XMPP Council - 2021-01-06

  1. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  2. dwd Bacon please.
  3. jonas’ -ENOBACON
  4. jonas’ I wish you all a more pleasant and a healthy new year
  5. Zash OHAI
  6. Ge0rG Oh, yesterday's Council Meeting has started! :)
  7. Ge0rG Happy new 2020 everyone!
  8. jonas’ (fun fact: the german commonplace phrase "Gesundes Neues [Jahr]" ("healthy new [year]") becaume a whole new weight this year)
  9. jonas’ Ge0rG, did I mess up the date in the email?
  10. jonas’ yep I did
  11. Ge0rG jonas’: only in the body, not in the subject
  12. jonas’ \o/
  13. jonas’ do we get a daniel?
  14. daniel Hi
  15. jonas’ yay :)
  16. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  17. Zash Full house‽
  18. jonas’ any mutations to the agenda?
  19. Ge0rG The agenda is missing the obligatory 20 minutes of everybody telling everybody else how they passed the year change
  20. Ge0rG I've had that in every call this week so far.
  21. jonas’ Ge0rG, we can add that as AOB, noted
  22. jonas’ 3) Editor’s Update
  23. jonas’ editor sleepy, editor will resume work during the next week, but at least I added the ProtoXEP so that we can vote on it
  24. jonas’ 4) Items for Voting
  25. jonas’ 4a) Proposed XMPP Extension: MUC Mention Notifications URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/muc-mention-notifications.html Abstract: This specification documents how a user may be informed when they're mentioned in a MUC which they're not currently joined to.
  26. dwd +1
  27. daniel +1
  28. Ge0rG I think that this should be configurable per-member and not just per-room by-admin
  29. jonas’ yet another bandaid to MUC?
  30. Zash on-list
  31. Ge0rG on-list
  32. Ge0rG As-is this has a nice DoS redirection vector.
  33. jonas’ there is a fun typo in there, I’ll ping jcbrand
  34. jonas’ also on-list
  35. Ge0rG Just mention somebody in all your rooms.
  36. jonas’ > […] is encapsulated inside a Server IP Check (XEP-0279) [5] element.
  37. jonas’ 5) Pending Votes
  38. Ge0rG Everything expired?
  39. jonas’ they all expired during the break
  40. jonas’ 6) Date of Next
  41. Ge0rG +1W WFM
  42. jonas’ +1w wfm, too, unless I break the customer’s production site so horribly that I can’t leave until late
  43. Zash +1w wfm
  44. daniel +1w wfm
  45. dwd +1WWWWFM.
  46. jonas’ ("plus one week would ?? work for me"?)
  47. jonas’ 7) AOB
  48. dwd Weally, I suppose.
  49. jonas’ "how did you spend new year’s eve?"
  50. jonas’ also, dwd, what are the chances of getting that video call scheduled? :)
  51. dwd Yes...
  52. Zash https://cerdale.zash.se/upload/1H4bSuIs3HUtyEzE/Jchq137JT2OINAq7j_nCBA.jpg
  53. Ge0rG I haven't read up on the ML re that video call, but generally I'm available during business days unti 1700Z
  54. daniel Can we do a break out session during summit?
  55. dwd I spent NYE in a Tier 4 lockdown.
  56. Zash not shown: all the people crowding along that cycle way
  57. Ge0rG Zash: there is a piece of one person in that image, way too much already.
  58. jonas’ https://uc.xmpp.zombofant.net/387e8ce3-de21-4ed0-8b5f-68e999b15869/mhbTlopbTeWmWWW42W7h2A.jpg
  59. jonas’ daniel, will summit even happen?
  60. jonas’ I haven’t seen anything to that regard yet, but I’m not fully caught up either
  61. daniel We just have to belive it strong enough
  62. Zash Board and/or SCAM that needs to be poked, hard?
  63. dwd I'm curious as to what planning has occurred so far - I might ask Board to ask SCAM to keep Council in the loop. (phew!)
  64. jonas’ sounds like a reasonable plan
  65. Zash I approve
  66. Ge0rG If FOSDEM is going to happen over Matrix, will Summit get a Matrix room?
  67. jonas’ let's not talk about this noe
  68. daniel With my scam hat on I can say that no planning has happened yet. But the date is fixed
  69. jonas’ let's not talk about this now
  70. daniel I mean we didn't fix it. But fosdem did
  71. jonas’ without physical presence is there any need, besides history, to stay with the pre-fosdem-date?
  72. Zash Tho without a physical FOSDEM, .. what jonas’ said.
  73. dwd Also, little point in making it two full days. Several conferences have "virtualised" over several afternoons or evenings instead.
  74. daniel jonas’: no. But that date is as good as any and I don't think we have the time to search for an alternate date
  75. jonas’ yep, I think that may be more viable especially for the folks who would normally get the time slots from their employer via fosdem conference time
  76. jonas’ either way, these are SCAM/Board matters
  77. jonas’ let’s wrap this up
  78. jonas’ 8) Ite Meeting Est
  79. jonas’ thanks all, thanks Tedd, sorry for the date confusion in the agenda mail, see you next week
  80. Ge0rG thanks jonas’
  81. Zash Thanks all
  82. dwd Thanks, jonas’