XMPP Council - 2022-06-01

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  133. Ingolf Today: "XMPP Council Meeting Wann Mi, 1. Juni, 17:00 – 17:30 Wo xmpp:council@muc.xmpp.org?join Beschreibung Weekly XMPP Council meeting " with BBB?
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  135. vanitasvitae_ Ingolf: council meetings are text only afaik
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  137. moparisthebest and if they weren't we'd be required by law to use something XMPP based like jitsi
  138. Ge0rG by bylaw.
  139. vanitasvitae_ by bylaw law
  140. moparisthebest and I swear if someone says "well zoom is XMPP based..." .......
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  142. jonas’ well, zoom *is* XMPP based
  143. Ingolf Thank you for the answer. > and if they weren't we'd be required by law to use something XMPP based like jitsi Good, very nice!
  144. jonas’ about as much as jitsi ;P
  145. moparisthebest no
  146. jonas’ why?
  147. moparisthebest I'm just fooling around, I have other reasons for hating zoom, just because it uses XMPP does not redeem it :P
  148. Ingolf Is it here? Jitsi Meet Link?
  149. jonas’ the council meeting will start in one minute, here.
  150. jonas’ text only
  151. jonas’ actually, in 3 seconds
  152. jonas’ actually, in 3 seconds
  153. Ingolf OK
  154. jonas’ 1) Roll Call
  155. moparisthebest o/
  156. jonas’ do we have a Ge0rG or a larma?
  157. larma yes
  158. jonas’ \o/
  159. Ge0rG good morning!
  160. jonas’ that's a quorum
  161. jonas’ very nice
  162. jonas’ 2) Agenda Bashing
  163. jonas’ bash away, I didn't write it
  164. jonas’ nothing apparently
  165. jonas’ 3) Editor's Update
  166. jonas’ none, there is a protoxep in the pre-submission pipeline, but it has syntactical problmes so it wasn't published yesterday
  167. jonas’ 4) Items for voting
  168. jonas’ a) Issue Last Call on XEP-0215: External Service Discovery (https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0215.html)
  169. jonas’ +1
  170. moparisthebest +1
  171. Ge0rG Do we have a shepherd for that LC?
  172. jonas’ excellent question
  173. jonas’ as daniel brought it up, I'll shove it to him :)
  174. larma +1
  175. Ge0rG I'm +1 on the condition that Daniel or somebody else volunteers to actually incorporate LC feedback.
  176. jonas’ do you think that condition makes sense?
  177. jonas’ why would you block it if there was nobody incorporating that feedback immediately?
  178. jonas’ (I'm asking, becasue conditional +1s are tricky to note :-))
  179. Ge0rG jonas’: because feedback is best served fresh. Two years from now, nobody will remember what was needed to change and why.
  180. moparisthebest feedback seems valuable even if no one is available to incorporate it immediately
  181. jonas’ well I'd hope that the what & why was in the mailing list thread :-)
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  183. Ge0rG Anybody still remembers that XEP that shall not be named that went through six Last Calls?
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  185. jonas’ screams in terror
  186. Zash Bleach? Bleach!
  187. Ge0rG jonas’: yeah, but if there is ambiguity on the thread, the shepherd needs to come up and ask to clarify
  188. Ge0rG jonas’: so unfortunately, I _do_ consider the condition as blocking
  189. jonas’ ok
  190. jonas’ we'll have to figure that out in two weeks then
  191. Ge0rG (but only because I haven't seen any recent activity from the authors)
  192. jonas’ 5) Date of Next
  193. jonas’ I'm not available +1w
  194. Ge0rG +1W WFM
  195. jonas’ daniel also noted he'd be absent next week
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  197. jonas’ larma is possibly still uncertain, and given the lack of chair and deputy chair, I propose we skip next week and reconvene on 2022-06-15
  198. jonas’ (then without moparisthebest IIRC)
  199. Ge0rG I also have a conflicht on -15
  200. jonas’ well
  201. jonas’ so the 15th has the same situation as the 8th
  202. moparisthebest +1w wfm, June 15th does not though
  203. Ge0rG jonas’: except that nobody is going to chair on 8th
  204. jonas’ that's correct
  205. Ge0rG 15th looks like a chaired quorum, so probably makes sense as the next one.
  206. jonas’ so we skip the 8th and daniel, larma and I will see what happens on the 15th
  207. jonas’ we can at least figure out what's going to happen with '215
  208. jonas’ alright, date of next is then 2022-06-15
  209. jonas’ 6) AOB
  210. jonas’ any other business from anyone?
