote now, we'll have to either be able to vote immediately or it'll have to be re-raised by the next Council.
  96. Dave Cridland 5) AOB
  97. jonas’ none from me
  98. Link Mauve None from me either.
  99. Dave Cridland Other than saying how pleased I am to see lots of candidates for Board and Council, nothing from me.
  100. Dave Cridland OK.
  101. Dave Cridland 6) Ite, Meeting Est
  102. Dave Cridland Thanks all.
  103. Link Mauve Thanks all for this exceptional meeting!
  104. jonas’ thanks Dave et al.
  105. jonas’ this was a good move indeed
  106. jonas’ pep., do you want to do the honours?
  107. pep. sure
  108. jonas’ :)
  109. pep. Dave Cridland, what was wrong from not having this meeting and putting it on list? Council members "just" needed to react quickly and not two weeks after :)
  110. Kev Meetings focus the mind, sometimes. We could have onlisted, but this way worked, so ... :)
  111. jonas’ pep., yesterday there was no version to vote on yet
  112. Ge0rG pep.: the Last Call technically only ended last night, and there was the pending PR
  113. jonas’ so there had to be a meeting which started the vote
  114. pep. Ge0rG, ok
  115. jonas’ it was a lucky accident that everyone voted in the meeting and not on-list
  116. Kev We could have started the vote yesterday, on 'whatever version is published tomorrow morning', and all on-listed, but ... this way was better, I think.
  117. Kev Even if I'm not a fan of extra meetings I have to attend :)
  118. Dave Cridland Me neither, but I'm not a fan of starting a vote on a version that's unpublished just for the purpose of ensuring a timetable.
  119. Kev jonas’: I think 'lucky accident' is understating the effort people put in (mostly Ge0rG) to make sure it could happen.
  120. Ge0rG Kev: it was a kind of lucky accident nevertheless, because my calculation of the moment when to submit the XEP was off by two weeks.
  121. jonas’ Kev, sorry, yes
  122. jonas’ I didn’t mean to diminish that
  123. jonas’ I was looking at it from a concurrency architectural perspective, where a certain sequence of events is almost always an accident
  124. jonas’ I’m too deep in concurrent code at the moment
  125. pep. hmm, I have no minutes to link to yet.
  126. pep. I guess I'll just state that
  127. jonas’ pep., you can link to the logs of this room
  128. Kev Linking to minutes is a very recent thing and is just a nicety, I think. There's nothing requiring it.
  129. pep. Kev, sure
  130. Kev (Assuming you mean referencing when it was approved by Council)
  131. pep. yes
  132. Kev I mean, I think it's a /good/ nicety, but if it's proving an issue here...
  133. pep. Just makes it easier to check back what happened when/why
  134. Kev Yes, I think it's a good thing.
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