XMPP Council - 2020-03-25

  1. Ge0rG What time is it?
  2. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  3. jonas’ Council Time!
  4. jonas’ is here
  5. Zash too
  6. Ge0rG /o\
  7. jonas’ no statement from daniel last week, and I’m assuming that dwd is still busy saving lives
  8. jonas’ no statement from daniel last week, and I’m assuming that dwd is still busy saving lifes, so moving on
  9. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  10. jonas’ did anyone find something to vote on? because I didn’t
  11. Ge0rG It was a good agenda!
  12. daniel Hi
  13. jonas’ we already have two LCs in the pipeline to start, so I don’t think we should start another one right away
  14. Ge0rG jonas’: I agree
  15. Zash sgtm
  16. jonas’ alright, moving on
  17. jonas’ 3) Editor’s Report
  18. jonas’ I did not get around to do more things, was pretty distracted by the kitchen nearly burning down.
  19. jonas’ so there’s that
  20. jonas’ 4) Items for Voting
  21. jonas’ None.
  22. jonas’ 5) Outstanding Votes
  23. jonas’ I don’t think dave sent in any, and he’s still pendign.
  24. jonas’ other than that, there’s votes pending from me and Zash on advancement of '184
  25. jonas’ I won’t cast mine in this meeting.
  26. Zash I've been busy and have yet to review that thread
  27. jonas’ alright
  28. jonas’ 6) Date of Next
  29. jonas’ +1w wfm
  30. Zash same
  31. daniel Works for me
  32. Ge0rG +1W WFM
  33. jonas’ good
  34. jonas’ 7) AOB
  35. jonas’ I don’t have any
  36. Ge0rG But it will be a very special day.
  37. Zash None here.
  38. jonas’ don’t remind me that it’s april already
  39. jonas’ don’t remind me that it’s going to be april already
  40. Zash Oh no
  41. Ge0rG Somebody should prepare a new XEP
  42. jonas’ not me
  43. Ge0rG Zash: IIRC you volunteered to improve XEP-0226 last time? :DDD
  44. jonas’ alright
  45. Zash did I now?
  46. jonas’ 8) Ite Meeting Est
  47. jonas’ thanks all, thanks Tedd
  48. Ge0rG thanks jonas’
  49. Zash Thanks jonas’ and Tedd
  50. Ge0rG jonas’: did you have a chance to ping 0184 authors?
  51. jonas’ should I have?
  52. jonas’ scratches head
  53. Ge0rG > The Editor will ping the authors, and then nag Georg if that doesn't work.
  54. jonas’ was that about '184?
  55. jonas’ where did you get that from?
  56. Ge0rG jonas’: yes
  57. Ge0rG jonas’: from the Minutes that just appeared on the ML
  58. jonas’ thanks
  59. Ge0rG jonas’: but my memory is consistent with that.
  60. Ge0rG I could ping stpeter via xmpp, but I don't think I have contact details of Joe
  61. jonas’ sent an email to addresess my client knew magically
  62. Ge0rG awesome!
  63. Ge0rG I'd have appreciated a CC, but I'm sure you'll forward any relevant news anyway :)
  64. jonas’ will yes
  65. jonas’ > The email address you entered couldn't be found good start
  66. jonas’ that’s unfortuntately the one also in the XEP
  67. Ge0rG looks like the latest membership renewal is https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Joe_Hildebrand_Application_2015
  68. jonas’ how did you know it was Joe?
  69. Ge0rG Wild guess.