XMPP Council - 2020-02-19

  1. dwd


  2. jonas’


  3. jonas’

    just arrived at home

  4. Zash

    Just started some coffee

  5. pep.

    ugh already wednesday

  6. jonas’

    'tis time

  7. jonas’

    1) Roll Cal

  8. jonas’

    1) Roll Call

  9. daniel

    I’m here

  10. Zash


  11. jonas’

    me too \o/

  12. jonas’

    I suspect dwd might also be here, and IIRC Ge0rG sent apologies.

  13. jonas’

    2) Agenda Bashing

  14. jonas’

    anything to add to the agenda?

  15. Zash

    Don't think so

  16. jonas’

    3) Items for a Vote

  17. jonas’

    3a) Start Last Call on XEP-0429 Title: Special Interests Group End to End Encryption URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0429.html Abstract: This document proposes the formation of a Special Interest Group (SIG) within the XSF devoted to the development of end-to-end encryption within the context of XMPP.

  18. jonas’

    +1 for LC

  19. Zash


  20. Zash

    (why do these even go through LC?)

  21. jonas’

    so that the details can be figured out in versioning under XSF IPR instead of in weird protoxep state

  22. daniel

    i don’t understand why the formation of sigs goes through the xep process

  23. daniel

    or more specifically why it goes through council

  24. jonas’

    council is specifically responsible for SIGs

  25. daniel

    but yeah if we are responsible for that I’m +1

  26. jonas’

    by definition

  27. jonas’

    > A Special Interest Group (SIG) is a working group approved by the XMPP Council

  28. jonas’


  29. pep.

    Yeah I also don't really understand. Hysterical raisins

  30. jonas’

    they work on technical things

  31. Zash

    So it's like we delegate some work to that group

  32. daniel

    still the multistep process doesn’t make sense

  33. daniel

    do we now have to wait 6 month and for 2 implementations?

  34. jonas’

    daniel, it kind of does. there was a bit discussion about the formalities of the SIG formation, and I think it makes a lot of sense to iron those out in Experimental

  35. jonas’

    (or LC)

  36. jonas’

    daniel, you confuse Active with Draft

  37. Zash

    It's not a Standards Track tho

  38. jonas’

    daniel, you confuse Active with Final

  39. daniel

    ah; mhhh never mind then

  40. daniel

    +1 on the LC

  41. jonas’


  42. jonas’

    moving on

  43. jonas’

    3b) Proposed XMPP Extension: Simple JSON Messaging URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/udt.html Abstract: This specification proposes a simple mechanism by which applications can transfer data safely, without needing additional protocol design work. It is intended to provide a protocol that is trivial to implement and can be driven with a simple API.

  44. jonas’

    again, +1

  45. Zash


  46. daniel


  47. jonas’

    (pinging dwd )

  48. jonas’

    no dwd apparently

  49. jonas’

    moving on

  50. jonas’

    3c) Proposed XMPP Extension: Trust Messages URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/trust-messages.html Abstract: This document specifies a way to communicate the trust in public long-term keys used by end-to-end encryption protocols from one endpoint to another.

  51. jonas’

    I’m on-list on that one, haven’t had a chance to read it yet

  52. dwd

    Sorry, distracted at the wrong moment.

  53. Zash


  54. daniel


  55. dwd

    I'm +1 on (3a), +1 on (3b), and +0 on (3c).

  56. jonas’


  57. jonas’

    4) Outstanding Votes

  58. jonas’

    none from previous meetings, you’re all awesome!

  59. jonas’

    5) Date of Next

  60. jonas’

    +1w wfm

  61. jonas’

    (though I’ll have to leave on time for burgers)

  62. dwd

    +1 to +1w.

  63. Zash


  64. daniel

    i’ll be on a train with probably very spotty internet connection; but i'll try to make it

  65. jonas’

    noted, thanks

  66. jonas’

    6) AOB

  67. jonas’

    I don’t have any, does anyone else?

  68. dwd

    We need to figure out and restart that process discussion, I think. But not here.

  69. jonas’


  70. Zash


  71. jonas’

    by process discussion you mean the ProtoXEP/Experimental mess?

  72. dwd


  73. jonas’

    I meant to work through the thread and form an opinion

  74. jonas’

    I should probably do that some time soon

  75. jonas’


  76. Zash


  77. dwd


  78. jonas’

    7) Ite Meeting Est

  79. jonas’

    thanks all

  80. jonas’

    thanks Tedd :)

  81. Zash

    Thanks jonas’