XMPP Council - 2021-09-07

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  103. jonas’ Reminder that I'm not available for chairing tomorrow
  104. Ge0rG Damn, you really put 313 onto the agenda
  105. jonas’ :)
  106. Ge0rG For the record: my opposition is not to publishing it as it is implemented but as it is written, where it diverges from the former
  107. Ge0rG And maybe a little to try to force the author to write down the already known archival rules, but that plan obviously failed for the last year or so
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  114. jonas’ I'm not a fan of trying to force authors
  115. jonas’ Ge0rG, if you think that implemented is not a subset of what is written substantially, then please write that (and only that) down somewhere
  116. Ge0rG jonas’: writing to the list now, in response to my LC mail, trying to sort those issues into buckets.
  117. jonas’ thank you very much!
  118. jonas’ gotta clean the kitchen now
  119. Ge0rG jonas’: btw, your email client is broken. It's adding newlines into URLs
  120. jonas’ yes
  121. jonas’ I know
  122. jonas’ one day I'll fix that
  123. Zash Web browser is apparently okay with this
  124. Ge0rG Zash: there is a weird workaround where browsers silently remove newlines from pasted URLs
  125. Zash Indeed
  126. moparisthebest fixed: > there is a weird workaround where browsers silently *do things to* URLs
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  131. Ge0rG jonas’: I've reviewed and grouped my last very long LC feedback into blocking and non-blocking, as discussed last time
  132. jonas’ I'm gonna make raspberry cheesecake now so unlikely that I'm going to read this before thursday
  133. jonas’ but thanks :)
  134. Ge0rG TL;DR bad news: I'm not going to +1 tomorrow.
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  137. MattJ Re. archiving rules: I have stated elsewhere (I feel like it was the list, but it was a while ago) that I'm happy to document them, but not in 313
  138. MattJ Cross-referencing is fine
  139. MattJ The archiving rules are not as stable as the query protocol
  140. Ge0rG MattJ: yeah, which is why I've put them into the "non-blocking" bucket.
  141. Ge0rG my fear was just that the rules will never get documented and we have a kind of 0066 tribal-knowledge-required situation
  142. MattJ I agree with that sentiment
  143. MattJ But someone needs to document it, and I don't see the lack of documentation as a reason to block 313 any longer (it seems we agree about that anyway)
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  148. jonas’ Ge0rG, FWIW, I consider adding the CVE stuff mostly editorial
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  151. Ge0rG jonas’: I don't disagree with that, but the CVE stuff is just icing on the cake to the non existing security considerations section
  152. jonas’ Ge0rG, -> xsf@, too
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