XMPP Council - 2021-07-07

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  21. Zash FYI: I may be on mobile around the time of the meeting, not sure I'll have network at all.
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  23. Ge0rG I might be late.
  24. jonas’ I got a reply from the Moved author last night :)
  25. jonas’ they’re fine with someone else taking over
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  30. Ge0rG Awesome!
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  35. jonas’ (this room needs an avatar)
  36. daniel Yes
  37. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  38. jonas’ is present
  39. daniel Hi
  40. Ge0rG is semi present
  41. Zash finds a quiet spot
  42. jonas’ do we get a dwd?
  43. jonas’ let’s hope so
  44. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  45. dwd Hi!
  46. jonas’ I’ll inject a new agendum in 4) to re-vote on Moved 2.0, this time folding it into Moved as I got the original author’s consent and MattJ indicated that he’d also be fine with that folding.
  47. jonas’ any other modifications please raise while I move ahead
  48. jonas’ 3) Editor’s Update
  49. jonas’ Nothing
  50. jonas’ 4) Items for voting
  51. jonas’ 4a) Merge Proposed XMPP Extension: Moved 2.0 into XEP-0283: Moved
  52. Zash +1
  53. Ge0rG +1
  54. dwd Well, no, what we need to do is agree to make MattJ the author of XEP-0283
  55. jonas’ Tory replied to my email this morning and agreed with that operation, leaving it up to MattJ ("the new author") to decide how to further acknowledge him.
  56. dwd Making MattJ the author means that he can make the changes "anyway", without any further voting from us.
  57. daniel Merge meaning complely replace?
  58. jonas’ daniel, yes
  59. jonas’ well, I’d talk to MattJ about that, regarding acknowledgement specifically, and the editor will merge the revision history accordingly
  60. jonas’ dwd, you’re right, let’s do that and let the rest be between the Editor and MattJ
  61. jonas’ it’s sometimes confusing to me
  62. dwd Me too. :-)
  63. daniel +0 (I think if it's not a real change but more a completely new xep it should have been a new number (possibly obsoleting the old one)) but I won't block it
  64. jonas’ 4a') Add MattJ as author of XEP-0283: Moved Plus allowing the subsequent move of Tory to the Acknowledgements section as deemed appropriate by MattJ.
  65. jonas’ +1 to 4a'
  66. dwd +1 to that.
  67. Zash +1
  68. daniel +0 (same reasoning as above)
  69. jonas’ Ge0rG, ?
  70. Ge0rG +1
  71. jonas’ thank you
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  73. jonas’ 5) Pending Votes
  74. jonas’ I vote -1 on Proposed XMPP Extension: Moved 2 under the assumption that it’ll be handled in '283 from here on. Should that change for whatever reason, I’m open to revote.
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  76. jonas’ Ge0rG, you are pending on https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1064 / PR#1064: XEP-0227: New revision 1.1, any news there?
  77. Ge0rG jonas’: sorry, no.
  78. jonas’ thanks
  79. jonas’ dwd, wanna formally vote on Moved 2.0?
  80. Ge0rG I could give an uninformed +0 or take some more time to catch up
  81. dwd Oh, I can veto it on the basis of the above, yes.
  82. jonas’ dwd, thanks
  83. jonas’ 6) Date of Next
  84. jonas’ +1w wfm
  85. Zash We do have semantics for XEPs that replace other XEPs, so eh, either way
  86. Ge0rG +1W probably okay
  87. daniel +1w wfm
  88. Zash fm, +1w w
  89. dwd +1 +1w wfm.
  90. jonas’ excellent
  91. jonas’ 7) AOB
  92. jonas’ 7a) This room needs an avatar
  93. jonas’ any suggestions? :)
  94. Zash XSF logo + something seems appropriate
  95. jonas’ the XSF does have a logo?
  96. jonas’ I thought we only have the XMPP logo
  97. jonas’ but yes, that would be appropriate, the question is what that "something" could be :)
  98. dwd https://www.bing.com/images/blob?bcid=RNM4CPAhQ.QCBPhFmdtbQsRO2ZTy.....x0
  99. Zash XMPP logo then. Either way
  100. Ge0rG I'd suggest a gray beard, but I've heard those have become sexist. What about a scroll?
  101. jonas’ dwd, that gives a blank page for me
  102. dwd Oh, disappointing.
  103. Zash SPQR but XMPP themed
  104. jonas’ fun ideas, if anyone comes up with a png or svg we can put on, that’d be great.
  105. Ge0rG An antique scroll with the word "standard" written on it in some dead language.
  106. jonas’ or in many! xml:lang!
  107. dwd https://babylon5.fandom.com/wiki/Grey_Council (image from there)
  108. Zash Council and Members of XMPP
  109. jonas’ dwd, that would confuse me for work related reasons :)
  110. dwd OK, now I'm curious.
  111. jonas’ some people like their babylon 5 references when naming recurring meetings
  112. jonas’ either way, I guess we can stew on this question outside of the formal meeting
  113. jonas’ any other AOB?
  114. jonas’ assuming none
  115. dwd None from me.
  116. Zash Image search "conspiracy", roll a dice and pick that numbered result
  117. jonas’ 8) Ite Meeting Est
  118. jonas’ thanks everyone!
  119. Zash Thanks jonas’, all
  120. Ge0rG Maybe there is some good comic depiction of the Auditors of Reality? That would better fit our Shakespeare theme.
  121. Zash Thanks cat for company (see other chat for cat)
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