XMPP Council - 2022-04-05

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  154. jonas’

    I realized I won't be able to do anything editor-wise today, so don't block on that for the agenda, daniel

  155. jonas’

    (on a train until 22:00 local time at least)

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  159. moparisthebest

    I can't even imagine traveling on a train, that's something that only happens in movies :P

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  161. moparisthebest

    freight trains are a thing, just not passenger trains

  162. Zash

    let me tell you that overnight trains is the best way to travel

  163. moparisthebest

    better than drinking a ton of caffiene and driving through the night? :P I imagine so

  164. Zash

    Can't imagine the amounts of caffeine it would take to drive to Brussels!

  165. Zash

    Tho train there would likely take more than one night from here.

  166. Zash

    Better than the 3 hour flight where you're spending the entire day on airports and all the physical abuse that entails.

  167. moparisthebest

    how far is it?

  168. jonas’

    moparisthebest, yeah, I don't envy you for your terrible public transport over there

  169. moparisthebest

    I think the farthest I've driven in the shortest time was a ~2100 mile round trip to tow a truck back from Texas in ~52 hours or so, was pretty rough

  170. Zash

    ~1700km or so

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  172. moparisthebest

    2100 miles == 3379.622 km , 1700km == 1056.331 miles

  173. moparisthebest

    jonas’, where I live we don't have terrible public transport, we just don't have public transport :P

  174. Sam

    Atlanta has great public transport, the train can take you both North *and* South! We are a 2 dimensional city, apparently.

  175. Sam

    (jokes aside: the subway is great, but it barely goes anywhere it's really embarassing)

  176. jonas’

    that's one way to implement the predicate "terrible public transport"

  177. jonas’

    moparisthebest, that's one way to implement the predicate "terrible public transport"

  178. moparisthebest

    a city near me has subway tunnels that were dug in the early 1900s, pretty interesting article actually https://www.theverge.com/2016/8/10/12411632/public-transportation-failures-america-cincinnati-subway

  179. moparisthebest

    no subway was ever built though, other than the sandwich shops named subway

  180. moparisthebest

    honestly I'm not really interested in living anywhere where people are close enough to each other that public transit makes sense...

  181. jonas’

    well this is like 400km or so

  182. Sam

    You're forgetting that decent public transit is a mix of both local subway/bus/etc. but also light rail or similar to places further away

  183. Sam

    It *could* be possible to take Amtrak from Georgia to Texas and not have it take a week to go like 10 miles if we'd subsidize it more and not make them share the rails with freight, for example.

  184. jonas’

    (we're sharing rails with freight here...)

  185. jonas’

    (partially anyway)

  186. Zash

    We have electric buses (well, also diesel ones), but bike ftw!

  187. jonas’

    (but our freight trains don't go just 10mph)

  188. Sam

    yah, our freight trains are slow and as far as I can tell always get priority

  189. Sam

    It is possible to take Amtrak to a few places quicly, but only if you live in the east coast or just get lucky and need to go to very specific places

  190. moparisthebest

    I've looked at Amtrak in the past, it's just so far away to get to one I'm better off driving directly to my destination, also, pretty expensive

  191. Sam

    Eg. my parents live in the middle of nowhere North Eats GA ~100 miles from Atlanta, but its' surprisingly easy to get there on Amtrak for like $25 USD in just a few hours. That could be done elsewhere in the country and moparisthebest would be happy to live out of the city but still be able to take the train :)

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  193. Sam

    Yah, Amtrak is terrible, that's what I'm saying, it *could* be done better. Public transportation doesn't have to be just for cities.

  194. moparisthebest

    and planes, yikes

  195. moparisthebest

    everytime we plan a trip with the family we price planes and it's like $3500 for 5 people to fly or $300 in fuel to drive there

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  197. moparisthebest

    Sam, yea I'm not saying public transit *couldn't* work for the country I just have no frame of reference at alll :)

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