XMPP Council - 2021-02-24

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  4. Sam Any chance the council can take a look at removing the "FIXME"'s from MAM and advancing it again?
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  54. jonas’ as you might’ve noticed, I missed doing the agenda yesterday
  55. Zash Oh no
  56. jonas’ we don’t seem to have any PRs pending we need to vote on, so we might’ve gotten away with it :)
  57. jonas’ we don’t seem to have any PRs pending we need to vote on, so I might’ve gotten away with it :)
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  63. mathieui (I’ll try to get to bumping urn:xmpp:mix:core version in 0406 before next week unless people have objections)
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  65. jonas’ that sounds sensible
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  69. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  70. Zash Here
  71. jonas’ too
  72. jonas’ dwd, daniel, Ge0rG
  73. daniel Hi
  74. Ge0rG good morning everyone!
  75. jonas’ for certain definitions of morning :)
  76. jonas’ quorum I guess
  77. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  78. jonas’ it was very late! bad agenda! shooo!
  79. Zash It's awfully empty.
  80. Zash Are we to discuss nothing for 30 minutes!
  81. jonas’ we have one item actually
  82. jonas’ 3) Editor’s Update
  83. jonas’ nada
  84. jonas’ 4) Items for Voting
  85. Zash 🏏
  86. jonas’ 4a) New version of the Data Forms PR URL: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1032
  87. jonas’ flow has ACKed my proposal on-list
  88. jonas’ there was no other feedback I could find
  89. jonas’ so I propose that we vote on it, given that the topic in general has had its share of attention
  90. jonas’ any objections to that?
  91. jonas’ either way, I’m +1 on that wording as-is
  92. daniel +1
  93. Zash +1
  94. jonas’ Ge0rG still awake?
  95. jonas’ yes!
  96. Ge0rG I'm searching for the readable diff of that PR
  97. jonas’ of the entire PR?
  98. jonas’ I can do a wdiff on it
  99. Ge0rG jonas’: wasn't there a wording change that you proposed last week? I can't find the respective commit in the PR
  100. Ge0rG oh, it's hidden in the "fixup"?
  101. Ge0rG +1 on the DAG that leads to and includes your last amendment
  102. jonas’ Ge0rG, yes, it’s the fixup, because I’ll have to squash it during editing because versioning
  103. Zash Something something having a log of what changed and why is good.
  104. dwd Oh, so sorry, got carried away with load testing.
  105. jonas’ Zash, I’ll include it in the squash :)
  106. jonas’ dwd, carried away in the deluge of requests? :)
  107. jonas’ hi :)
  108. Sam late agenda bashing but I guess it didn't get added before: please consider advancing MAM again. There is one fixme that I will propose an editorial change for after work, otherwise it seems like it's been in experimental way too long. Thanks.
  109. dwd I'm +1 on that PR, now (as I was before, but this is an improvement, so I'd be even more than 1 if I could).
  110. dwd Sam, Surprisingly, not a Council issue - should be just a matter of encouraging Matt to ask for a Last Call from the Editor.
  111. jonas’ (though it can *also* be a council issue, but council should only be involved if the XEP author is absent from the community, which MattJ clearly is not :))
  112. Sam Fair
  113. jonas’ Sam, I’d appreciate the request coming from MattJ, because if memory serves, he had some stuff in the pipeline; mind pinging him?
  114. Sam Will do; thanks.
  115. jonas’ (very possible that that "stuff" was already applied)
  116. jonas’ Sam, thank you very much
  117. Sam (sorry to interrupt, didn't mean to dereail the conversation, just wanted to throw that out there since I missed the agenda bashing item)
  118. jonas’ Sam, not too bad of a timing, everyone had already voted
  119. jonas’ just waiting for dwds "typing% status to clear before moving on
  120. dwd jonas’, I'll shut up. :-)
  121. jonas’ just waiting for dwds "typing" status to clear before moving on
  122. jonas’ ok :)
  123. jonas’ 5) Pending Votes
  124. jonas’ none, not even from today \o/
  125. jonas’ 6) Date of Next
  126. jonas’ +1w wfm
  127. daniel +1w wfm
  128. Zash \o/
  129. Zash +1w wfm
  130. dwd +1wwwfm2.
  131. jonas’ \o/
  132. jonas’ 7) AOB
  133. jonas’ anyone got anything?
  134. dwd Nothing from me.
  135. jonas’ alright then
  136. jonas’ 8) Ite Meeting Est
  137. jonas’ Thanks everyone
  138. jonas’ and thanks Tedd, again :)
  139. Zash Thanks jonas’, thanks Tedd, thanks all.
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