XMPP Council - 2021-05-19

  1. Ge0rG

    I might be a bit late.

  2. jonas’


  3. jonas’

    1) Roll Call

  4. Zash


  5. jonas’

    who do we have? A delayed Ge0rG, an apologized dwd, a present Zash, a potential daniel and a chairy jonas’?

  6. daniel


  7. Ge0rG is semi there

  8. jonas’

    alright, let’s get to it

  9. jonas’

    2) Agenda Bashing

  10. jonas’

    the absence of agenda points is still making me uneasy

  11. jonas’

    so I put something in the AOB section

  12. jonas’

    any other addendas

  13. jonas’

    any other addenda?

  14. jonas’

    probably not

  15. jonas’

    3) Editor’s Update

  16. jonas’


  17. jonas’

    4) Items for Voting

  18. Ge0rG

    I have some 280 tasks on my agenda, all unfinished

  19. jonas’


  20. jonas’

    5) Date of Next

  21. jonas’

    +1w wfm

  22. Zash

    +1w wfm

  23. daniel

  24. Ge0rG


  25. jonas’


  26. jonas’

    6) AOB

  27. jonas’


  28. jonas’

    I was thinking, what are the security/privacy implications of that one?

  29. Zash

    It Depends™

  30. Ge0rG

    More ways to enumerate accounts?

  31. jonas’

    not quite enumeration, but confirmation

  32. jonas’

    Zash, do you have an idea what it may depend on?

  33. Zash

    There were concerns raised before about correlating MUC participants, that might apply.

  34. jonas’


  35. jonas’

    I might put it to the list then

  36. jonas’


  37. jonas’


  38. daniel

    so much in OX is up for interpretation (on how to use it exactly) that the security implications may vary widely

  39. Zash

    I also remember something about reuse of a "normal" pgp key leaking stuff that way.

  40. daniel

    for example it is unclear if you are going to reuse the pgp key that you use in email for example

  41. daniel

    if you do an open access model will leak your identity

  42. daniel

    but that's entirely unclear. i don’t think there are best practices yet

  43. daniel

    i'd just leave it to the authors to steer that one into what ever direction they deem fit

  44. jonas’


  45. jonas’

    I’ll still ask them to write a note in the security considerations

  46. Zash


  47. jonas’

    and maybe point the list at it

  48. jonas’

    either way

  49. jonas’

    7) Ite Meeting Est

  50. jonas’

    thanks everyone

  51. Zash

    Thanks jonas’