XMPP Council - 2020-03-04

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  99. jonas’ it is extremely unlikely that I'll be on time, as announced. Since nobody volunteered to chair, I'll start the meeting from mobile.
  100. jonas’ (on time)
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  103. jonas’ alright
  104. jonas’ traffic wasn’t nice to me, so I headed back to the office
  105. jonas’ I’m here
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  108. Zash Yo
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  110. dwd Made it after all. Hooray!
  111. jonas’ ’tis time
  112. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  113. daniel hi
  114. dwd o/
  115. jonas’ is here, grumpy, in the work office, after he got owned by a meeting and trafifc
  116. jonas’ is here, grumpy, in the work office, after he got owned by a meeting and traffic
  117. Zash Here
  118. jonas’ Ge0rG is excused
  119. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  120. jonas’ anything to add?
  121. jonas’ (grumpiness reduces while head of operations brings me ice-cold chocolate)
  122. jonas’ let’s go then
  123. jonas’ 3) Editor’s Update - ProtoXEP: Reminders - Expired calls: LC on XEP-0402 - Calls in progress: - CFE: XEP-0066 (Out of Band Data), ends: 2020-03-10 - CFE: XEP-0184 (Message Delivery Receipts), ends: 2020-03-17
  124. jonas’ (I’m actually not sure that list is complete, but okay)
  125. jonas’ 4) Items for voting
  126. jonas’ 4a) Proposed XMPP Extension: Reminders URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/reminders.html Abstract: This specification provides a way to set up reminders.
  127. jonas’ am I still here?
  128. daniel +1
  129. jonas’ I think it’s a good start, but will require some work to be finally useful. +1
  130. Zash +1
  131. jonas’ s/useful/whatever/
  132. daniel i'd like to see a few changes (which have been proposed on list by other people) but it's good enough to get under our roof
  133. jonas’ what daniel says essentiall
  134. jonas’ what daniel says essentially
  135. jonas’ though it would be good if you stated somewhere for the record which those changes are, because I can see a few conflicting ideas floating around
  136. daniel yes. i think i don’t need my council hat for that. but yes
  137. jonas’ sure, didn’t mean to say you need a council hat for that :)
  138. jonas’ dwd?
  139. jonas’ (I /cycle’d the room, did I miss a message by dwd at 16:03Z or did he not reply at all yet?)
  140. dwd +1
  141. jonas’ there we go
  142. jonas’ thanks :)
  143. jonas’ moving on
  144. jonas’ 4b) Decide on advancement of XEP-0402 Title: PEP Native Bookmarks URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0402.html Abstract: This specification defines a syntax and storage profile for keeping a list of chatroom bookmarks on the server. (The last call ends today, so be sure to send in your feedback if you haven’t already.)
  145. jonas’ 4b) Decide on advancement of XEP-0402 Title: PEP Native Bookmarks URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0402.html Abstract: This specification defines a syntax and storage profile for keeping a list of chatroom bookmarks on the server.
  146. jonas’ This is the second LC. I think there was zero feedback on list?
  147. Zash So, no complaints? :)
  148. jonas’ I think we can safely assume that
  149. jonas’ given that the last LC had quite some echo
  150. jonas’ I am +1 on advancement under that light
  151. Zash So, +1
  152. dwd I think all the feedback from the original was addressed. I think we're through the last significant changes. +1
  153. daniel i’m gonna be on list. tbh I missed that those changes had actually been made yet
  154. jonas’ that was the reason for the auto-new-LC by Editors :)
  155. daniel it'll probably be fine though
  156. jonas’ but fair enough
  157. jonas’ next:
  158. jonas’ 4c) PR#898 Title: XEP-0060: Specify that empty <item/> are invalid on publish URL: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/898
  159. jonas’ I can give more context if needed, though I think the diff should be pretty self-explanatory
  160. jonas’ it is currently undefined behaviour in the spec, and I found one server implementation which emitted internal-server-error ;-)
  161. daniel +1
  162. jonas’ I am +1
  163. Zash +1
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  165. dwd So you can set a node to preserve no payloads *and* not include them in the notifications. What's the payload for here?
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  167. jonas’ dwd, you leave the <item/> away completely
  168. jonas’ as mentioned in the PR comment
  169. jonas’ It is specified at the beginning of the #publisher-publish-request section
  170. dwd Ah, OK. In that case, I should learn to read, and +1.
  171. jonas’ > Depending on the node configuration, the <publish/> element MAY contain no <item/> elements or one <item/> element. [18] [19]
  172. jonas’ I can’t find the exact wording I was looking for, but that’s the idea
  173. dwd No need to rub it in. :-)
  174. jonas’ okay :D
  175. jonas’ moving on
  176. jonas’ 5) Outstanding Votes
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  178. jonas’ I think we still have a few, check the spreadsheet of doom please
  179. jonas’ I try to keep it up-to-date (though I wasn’t able to for this meeting since I’m on the work laptop without credentials)
  180. jonas’ does anyone want to cast votes now?
  181. jonas’ (I don’t think anything expires today)
  182. jonas’ (I also think only Ge0rG is missing votes)
  183. jonas’ 6) Date of Next
  184. jonas’ +1 wfm
  185. jonas’ +1w wfm
  186. Zash +1 +1w
  187. dwd I may miss next week; I've unexpected travel but I've tried to arrange things so I'll be in the office for that time.
  188. jonas’ noted, thanks
  189. jonas’ (my colleage insists to tell my "raid group" (you) that the new boss is strong and you need at least a gnome level 40, whatever they mean by that)
  190. jonas’ 7) AOB
  191. jonas’ I have a small AOB. Work decided to schedule monthly meetings of uncertain duration for the 1st wednesday each month
  192. jonas’ so I might sometimes be in the situation to be late, though there has been motion to get the meeting shifted more towards earlier work hours
  193. jonas’ just a heads up, I’ll inform you in time
  194. jonas’ any other AOB?
  195. dwd jonas’, I'm absolutely fine with moving this meeting if that works better.
  196. jonas’ dwd, the time fits *perfectly* for me, it’s the work meeting which annoys me
  197. jonas’ it *starts* 30 min after my usual leave time, so I’d rather get that changed either way, especially since others also expressed annoyance with that
  198. jonas’ so I don’t want to change procedures here for now
  199. jonas’ if there’s nothing else I’m aiming for an early close
  200. Zash sgtm
  201. jonas’ alright
  202. jonas’ 8) Ite Meeting Est
  203. jonas’ thanks everyone
  204. jonas’ thanks Tedd
  205. daniel thank you jonas’
  206. dwd jonas’, Thanks!
  207. Zash thanks jonas’
  208. Zash praise Tedd
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  211. Ge0rG jonas’: I can offer a level 70 gnome, but I'd prefer to take the level 24 Black Orc.
  212. jonas’ Ge0rG: hah
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