  211. jonas’ from Ingolf maybe, as you asked so curiously where the board meeting happens?
  212. jonas’ from Ingolf maybe, as you asked so curiously where the council meeting happens?
  213. Ingolf Google Summer of Coude 2022?
  214. jonas’ that's a vague question and doesn't sound like something for the councli
  215. jonas’ that's a vague question and doesn't sound like something for the council
  216. Ge0rG did anybody see the board in recent weeks?
  217. jonas’ the council is primarily concerned with judging XEP contributions. activities such as the GSoC participation are coordinated by the Board
  218. jonas’ I think they had a meeting last week
  219. Ge0rG Bummer, I missed it. I remember I wanted to put something onto their agenda, but then no meeting happened when I expected it
  220. Zash Write an email?
  221. jonas’ but I can't find any traces in the logs
  222. jonas’ yep, write an email
  223. jonas’ the board's email inbox address is info@xmpp.org if I'm not mistaken
  224. Ge0rG ..by bylaw law... 🤐
  225. jonas’ any other AOB?
  226. moparisthebest not from me, and thanks jonas’ !
  227. jonas’ taking the remaining silence as a "no"
  228. jonas’ 7) Ite Meeting Est
  229. jonas’ thanks everyone
  230. Ge0rG thank you jonas’
  231. Ge0rG oh, I actually forgot an AOB. But it's a rather sad one.
  232. Zash Oh no
  233. jonas’ wanna bring it up before everyone heads out?
  234. Ge0rG yes please.
  235. jonas’ then do so, please
  236. jonas’ 6) AOB again
  237. Ge0rG we haven't seen any meeting minutes for a looooong time. Something must have happened to theTedd, and it's probably appropriate to ask for a new volunteer.
  238. jonas’ we were in a similar situation about exactly a year ago
  239. jonas’ and yeah
  240. Ge0rG and then theTedd reappeared?
  241. jonas’ yes, briefly
  242. Ge0rG And then you did the minutes
  243. jonas’ once, yes
  244. jonas’ but I don't feel like doing that anymore at this time
  245. Ge0rG we all know this feeling
  246. jonas’ I'd participate in a rotating schedule between all of us, but I won't do it all the time
  247. Ge0rG maybe we can ask Board to ask for volunteers?
  248. jonas’ my experience with doing that is not great
  249. Ge0rG Hmyeah.
  250. jonas’ so
  251. jonas’ it appears the others have let already, so I'll see if I can bring it up again on the 15th
  252. jonas’ if berlin hasn't flushed my short term memory in the meantine
  253. jonas’ if berlin hasn't flushed my short term memory in the meantime
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  256. Ge0rG jonas’: I wish you the best of luck
  257. jonas’ heh
  258. jonas’ 7) Ite Meeting Est for real now
  259. Ge0rG also don't do drugs!
  260. jonas’ I won't, hopefully
  261. jonas’ (you never know what's in conference catering!)
  262. Ingolf Thanks, it was nice. Who else is interested? You can continue at the "Literatur Café 7". xmpp:test-ccc-1@conference.monocles.de?join Also with a Jitsi Meet Link. Over coffee. ;-)
  263. Ge0rG Last time I checked, Jitsi Meet didn't support coffee transfer
  264. Ingolf ;-)
  265. jonas’ Ingolf, please refrain from posting advertisments here. First and last warning, because I saw this behaviour from you elsewhere in the past.
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  267. Ingolf I'm advertising this space because I thought you might not know it. Such a reaction surprises me. I think Jabber/XMPP is a great thing. This room is to help spread XMPP, but not to stress about it. It succeeds somewhat. Of course, refrain from using it here if it's not wanted here.
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  270. moparisthebest it might surprise you to know we already know about XMPP :)
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  281. Ingolf I really like the ideological, humanistic ideas of XMPP behind the good technology of Jabber.
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  283. Ge0rG Ingolf: but this is not the place to discuss all that. This room is for the weekly Council meetings and everything else is off-topic.
  284. Ge0rG There are many other XMPP rooms, even some focused on XMPP
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  295. Ingolf Sorry, thought it would fit in here somehow. Maybe it does a bit, Ge0rG.
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