XMPP Council - 2020-04-29

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  60. jonas’ I completely forgot to send out the agenda
  61. jonas’ I’ll try to get around to do it in my lunch break
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  86. Zash Is there some way to get the Spreadsheet of Doom out in csv or somesuch format?
  87. Zash It has grown larger than my screen and scrolling doesn't work without JavaScript for whatever reason.
  88. Zash Despite the whole "This doesn't work at all without JavaScript!!!!" notice
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  104. Zash About to pack up and leave the office, should be home in time for the meeting but might be late depending on how long I spend trying to compose this message.
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  111. jonas’ good luck
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  116. Zash !
  117. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  118. Ge0rG 🐾
  119. daniel Hi
  120. Zash Just got in the door
  121. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  122. jonas’ sorry for the delay and stuff, I got confused last night about what I had done and hadn’t done yet
  123. jonas’ I hope I didn’t miss anything important when I rushed it out this noon
  124. jonas’ assuming that no
  125. jonas’ 3) Editor’s Update - Expired calls: None - Calls in progress: None - Some backlog on processing votes.
  126. Zash Doesn't the RAI vote expire now? Or is that next week?
  127. jonas’ RAI?
  128. Zash https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/room-activity-indicators.html
  129. jonas’ yes, expires this week
  130. jonas’ need to update the SOD
  131. jonas’ 4) Items for a Vote
  132. jonas’ I don’t think there are any new items, but we have *quite* a few pending votes
  133. jonas’ 5) Outstanding Votes
  134. jonas’ here we can discuss RAI
  135. Ge0rG Luckily, the mail that Zash sent last night triggered me to look into the calendar and to rush out all the votes
  136. jonas’ I’m taking daves comment as a "+1, but the editor need to do issue an NS upon acceptance"
  137. daniel I must admit that I haven't read it yet. Will do that as soon as this meeting is over and respond on list
  138. Zash Optimization for a MUC use case. Dangerously close to a bunch of other things we might want for other things.
  139. jonas’ daniel, technically, that’s too late
  140. daniel OK. In that case I'm sorry
  141. daniel I can cast a +/- 0 now
  142. jonas’ I’m +1 on RAI, we can iron out the edges in Experimental. Or learn that we need to discard it.
  143. daniel Not sure what it otherwise would default to
  144. jonas’ then we have PR#924, which I still need to take to the list properly IIRC
  145. jonas’ yeah
  146. jonas’ push notifications advancement has been vetoed
  147. Zash Might learn something that will be useful for MIX later.
  148. jonas’ the remaining pending votes are by Dave or don’t matter
  149. jonas’ 6) Date of Next
  150. jonas’ +1w wfm
  151. Zash wfm, +1w does
  152. Ge0rG wfm
  153. daniel Wfm
  154. jonas’ 7) AOB
  155. SamWhited I'd like to ask the council to request a LC for XEP-0393 from the editor please. I coudl use the feedback since the spec has been relatively stable for a while now.
  156. jonas’ SamWhited, you’re the author, you don’t need council for that
  157. jonas’ or am I confused again?
  158. jonas’ no, you’re right, you need to ask council
  159. SamWhited I've responded to the editors thread requesting documents for LC twice and gotten no response on this one even though my others were LCed, so I was hoping the council could prod them.
  160. jonas’ we can vote on that next week, I suppose
  161. SamWhited I don't think the council has to do anything or vote
  162. jonas’ > The Approving Body must agree that the XEP is ready to be considered for advancement.
  163. SamWhited I was just hoping they could ask the editor to do it since for some reason it hasn't been done. The editor can do a LC whenever, IIRC
  164. jonas’ we had that with the Jingle one the other week, too
  165. SamWhited Oh, in that case the editor has been doing things wrong by asking on list for LCs to issue I guess :)
  166. jonas’ SamWhited, that was on request from the council ;)
  167. jonas’ FTR: it’s still in the queue and we’ll issue it as soon as the current LCs are through
  168. jonas’ we don’t want to have too many LCs in-flight at the same time
  169. SamWhited I see; good enough for me. Thank you.
  170. Zash I'd still like a XHTML-IM 2
  171. jonas’ me too
  172. Zash Link Mauve, poke? :)
  173. Link Mauve Me three.
  174. jonas’ someone™ should do it ;)
  175. Link Mauve Yes please.
  176. jonas’ any other AOB?
  177. jonas’ assuming no
  178. jonas’ 8) Ite Meeting Est
  179. jonas’ thanks everyone
  180. Zash Thanks
  181. pep. Me four :x
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  189. jonas’ SamWhited, I just saw that you replied to my agenda mail and I didn’t see it until just now.
  190. jonas’ Sorry for that.
  191. jonas’ this was a veeeery tired day
  192. SamWhited jonas’: is your editor hat on now? (I actually forgot you wwere the one that sent that email). No worries, thanks!
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