XMPP Council - 2020-01-29

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  10. moparisthebest

    jonas’: re xeps ready for draft https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0225.html as far as I know is implemented in every server since forever?

  11. moparisthebest

    (sorry for not responding to email, still missing half of them due to mailing list setup...)

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  36. flow

    moparisthebest, last time I checked (which was years ago) xep114 was implemented everywhere, but xep225 not

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  40. Zash

    moparisthebest: what flow said. I wasn't aware it was implemented at all

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  46. jonas’

    moparisthebest, sorry, please respond to the email

  47. jonas’

    I’ll lose this information until the afternoon

  48. jonas’

    moparisthebest, oh, also, no, 114 is implemented, 225 is most certainly not

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  59. Zash

    Someone claimed ejabberd does it

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  67. Kev

    It might be implemented in some places, but I don't think it's widely deployed.

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  88. Wojtek

    moparisthebest: regarding XEP-0225 - Tigase supports it

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  130. jonas’

    FYI, I updated the Spreadsheet Of Doom with the LC/CFE suggestions from the mailing list

  131. jonas’

    I forgot to put that on the agenda for today though

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  143. daniel

    it's time

  144. daniel

    let's hope my internet is stable

  145. Zash


  146. jonas’


  147. jonas’

    1) Roll Call

  148. daniel

    i’m here

  149. Zash


  150. jonas’

    dwd apparently didn’t make it

  151. jonas’


  152. Zash

    Going to get up and leave $work in exactly 30 minutes

  153. Ge0rG

    Sorry, I'm lagged

  154. jonas’

    2) Agenda Bashing - I note that I forgot about that we asked for XEPs to LC/CFE on the list and that we should probably take one of those to advance - There’s also the LC on XEP-0363 which expired yesterday, so we should vote on that

  155. jonas’

    anything else?

  156. daniel


  157. jonas’

    3) Items for a vote

  158. jonas’

    3a) Vote on Advancing XEP-0363 to Draft

  159. daniel


  160. jonas’


  161. Zash


  162. jonas’

    URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0363.html Abstract: This specification defines a protocol to request permissions from another entity to upload a file to a specific path on an HTTP server and at the same time receive a URL from which that file can later be downloaded again.

  163. Ge0rG

    I hate the XEP and the fact that we are breaking out from XMPP into HTTP. +1

  164. jonas’

    best +1 vote I’ve seen so far ;)

  165. jonas’

    moving on

  166. jonas’

    3b-ish) We have a bunch of XEPs the community asked us to consider for advancement

  167. jonas’


  168. daniel

    i think bookmarks 2 is a good candidate

  169. jonas’

    I don’t think it is

  170. daniel


  171. jonas’

    but maybe I’m wrong

  172. jonas’

    ah, now I understood your comment ("does not need implementations")

  173. jonas’

    makes more sense now (this was about the process)

  174. jonas’

    issuing an LC is probably a good idea

  175. jonas’

    so that’s one, does anyone else have a suggestion which to pick?

  176. jonas’

    I’d not issue more than two LCs this week

  177. daniel


  178. daniel

    on the not more than 1

  179. jonas’

    I’d propose a CFE on XEP-0198

  180. daniel

    ideally i'd even limit to 1 until we we have a steady thing going

  181. jonas’

    we can do that, too

  182. jonas’

    since we’re not even complete today and it’s fosdem-week, we should start slow maybe

  183. jonas’

    okay, so:

  184. jonas’

    3b) Vote on issuing an LC for XEP-0402: Bookmarks 2 (This Time it’s Serious)

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  187. jonas’

    3b) Vote on issuing an LC for XEP-0402: Bookmarks 2 (This Time it’s Serious) URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0402.html Abstract: This specification defines a syntax and storage profile for keeping a list of chatroom bookmarks on the server.

  188. jonas’

    +1 for LC

  189. daniel

    that being said cfe on 198 is probably a good idea. but maybe for next week

  190. daniel


  191. Zash


  192. dwd

    Evening folks.

  193. jonas’

    oh, a delayed dwd

  194. jonas’

    you can probably catch up on things while Ge0rGs connection is still doing the same

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  196. Ge0rG

    I'm on a throttled connection and can't open any web application right now.

  197. Ge0rG

    +1 on max=1

  198. Ge0rG

    +1 for LC, but I'm not sure it's mature (read: "old") enough yet

  199. Ge0rG

    Wow, that was laaaag.

  200. jonas’

    Ge0rG, noted, thanks

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  202. Zash

    Ge0rG, so you have LC feedback to post then :)

  203. daniel

    well we have 3 (non public) implementations. it certainly has some maturity

  204. dwd

    +1 on LC for 402.

