XMPP Council - 2022-02-18

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  100. Sam /cc council, please discuss this or alternate remediation measures again. Thanks. https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1168
  101. moparisthebest what's with all the recent re-discovery of 11+ year old security vulns ? :P
  102. Zash We're living in a ~11 year time loop
  103. Sam Yah, I had a vague recollection that this was a thing, but apparently it never got documented so I wrote an implementation and didn't even do the bare minimum to cover this because the security considerations literally says "don't worry, using this algorithm protects against this kind of attack" (paraphrasing, obviously)
  104. Zash What can you really do with an attack on '115 anyway?
  105. Sam You can fix 1 and 4, the others you can't do anything about.
  106. Sam But that doesn't mean the XEP should ignore them and even claim it's safe.
  107. Sam I'd be inclined to say "just delete the XEP and go back to disco#info rush to encourage someone to implement a replacement".
  108. Sam s/delete/obsolete/
  109. Zash '390 advancement?
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  121. larma Sam, fixing attack 1 is already a MUST in 0115, no?
  122. Sam larma: yes, that's the only one that's mentioned
  123. larma Attack 4 isn't relevant in practice I guess, because it requires `/` in either @xml:lang or @name, which doesn't happen in practice.
  124. larma Attack 3 can be prevented (for feature names with http(s)://) by disallowing empty identity @type, which is not allowed under 0030. Features with namespaces that don't have a / are not affected.
  125. larma For Attack 2 there is a practical way to handle it: for all purposes of service discovery, consider FORM_TYPE of a service discovery extension as if it also was present as <feature> as long as it's sorted behind all actual <feature>. If a given string is ever considered a valid <feature>, it being present as a FORM_TYPE of a services discovery extension and the feature actually not being supported is very unlikely.
  126. mathieui Sam, isn’t the remediation XEP-039?
  127. mathieui Sam, isn’t the remediation XEP-0390?
  128. larma Still we should obviously move to 0390
  129. Sam mathieui: yes, ideally, but that hasn't been touched, deployed, or discussed for so long that I had completely forgotten this problem existed until someone pointed out that I had just implemented it earlier and that it was probably broiken.
  130. pep. There's an implementation of 390 in xmpp-parsers. And also there's a mod_inject_ecaps2 no?
  131. Link Mauve We have already deployed mod_inject_ecaps2 at JabberFR fyi, in the hope to kickstart its adoption by at least letting developers try it.
  132. Sam Oh nice! I was going to ask if anyone had a public server with an example, I'll have to give that a go at some point.
  133. pep. Yeah this module is 4yo already.. I've also enabled it on my server I think
  134. Zash Suppose the _real_ way to get things moving would be to develop an actual exploit and wave it around threateningly 😈️
  135. Link Mauve Yeah, as usual. :(
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  137. Zash What can you even do, in practical terms? Cause some PEP +notify confusion?
  138. mathieui can probably bork quite a few feature detections
  139. Link Mauve Disable some features.
  140. Sam Sure, it's not an RCE or anything, but a DOS is still not great.
  141. Zash But we don't have feature detection anymore because of MAM and Carbons (and MUC and offline messages), so...
  142. Link Mauve Yet every single XEP still insists on that. ^^
  143. pep. That's generally the argument but then why do we do caps at all
  144. Link Mauve Also, wrong room, please everyone move to xsf@.
  145. Sam Wait, what? I didn't follow that, how do those things relate to feature detection?
  146. pep. There isn't anymore, that's the point
  147. Sam What do you mean "there isn't"? There isn't what?
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  149. pep. Feature detection
  150. Sam Of course there is, everything implements caps; what does MAM have to do with there not being feature detection?
  151. Zash Sam, that you can't know what features someone will have in the future when they read stuff from e.g. MAM
  152. pep. (not my point*)
  153. Sam I guess my brain is broken, because that sentence didn't compute either. Why would I know something in the future? Caps is just about knowing what JIDs support right now. Eg. can I display the call icon because one or more of their resources supports it. I don't see what MAM has to do with it
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