XMPP Council - 2021-08-25

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  91. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
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  93. Zash Hello
  94. Ge0rG
  95. daniel Hi
  96. jonas’ assuming s2s issues or somesuch for dwd
  97. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  98. jonas’ late agenda, lazy send button.
  99. jonas’ 3) Editor's Update
  100. jonas’ Nothing
  101. jonas’ 4) Items for Voting
  102. jonas’ None
  103. jonas’ 5) Pending Votes
  104. jonas’ There was absolutely no feedback on the XEP-0060 thing on-list
  105. jonas’ (the "purge-items" thing)
  106. Zash Shall we see it as no objections to an uncontroversial change then?
  107. jonas’ I think that'd be reasonable
  108. Ge0rG Yay!
  109. jonas’ another option is to see it as a manifestation of the summer hole
  110. daniel +1 one
  111. daniel +1
  112. jonas’ Ge0rG, ?
  113. Ge0rG jonas’: I was just going to vote +1 but then you said it's just the summer hole
  114. Ge0rG I think I'll +1 anyway, because apparently nobody cares and it's a breaking change that makes the standards more consistent
  115. jonas’ okay
  116. jonas’ thanks
  117. jonas’ 6) Date of Next
  118. jonas’ +1w wfm
  119. jonas’ heads up: I may not be available in the week thereafter
  120. Zash +1w wfm
  121. jonas’ since dwd is having connectivity issues or overload, please think about who of you would be ready to stand in as a chair (pun not intended), given that I'll most likely prepare an agenda
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  123. daniel +1w wfm
  124. Dave Cridland I am here. Mostly.
  125. Ge0rG I was briefly worried that there is an upcoming Council election and the stand in chair is to stand in for more than just one meeting
  126. jonas’ Dave Cridland, are you, though?! ;)
  127. jonas’ Ge0rG, yeah well, that's another topic
  128. jonas’ Ge0rG, +1w wfy?
  129. Zash Are you Dave Cridland though?
  130. Ge0rG +1W WFM
  131. jonas’ alright
  132. Ge0rG Zash: by what definition?
  133. jonas’ 7) AOB
  134. jonas’ There is another PR for Board which changes s/Draft/Stable/ in our documents
  135. jonas’ just FYI, board may quite possibly ask us for input there
  136. jonas’ (I am in favour)
  137. jonas’ AO-AOB?
  138. Ge0rG Do we want to make an informal vote on that change?
  139. jonas’ we could
  140. jonas’ raise of hands, in favour of using "Stable" terminology instead of "Draft"?
  141. Zash 🤷️
  142. Ge0rG +1
  143. jonas’ $ explainunicode 🤷 SHRUG
  144. Dave Cridland +1
  145. Ge0rG owait, hands...
  146. Ge0rG
  147. Zash Hands!
  148. jonas’ *that* renders… *sigh* unicode in terminal still hard
  149. jonas’ *that* renders… *sigh* ~unicode~ emoji in terminal still hard
  150. Zash I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
  151. jonas’ okay, thanks for the input
  152. jonas’ I'll send something to board@
  153. jonas’ assuming no other AOB as nobody said anything about that so far and with that
  154. jonas’ 8) Ite Meeting Est
  155. jonas’ thanks everyone
  156. Zash Thanks all
  157. jonas’ (ha neat, logs.xmpp.org shows my Roll Call at :00, while poezio shows it at :01 :))
  158. jonas’ (so I actually *was* on time :))
  159. Zash (everything is relative ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relativity_of_simultaneity )
  160. Ge0rG everyone is a relative, too.
  161. jonas’ Dave Cridland, could you send your vote in via email in reply to the minutes thread, please?
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  164. dwd looks about in astonishment
  165. jonas’ wow
  166. jonas’ A tru dwd!
  167. dwd OK. So I know, I think, how I solved that, but I don't understand how it solved it.
  168. dwd Seems there's an interop problem with GCM ciphers between OpenJDK 11 and other things. I suppose. But it seems unlikely I'm first to see that, really.
  169. jonas’ with GCM? huh.
  170. jonas’ normally it's ecdsa with such strangities
  171. dwd Well, yes. COuld be specific to TLSv1.3, I imagine.
  172. Zash Do you TLSv1.3?
  173. dwd Well... Not very well?
  174. Zash Still can't connect from my end
  175. dwd To mine? I did change the DNS less than 1*TTL ago.
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