  205. dwd

    (I don't know what 3a was)

  206. daniel

    non public == not in production

  207. Ge0rG

    IIRC there were shortcomings regarding legacy compatibility, that needed sorting out (or at least me realizing that they got sorted out)

  208. jonas’

    dwd, 3a was advance XEP-0363 after the LC expired yesterday

  209. Ge0rG

    but this is not blocking the LC

  210. jonas’

    dwd, 3a was advance XEP-0363 (HTTP Upload) after the LC expired yesterday

  211. daniel

    yeah i mean that what LC is for. figguring that out

  212. daniel

    but personally i'm also confident about backward compat

  213. daniel

    (might need to be spelled out a little more)

  214. Ge0rG

    I'd welcome that

  215. dwd

    OK. I'll have to on-list the advance, but expecting to +1.

  216. jonas’

    dwd, alright, thanks

  217. jonas’

    4) Outstanding Votes

  218. jonas’

    those were all cleared before the meeting, good job everyone!

  219. jonas’

    5) Date of Next

  220. Zash


  221. jonas’

    +1w wfm

  222. Zash


  223. jonas’

    though timing will be tight for me, I’ll have to leave on time

  224. Zash

    If it's 30 minutes later I can get home even if I stay at work

  225. Zash

    as in, stay until 16:00Z

  226. jonas’

    later wouldn’t work for me

  227. jonas’

    (that’s what I was trying to say, but I probably worded it badly?)

  228. jonas’

    moving on, in the hopes that it won’t just be the two of us next week

  229. daniel

    +1 w works for me. but i'm fine with what ever

  230. dwd

    +1w WFM2, BTW.

  231. jonas’


  232. jonas’

    6) AOB

  233. Zash


  234. dwd

    jonas’, *waves*

  235. jonas’

    it’s quite unfair that now that we’ve got plenty of time left, Ge0rG is on a slow connection and probably doesn’t want to bring up his eternal AOB

  236. jonas’ hands dwd the mic

  237. dwd

    jonas’, Traditions must be kept, though.

  238. dwd

    jonas’First, thanks for processing those XEPs.

  239. jonas’

    I hope you like the number

  240. jonas’

    I hope you like the numbers

  241. dwd

    jonas’, Second, I have an inbound patch for XEP-0431 (full text search), since Matt and Kev cornered me in St Pancras and argued that the beer requirement is an encumbrance; I'll correct that with some speed.

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  243. dwd

    And as a general note, I'm aware there's a lot of unaddressed comments, and agreements to change things piling up - I'll get there soon.

  244. jonas’

    looking forward to it :)

  245. Ge0rG

    +1w looks good enough

  246. Ge0rG

    jonas’: I'll type in my eternal AOB now so that it arrives in the MUC when dwd is done

  247. jonas’

    dwd, anything else?

  248. Zash

    I'm walking to the bus now

  249. jonas’

    (I don’t get typing notifications on this client)

  250. dwd

    Nothing more.

  251. jonas’


  252. jonas’

    so until Ge0rGs eternal AOB arrives, I have a small AOB

  253. jonas’

    1. Thanks that we made it to a complete meeting on Summit travel day and even got a vote passed, that’s amazing!

  254. jonas’

    2. Have a nice summit everyone who’s there, I’ll be attending remotely tomorrow if they don’t cut the power for too long, so there’s that :)

  255. dwd

    (My apologies for not having got my shit together with HTTP Upload).

  256. daniel

    Thank you jonas’

  257. jonas’

    dwd, my apologies for not having it announced in the agenda in advance ;)

  258. jonas’

    so, shall we wait for Ge0rGs eternal AOB to arrive just before the end of meeting time, or close right now? ;)

  259. daniel

    packing up my notebook since i'm arriving asap

  260. jonas’


  261. jonas’

    7) Ite Meeting Est

  262. jonas’

    thanks everyone, save travels

  263. jonas’

    thanks everyone, safe travels

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  266. Zash

    Thanks jonas’

  267. dwd

    jonas’, FYI, I have the branch done for XEP-0431 but my security token is out of reach, so I can't create the PR...

  268. kusoneko has left

  269. jonas’

    dwd, you can send patches via email to editor@, too ;)

  270. kusoneko has joined

  271. Ge0rG

    jonas’: please close

  272. jonas’

    (make sure there’s a XEP number in the subject tho)

  273. jonas’

    Ge0rG, I love your lag

  274. Ge0rG

    jonas’: I don't

  275. jonas’

    Ge0rG, why, it’s just close to 3 minutes ;)

  276. Ge0rG

    wow, that was fast!

  277. jonas’

    probably because we don’t do as much traffic now

  278. jonas’

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a factor, with the typing notifications and stuff flying around in addition to the actual payloads

  279. Ge0rG


  280. Ge0rG

    Maybe it's also because I closed the google docs tab five minutes ago

  281. jonas’

    oh, yeah

  282. jonas’

    why did you even open that one

  283. jonas’

    it was just informational

  284. sonny has left

  285. Ge0rG

    jonas’: it looked like you referenced it as a source of things to vote on

  286. jonas’

    Ge0rG, yeah, but not a mandatory source; I didn’t intend to vote on *all* those.

  287. jonas’

    sorry if that was unclear

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