XMPP Council - 2020-11-24

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  64. Zash > Your message could not be delivered for more than 4 hour(s). > It will be retried until it is 5 day(s) old.
  65. Zash > <standards@xmpp.org>: connect to atlas.jabber.org[]:25: No route to host
  66. Ge0rG That's quite unfortunate, given tonight's election
  67. Zash Ehm
  68. Zash Only port 25? Does this ISP block port 25 out?
  69. Zash Or is my firewall confused?
  70. jonas’ wfm
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  72. Ge0rG Zash: tcptraceroute will tell you
  73. Zash Looks like
  74. Zash I find our lack of IPv6 ... disturbing
  75. Zash From laptop: Ends in router, as expected. From server: Ends far away with some ISP-named thing.
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  78. Zash I guess I'll have to call them and tell them I know why but please open the port
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  84. daniel theThedd you agree with #1001, right?
  85. daniel because then I'll just trust the 'long and productive conversation' you two had and vote +1 instead of trying to understand all the side effects
  86. Zash I read the 'long and productive conversation' and I got the impression that it did not end with a conclusion or consensus. It just ended.
  87. flow I wonder why nobody asked what CommonMark would do :)
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  89. Zash One could ask why there were only two participants in that thread
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  91. daniel because it's a bad combination of too complex and not interesting
  92. Kev I was following the discussion but didn't disagree with anything Tedd said.
  93. Kev Especially what was said about look-ahead. I started implementing a 393 parser for Swift and gave up in the end. I started thinking it should be trivial, and it wasn't.
  94. jonas’ how am I not surprised
  95. flow Zash, for me, it's probably that I would simply re-use CommonMark and exploit its existing ecosystem of libraries
  96. Zash Just bring back XHTML-IM
  97. Kev jonas’: There are many things you could be not surprised about there. That I agree with Tedd, that I misestimated how easy it was, that it wasn't easy, ...
  98. jonas’ Kev, the fact that it isn’t as trivial as it looks on the outside
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  101. Kev I wonder how many people have implemented it successfully. I guess we found that out during LC, but I don't remember.
  102. jonas’ no, during LC, we found at best out how many people *thought* they implemented it successfully
  103. Kev Well, yes.
  104. Kev I don't remember how many that was either, though :)
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  107. Ge0rG The implementation in yaxim is good enough™
  108. Ge0rG Also it's shamelessly stolen from another client. Should have created a pluggable android library.
  109. Ge0rG That was the one part that doesn't depend on the underlying XML stream parser, so could really be its own useful standalone component
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  118. jonas’ ehhh
  119. jonas’ > Unless noted otherwise by the XMPP Extensions Editor when announcing a Council vote, the voting period shall be ten (10) days.
  120. jonas’ https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/council-policies-and-procedures
  121. jonas’ TIL
  122. Ge0rG just in time for... Next Council
  123. jonas’ all pieces of that sentence are strange to me
  124. jonas’ the one I quoted I mean
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  127. Zash jonas’, so you noted otherwise...?
  128. jonas’ apparently
  129. jonas’ good thing that i am both chair and editor I guess
  130. Ge0rG *must* *not* *quote* Meredith Brooks
  131. jonas’ who?
  132. Ge0rG jonas’: https://www.songtexte.com/songtext/meredith-brooks/bitch-1bd8f9a4.html
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  155. jonas’ dwd, you sent a mail on Stickers to the mailing list, but in a separate thread and your statement "none of these are blocking though" may be read as a +1 evote
  156. jonas’ dwd, you sent a mail on Stickers to the mailing list, but in a separate thread and your statement "none of these are blocking though" may be read as a +1 vote
  157. jonas’ but I’m not 100% sure -- is this a +1 vote?
  158. Zash jonas’, +0 on 1001 fwiw, haven't worked up the nerve to call and get port 25 unblocked yet
  159. jonas’ Zash, k
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  161. theTedd daniel, #1001 is acceptable to me; it's a minor change to clarify the implementation based on an obscure edge case, so it will mostly go unnoticed anyway
  162. theTedd jonas’, Dave did vote on stickers, but on council for some reason - https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/council/2020-November/004444.html
  163. jonas’ ohh right
  164. jonas’ then it all hinges ong
  165. jonas’ then it all hinges on Ge0rG
  166. Ge0rG Damn.
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  168. Zash Unlimited powah!
  169. Ge0rG looks at the clock. Still some hours left
  170. theTedd Ge0rG already has his voting email written, he's just waiting until the very last minute to send it
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  172. Ge0rG because I believe in the MTA working as designed.
  173. theTedd just give it 5 minutes to be safe ;)
  174. jonas’ especially that list MTA
  175. jonas’ Ge0rG, you know, if you really are done, please go ahead and send it because I want to get the protoxeps merged
  176. jonas’ because otherwise they’ll lie around for a week
  177. Ge0rG jonas’: I'm really really sorry, but I've been in conferences all day and still am
  178. jonas’ oh well
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  184. Ge0rG apparently Marsey the Cat is a work of art developed by Telegram Messenger LLP. Are we allowed to use their name in our documents?
  185. Zash Ask Legal
  186. Ge0rG won't get an answer until 1900UTC
  187. Ge0rG jonas’: sent the mail, CC to you just in case.
  188. jonas’ :-O
  189. jonas’ thank you very much
  190. Ge0rG that was <90 MTA RTT
  191. Ge0rG that was <90s MTA RTT
  192. jonas’ I still don’t have it
  193. jonas’ (via standards@)
  194. jonas’ oh, you CC’d me, so it probably didn’t copy it
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