XMPP Council - 2021-05-05

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  35. Ge0rG is pretty much absent today
  36. dwd I am in deep frazzlement, so if there is indeed nothing on the Agenda, I'm happy to skip.
  37. dwd Good news is that I've solved my impending free time problem.
  38. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  39. dwd o/
  40. jonas’ too
  41. Zash Here
  42. daniel Hi
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  44. jonas’ I think we have nothing on the agenda, except the typical AOBs. I would give the CVE thing another week for list feedback.
  45. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  46. jonas’ (imagine the previous two messages to be ordered the other way around)
  47. dwd Message reordering bugs are the *worst*.
  48. jonas’ dwd, I was just too lazy to add a `<delay/>` to make it look right (in dino at least) https://github.com/dino/dino/issues/1041
  49. jonas’ either way, if dwd prefers a skip and Ge0rG is absent and we don’t seem to have any real agenda… anyone against skipping?
  50. Zash Not opposed.
  51. jonas’ daniel, ?
  52. daniel We can skip
  53. jonas’ 3) Date of Next +1w wfm
  54. Zash same
  55. dwd +1
  56. Ge0rG +2W WFM
  57. jonas’ excellent.
  58. jonas’ 4) Ite Meeting Est
  59. jonas’ Thanks everyone!
  60. dwd Thanks.
  61. jonas’ dives back into a pile of rusty shards
  62. Zash goes back to Locate Certificate magic spells
  63. Ge0rG puts on another layer of suntan and goes back to the beach lounge
  64. Sam > Good news is that I've solved my impending free time problem. dwd: so you're ready to do your fun office hours that you promised me then? :)
  65. dwd I do need to find the time for that. And it'll have to be in the next month, while I still have the ability...
  66. Zash Sam, feel free to remind me to try come up with a sensible mod_rest demo.
  67. Sam Zash: reminder to come up with a sensible mod_rest demo. Was that long enough?
  68. Sam dwd: no pressure :)
  69. Zash Ge0rG reminded me to go out for a walk in the sun, so *runs*
  70. Zash Ge0rG reminded me to go out for a walk in the sun, so *runs*^W *walks*
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  82. Sam Do any council folks have a Google account and can I give you access to the YouTube channel? Trying to reduce bus factor since I'm the only one on the account right now.
  83. Kev You can give me access with an iteam hat if you want Sam.
  84. Sam Kev: sounds good; thanks, can you send me the account you want to use?
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  88. Kev Done, ta.
  89. Sam Sent you an invite; thanks.
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  92. Kev Thanks Sam.
  93. Kev I have no clue what I’m doing, but I believe I’ve accepted it. I’m just treating this as an emergency backup, rather than intending to be useful with it, if that’s ok.
  94. Sam yah sure, I just wanted to make sure someone else could upload things / add new users if necessary
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