XMPP Council - 2021-06-30

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  50. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  51. Zash Here
  52. dwd Here!
  53. jonas’ quorum!
  54. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  55. Zash The Agenda is missing "tacos"
  56. jonas’ tacos would be nice
  57. jonas’ I don’t have any though, so you don’t get any either
  58. dwd Is that a new operating system?
  59. jonas’ 3) Editor’s Update * Proposed XMPP Extension: Moved 2
  60. daniel hi
  61. daniel I think we can just continue with a new XEP
  62. jonas’ 4) Items for voting
  63. jonas’ 4a) PR#1064: XEP-0227: New revision 1.1 URL: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1064 Re-vote as it was modified during voting.
  64. jonas’ there was a minor change, so we have to re-vote
  65. jonas’ I am +1 though
  66. dwd I am +1 too.
  67. daniel +1
  68. Zash +1, but see my post to the list
  69. jonas’ there has been some feedback on-list or elsewhere to also include PEP affiliations and stuff, but my feeling is that this can be done in another update with more newly namespaced elements
  70. Zash jonas’, same.
  71. jonas’ excellent
  72. jonas’ Ge0rG is allegedly drugged, so let’s move on
  73. jonas’ 4b) Proposed XMPP Extension: Moved 2 URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/moved2.html Abstract: This specification details a way for a user to notify their contacts about an account move.
  74. daniel +1
  75. jonas’ I cnotacted the author of Moved 1.0, and haven’t heard back yet
  76. Ge0rG Oh, hi
  77. Ge0rG +1 on 4b
  78. daniel i don’t see any upsides of taking over Moved 1.0
  79. jonas’ I would prefer getting this merged into the existing moved XEP over creating a fresh one, especially since it is really similar
  80. Ge0rG What jonas’ said.
  81. Zash +1
  82. Ge0rG We already have too many ways to do one thing.
  83. dwd Yeah, I think I'd be happier just changing the existing.
  84. dwd I don't think there's huge implementation of the other one is there?
  85. Zash I'm neutral on new vs replace.
  86. Ge0rG I've had a discussion of the shortcomings I see in Moved 2 with jonas’ and the author over in the xsf@ room.
  87. Ge0rG It would be great if somebody could on-list that.
  88. jonas’ I am +1 for overwriting Moved 1.0 and granting authorship to MattJ, but I’d like to give the original author another week to reply to my email.
  89. Ge0rG jonas’: +1 to that
  90. Zash SGTM
  91. jonas’ I don’t want to vote on accepting as Experimental before that reply
  92. jonas’ dwd, do you want to cast a vote?
  93. jonas’ (also Zash)
  94. jonas’ ~(also Zash)~
  95. dwd XEP-0283 hasn't had an update in nearly three years; it feels like that could be updated with the contents of this one.
  96. daniel 10 years rather
  97. dwd And I, like you, am happy to wait to find out if that's a sensible option.
  98. daniel 11
  99. dwd Oh, yes, trivial typo in 2018...
  100. jonas’ ok, then, moving on
  101. Ge0rG Great, let's postpone this for a week in case the Moved author comes back, and reassign the XEP if not
  102. jonas’ 5) Pending Votes None, except for those from today.
  103. dwd In that case I'm leaning toward vetoing this one in favour of updating XEP-0283.
  104. jonas’ dwd, which we can just make a thing we let the editor do, no need to do a full round trip
  105. jonas’ 6) Date of Next
  106. jonas’ +1w wfm
  107. Zash +1 wfm
  108. dwd jonas’, Indeed so.
  109. daniel +1w wfm
  110. dwd +1 wfm
  111. Ge0rG No guarantee on next week yet
  112. jonas’ (sorry, lots of things happening at the same time right now)
  113. jonas’ 7) AOB
  114. jonas’ has anyone got any?
  115. Zash not me
  116. jonas’ 8) Ite Meeting Est
  117. jonas’ thanks everyone
  118. Zash Thanks jonas’, all
  119. dwd jonas’, Thanks!
  120. Ge0rG Thank you very much, jonas’
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