XMPP Council - 2022-10-26

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  157. daniel 1) Roll call
  158. moparisthebest o/
  159. Ge0rG /o\
  160. larma 👋️
  161. daniel jonas’?
  162. daniel 2) Agenda bashing
  163. daniel none
  164. daniel 3) Editor updates no updates this week
  165. daniel 4) Items for voting
  166. daniel nothing new this week
  167. daniel 5) Pending votes
  168. daniel all new xeps from last week have pending votes.
  169. Ge0rG checks Table of Doom, closes tab in despair
  170. daniel let's go through them one by one
  171. daniel pubsub social feed. pending votes from marvin Ge0rG and me
  172. daniel +1
  173. larma +1
  174. jonas’ erp
  175. jonas’ here
  176. jonas’ sorry, dino wasn't joined
  177. jonas’ +1
  178. daniel Ge0rG, do you have a vote for us?
  179. Ge0rG daniel: unfortunately not, no
  180. daniel ok. no worries. moving on
  181. daniel OpenPGP for PubSub. pending votes from everyone except larma
  182. daniel +1
  183. jonas’ +1
  184. Ge0rG on-list
  185. moparisthebest +1
  186. daniel SASL scram downgrade protection
  187. daniel everyone is pending on that one
  188. daniel +1
  189. Ge0rG on-list
  190. jonas’ +1
  191. larma +1
  192. daniel moparisthebest do you want to cast a vote?
  193. moparisthebest I'm +1 even though we should probably just do some HPKP style public key pinning and forget SCRAM all together...
  194. daniel 6) Date of Next
  195. moparisthebest +1w wfm
  196. larma +1w wfm
  197. daniel +1w wfm
  198. Ge0rG +1w wfm
  199. daniel 7) AOB
  200. jonas’ (+1w wfm)
  201. daniel don’t forget to reapply (if you want to)
  202. moparisthebest other than that I got nothing
  203. jonas’ uh-uh
  204. jonas’ no applicants yet
  205. larma jonas’, have you heard anything from dwd?
  206. jonas’ I have not
  207. daniel ok. I assume there are no other AOB
  208. daniel 8) Close
  209. daniel thank you all. see you next week
  210. larma thanks daniel 🙂
  211. moparisthebest thanks daniel & all
  212. Ge0rG thanks!
  213. jonas’ does anyone know another way to reach dwd except by email?
  214. jonas’ we should figure out what to do with larmas PR
  215. daniel I'm generally slightly frustrated about how we deal with inactive authors. frustrated not because I'm blaming anyone but the status quo is often $someone proposes XEP; nothing happens for years; someone else finds XEP useful; provides feedback but by that time $someone has become inactive in the community (or might not even work in the industry anymore)
  216. daniel but I don’t really have a good solution for that.
  217. moparisthebest the council can just grant authorship to the new person right?
  218. moparisthebest I think we should just do that more aggressively
  219. Ge0rG yes, and we've done that before
  220. daniel I'm wondering if we should put some rules around that. Like any deferred XEP is up for grabs for example
  221. Kev I'd have thought a policy of needing authors to reply to a mail within a month, and then Council finds a co-Author to take it on, would be fairly sensible. Less long than that clearly isn't because holidays, etc., but people *do* leave the industry (I'm not sure Dave is still doing any XMPP, although I'd expect he'd have responded anyway).
  222. daniel because otherwise it feels slightly political if council "punished" less active authors
  223. moparisthebest yea I think a period of time with no response is perfect, a month seems fine
  224. Ge0rG +1 for a one-month notice period to prior authors
  225. Kev > I'm wondering if we should put some rules around that. Like any deferred XEP is up for grabs for example XEPs often go deferred because the Author was the only one trying to do anything with them, so assigning new authors automatically when deferred seems not quite right, to me.
  226. Kev If a policy gets put in place now, I'd suggest making sure it's publicised on the list, and taking effect from now, rather than retroactively.
  227. daniel > so assigning new authors automatically when deferred seems not quite right, to me. well I was thinking unaddressed feedback + obsolete + new volunteer
  228. daniel but yes I'm literally just thinking out loud; not making any real suggestions
  229. Ge0rG do we need to put it into XEP-0001?
  230. moparisthebest the policy now is basically just "whenever the council feels like it" no ?
  231. Kev I'd have thought sending a proposal to list likely to generate useful discussion, FWIW.
  232. Kev > the policy now is basically just "whenever the council feels like it" no ? Yes. So Council could come up with a policy without encoding it, I think.
  233. moparisthebest yep so just a notice seems good enough, if someone comes up with a really good argument against it we can just change our minds
  234. Kev I think "anyone find a reason this is a bad idea?" would be better than just announcing, but don't feel strongly enough to argue much.
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