XMPP Council - 2020-02-05

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  48. jonas’ my evening got chaotic last night and I forgot to send the Agenda, sorry for that
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  50. Ge0rG Good occasion to make a short meeting :D
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  77. Ge0rG It's time!
  78. jonas’ ’tis time
  79. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  80. Ge0rG .o/
  81. jonas’ noone else?
  82. jonas’ Zash, daniel?
  83. daniel Hi
  84. jonas’ quorum!
  85. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  86. Zash Here
  87. jonas’ there was no agenda, sorry for that
  88. jonas’ I’ve been confused about weekdays all week already and yeah
  89. jonas’ I think we have an outstanding vote on the LC (by dave, unfortunately)
  90. jonas’ do we want to start another LC from the list?
  91. jonas’ (or CFE, for that matter)
  92. jonas’ I’d suggest XEP-0198
  93. daniel Good idea
  94. Ge0rG Yeah, 0198 is one of the less controversial ones to CFE
  95. jonas’ let’s get moving then (will happily take more ideas)
  96. jonas’ 3) Items for a Vote
  97. jonas’ 3a) Issue a CFE for XEP-0198: Stream Management
  98. jonas’ +1
  99. Ge0rG +1
  100. Zash +1
  101. daniel +1
  102. jonas’ thanks
  103. jonas’ 3b) Issue a CFE for XEP-0423: XMPP Compliance Suites 2020 URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0423.html
  104. jonas’ because why not
  105. jonas’ +1
  106. Ge0rG What's the goal? Getting into Final?
  107. jonas’ yes
  108. Ge0rG Ah, I somehow was confused about CFE vs LC.
  109. Ge0rG +1
  110. Ge0rG might be a bit early to have implementations though.
  111. jonas’ that’s a good point
  112. jonas’ we’ll see about that ;)
  113. jonas’ might be interesting to gather implementation feedback though
  114. ralphm Anyone got experience. Nope. :-(
  115. daniel I'm actually not sure how a CFE for something like the compliance suite would look like
  116. jonas’ daniel, I still think that compliance suites are an oddity of the Standards Track
  117. jonas’ let’s see how it goes
  118. daniel +1
  119. daniel Wait we can't
  120. jonas’ we can’t?
  121. daniel It's not 6 month old
  122. jonas’ oh, right
  123. ralphm daniel, maybe a yielding a statement like: "I could be compliant with this already" or "actually I can't because this and that requirement cannot be done"
  124. Ge0rG Damn. Those timelines are killing me.
  125. Ge0rG forks off CS 2021
  126. jonas’ daniel, true, abort the vote
  127. jonas’ then nevermind on 3b
  128. jonas’ 4) Outstanding Votes
  129. daniel I also have the SRV record thing on my mind. But that also doesn't quite make the 6 month
  130. jonas’ none by the present ones, Dave is pending on three ones obviously
  131. jonas’ 5) Date of Next
  132. jonas’ +1w wfm
  133. jonas’ daniel, true
  134. Ge0rG +1W might or might not work for me, I'm waiting for an appointment to happen on that day
  135. ralphm Ge0rG, :-) waiting for about a week? Or did you mean "anticipating".
  136. Ge0rG ralphm: I'm waiting for an appointment invitation to happen for that day. Does that work out?
  137. jonas’ assuming that everyone else is also fine with +1w
  138. jonas’ 6) AOB
  139. daniel +1w wfm
  140. jonas’ anyone got any AOB?
  141. ralphm Ge0rG, yes
  142. daniel Nope
  143. Ge0rG none here
  144. ralphm Thanks Council, for actively pushing XEPs through the process.
  145. jonas’ ralphm, you’re welcome
  146. jonas’ then that’s it
  147. jonas’ 7) Ite Meeting Est
  148. daniel Thank you jonas’
  149. jonas’ I hope I’m not too much rushing those through
  150. jonas’ I find it hard to strike the balance of accounting for latencies and typing and mobiles and stuff
  151. moparisthebest daniel, by "SRV thing" did you mean 368? because it only needs to be 6 months from advancing to draft and it advanced to draft almost 3 years ago (time really flies when you are having fun I guess)
  152. jonas’ I find it hard to strike the balance of accounting for latencies and typing and mobiles and stuff and not having too much idletime
  153. jonas’ it did indeed
  154. daniel Oh. I guess I looked at the last modification then
  155. daniel Or got confused with years
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  157. moparisthebest yep, and that didn't really "change" anything, just clarified something
  158. daniel But we will look into that next week then
  159. ralphm daniel, so does Google, so there's that :-D
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  161. moparisthebest without looking at dates I would have swore it only went to draft about a year ago, I must be getting old...
  162. jonas’ I always think it’s been a ProtoXEP just a year or two back :/
  163. jonas’ so we’re in the same boat there
  164. Zash Sorry, ran out of the office and relocated home in the middle there.
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