XMPP Council - 2022-06-29

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  123. jonas’ I may be late by a few minutes
  124. daniel It's time
  125. jonas’ (I won't be, though)
  126. daniel 1) Roll call
  127. jonas’ present
  128. moparisthebest o/
  129. daniel larma, Ge0rG?
  130. larma another meeting at the same time, let's see if I can handle that
  131. daniel 2) Agenda bashing sorry for not sending one out. there wouldn’t have been any interesting on there ffiw. but let me take the opportunity to point out that if you have anything that should be on the agenda ping me in here or send me a PM and i'll add it
  132. daniel 3) editors update none this week
  133. jonas’ yep, editor was sleepy yesterday
  134. daniel 4) items for voting none
  135. daniel 5) Pending votes
  136. daniel larma, on both new XEPs
  137. daniel jonas’ and daniel on Websocket s2s
  138. daniel moparisthebest, would you be willing to take Peter up on the offer to guide you through the rfc process?
  139. daniel because what Peter said in the email are basically my thoughts from last week as well (should be a new rfc that covers both)
  140. jonas’ I'm -0 on the websocket s2s thing, because: - it should probably be an RFC - I can't bring myself to vote *for* the concept of websocket s2s.
  141. moparisthebest yep! though probably still want them as XEPs in the short term
  142. jonas’ (but I'll not veto it if "we" want to have this conceptual (insert word) at all and develop it in experimental a bit before it moves on as RFC)
  143. daniel I’m -0 on the XEP websocket s2s (should be an rfc)
  144. jonas’ furthermore, I second Ge0rGs comments on XMPP-over-QUIC
  145. moparisthebest yep I'll fix that wording as soon as voting is over
  146. jonas’ (In particular 52{22,69}/udp)
  147. moparisthebest and commence the bikeshedding on the default port >:)
  148. daniel (i think this means that larma has to be at least a +1; if he -0 it as well it wont pass, right?)
  149. moparisthebest I couldn't disagree more on the default ports changing though, otherwise what's ALPN for ?
  150. jonas’ no matter the default port, we should get a registration because it makes sense for cases where people don't want to multiplex.
  151. jonas’ ALPN is to rot in hell?
  152. jonas’ (*scnr*)
  153. moparisthebest ALPN is here, mandatory, and now encrypted, why reveal we are doing XMPP instead of HTTPS? iirc there is a whole RFC and working group commited to making passive survallience harder
  154. moparisthebest but, I digress :)
  155. daniel ok i’m gonna assume that larma is still on list for those two XEPs; let's move on
  156. daniel 6) Date of Next
  157. jonas’ +1w wfm
  158. moparisthebest +1w wfm
  159. daniel one of my projects is currently going through a rather busy phase so there is a slight chance I won’t make it; but i'll try
  160. daniel +1w wfm
  161. daniel 7) AOB
  162. moparisthebest none here
  163. jonas’ none here
  164. daniel 8) Close
  165. daniel thank you all
  166. moparisthebest thanks all !
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