XMPP Council - 2021-05-26

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  61. jonas’ ’tis time (nearly)
  62. Ge0rG Uh-oh!
  63. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  64. jonas’ is there
  65. Ge0rG is frightened
  66. Zash here
  67. daniel Hi
  68. jonas’ dwd maybe?
  69. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  70. jonas’ I forgot a point, we have to vote on a new protoxep
  71. jonas’ I’ll inject that then
  72. jonas’ any other amendments?
  73. jonas’ taking it as a no
  74. jonas’ 3) Editor’s Update * CVE number things in XEPs * Compliance Suites 2020 ProtoXEP published
  75. jonas’ 4) Items for Voting
  76. dwd Sorry, caught up in an offboarding meeting.
  77. jonas’ 4a) XEP-0292: Recommend using contact bare JIDs as item IDs URL: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/848 This has been idling for a looong time now, and pinging stpeter did not help. Let us do something about it.
  78. jonas’ dwd, still caught up or will you attend here?
  79. jonas’ just so that I know whether to block on you :)
  80. Kev Can I interject and ask what ‘pinging’ means here? I get the impression that sometimes people have just mentioned me in a MUC or @me on a PR and expect me to notice it.
  81. Kev (Which I frequently won’t)
  82. jonas’ Kev, I don’t know whether any explicit email pings have been made in this case
  83. Kev So if that was all that was done to ask Peter for input, it’s conceivable it wouldn’t be effective on him either :)
  84. jonas’ it’s been a while
  85. Sam "2020"?
  86. jonas’ I’m all in for pinging via email (possibly again) if that makes sense, but if the default is that authors do not listen in for pings on github PRs, we need to find a better process.
  87. Ge0rG It's been almost a decade. I think we should make another attempt to contact stpeter and by then it will be October, a ten-years-anniversary of the suggestion.
  88. Kev Pinging on github has never been our process has it?
  89. Kev Our process has always been explicitly that no important discussion only happens via github.
  90. Kev (Other than submitting XEP updates - but any discussion on them happens onlist)
  91. jonas’ Kev, that’s true, but I lack the energy currently to bring everything to the list
  92. jonas’ as you might’ve noticed with that PR of yours :)
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  95. jonas’ either way, I guess I’ll just ping stpeter
  96. jonas’ via email this time
  97. jonas’ 4b) Proposed XMPP Extension: Compliance Suites 2022 URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/cs-2022.html
  98. jonas’ +1, let’s get this under the roof for proper discussion and further development
  99. Zash +1
  100. daniel +1
  101. Ge0rG +1
  102. jonas’ Thanks. I assume that we have lost dwd to the offboarding again, so moving on.
  103. jonas’ 5) Date of Next
  104. jonas’ +1w wfm
  105. daniel +1w wfm
  106. Zash +1w wfm
  107. Ge0rG +1W WFM
  108. jonas’ excellent
  109. jonas’ 6) AOB
  110. jonas’ anyone got anything?
  111. Zash Are there any old XEPs we could YOLO-LC or deprecate or something?
  112. Zash Or have we completed the list we had?
  113. daniel Xep12?
  114. Ge0rG I think there was something about 0280
  115. Ge0rG but -EBUSY
  116. jonas’ the shortlist is cleared out excetp for '390 and '313
  117. Sam oooh, I have a list somewhere
  118. Sam goes to look
  119. jonas’ daniel, what’s with XEP-0021?
  120. jonas’ daniel, what’s with XEP-0012?
  121. Ge0rG uh-oh.
  122. daniel Zash wanted to randomly deprecated xeps
  123. Zash sorta replaced by https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0256.html ?
  124. Zash or the <idle> one
  125. daniel No let's not randomly deprecate xeps today
  126. Sam Killjoy :)
  127. jonas’ I guess we could make another call of "things which need to be advanced" to the list.
  128. Zash Sounds good
  129. jonas’ it brought a bit of activity for sure
  130. Sam I nominate XEP-0054 and 0055 for the ax!
  131. Sam shuts up and lets you get on with the meeting
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  133. jonas’ gonna write that email then
  134. jonas’ any other AOB?
  135. jonas’ taking that as a no
  136. jonas’ 7) Ite Meeting Est
  137. jonas’ thanks everyone
  138. Ge0rG thanks jonas’
  139. Zash Thanks jonas’
  140. Zash Thanks all
  141. Sam Speaking of compliance suites, these are still draft (but so are 2021): https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0423.html
  142. Zash Shall we have another go at how compliance suites are weird and deserve their own xep-1 flow? 🙂
  143. Sam I tend to agree, but I'm not willing to wade into the impossible task of making more work for ourselves when we could just agree to actually put them out on time even if they're not perfect and tell the editor they can deprecate the old ones when the new ones come along
  144. Ge0rG So let's deprecate 2020 and move 2021 to final?
  145. Sam Please and thank you
  146. Sam Here was the list I mentioned, FYI. Some of them probably need replacements, some need deprecation, some need to be obsoleted, etc. the list is just "I feel like something needs to be done with these": https://bin.disroot.org/?83e148f7d618ae4f#G9aWQqLYnBLgAoQw6dgci39SEnFhnoT9ExWsNexCH6ib
  147. Sam Some of them are probably doing no harm if we just leave them alone, it just makes me nervous that they're still there and not being looked at by anyone.
  148. Zash 153 is *gaining* popularity because it's the only way to do it in MUC 🙁
  149. Sam Yah, 153 I want to kill just because we'll never make a better way as long as it exists and I hate working with vcards.
  150. Zash And all attempts at something sane for MUC was rejeced by previous councils
  151. Zash At least vcard4+xep84 is picking up now
  152. Sam I seem to have left off 0229, I guess I should go back through the extensions list.
  153. Zash Some new safer compression method might be nice to have
  154. Zash zstd with a fixed dictionary or something
  155. Sam Yah, I could see that being obsoleted because we've been going back and forth over the security issues since I've been here at least, or actually updated with something newer
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  159. daniel > Some new safer compression method might be nice to have > zstd with a fixed dictionary or something Zash: and compress each stanza individually?
  160. Zash Unless I got it all wrong, by "fixed dictionary" I mean the mode where there are no backreferences, only references to a pre-defined dictionary of common strings
  161. Kev Backreferences are fine as long as they don’t cross trust boundaries, aren’t they?
  162. Zash One of the problems is, how do you enforce that?
  163. daniel Zash: I think zstd does both?
  164. Zash supports both, yes.
  165. daniel Unless it can explicitly disabled?
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