XMPP Council - 2022-12-27

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  212. jonas’

    daniel, it seems we're missing votes from 2022-11-16 in the spreadsheets

  213. jonas’

    apparently, council unanimously voted for tmolitor and MattJ being co-authors of '388 at that date

  214. jonas’

    did we ask dwd?

  215. jonas’

    I note that on github, dwd was still interacting with them, so even though we voted in favour, I want to make sure we're not getting on the wrong side of him

  216. Zash

    > but given that dwd didn't reply to the email yet, we can also go ahead and add another author https://logs.xmpp.org/council/2022-11-16?p=h#2022-11-16-895b5485f12f8ad1

  217. daniel has left

  218. MattJ

    Also relevant and easily missed from that link (it's on the next day's page): https://logs.xmpp.org/council/2022-11-17?p=h#2022-11-17-384a8fa621c79702

  219. MattJ

    Dave has provided further feedback since then, and we have made changes in response

  220. jonas’

    but there has been no further feedback to tmolitors further questions, right?

  221. jonas’

    also what is your magic way of pinging dave?

  222. MattJ

    Which questions?

  223. MattJ

    I ping him via email

  224. jonas’

    dunno, sync with tmolitor

  225. jonas’

    I don't want to play bridge

  226. MattJ

    I think the only question I'm aware of at this point is "can we merge now, kthx"

  227. jonas’

    which is a crucial one, I think

  228. tmolitor

    MattJ: yeah, I'm waiting for acks of changes I made in response to dwds feedback...but dwd never acked them as solving his concerns...

  229. tmolitor

    So to sum it up, yes, the only question is: can this be merged now

  230. jonas’

    MattJ, the "obvious" email address? or is there a secret one?

  231. MattJ

    Obvious one

  232. jonas’


  233. jonas’

    I shot him two mails in this context just now already

  234. jonas’

    so that should do, hopefully

  235. daniel has joined

  236. MattJ

    As far as I'm concerned we've addressed all feedback, I'd just like a positive ack (even if reluctant)

  237. jonas’

    right, fair

  238. jonas’

    I hope I put all that in good context in my email :/

  239. jonas’

    so confusing

  240. tmolitor

    jonas’: great, thanks

  241. tmolitor

    How long do we plan to wait for dwd to react on these mails?

  242. daniel

    Honestly at this point even if dwd doesn't like the changes we'd just give current PR a new XEP number

  243. daniel

    The authors job is to incorporate the feedback based on rough consensus. And I strongly believe the current PR has that

  244. daniel

    I get not wanting to step on people's toes but imho the only way to do this would be with a new xep

  245. larma

    I remember people screaming load when I was proposing a new xep instead of reanimating an unused, long-deferred XEP...

  246. larma

    (although IMO, new XEPs with new XEP numbers are nothing bad, I'd even go as far as considering it better than namespace bumping within a XEP)

  247. moparisthebest

    it doesn't make sense for 1 person with no implementation to trump consensus and running code

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  252. larma

    a new xep is not "trump" something. It's providing a new alternative. If it reaches consensus to be not only similarly good but signficiantly better than the previously used alternative, such that a migration is worth it, the consensus will migrate. If not, it will just vanish, like most other XEPs.

  253. Zash

    A/B test all the XEPs!

  254. larma

    This is essentially why MIX is effectively not adopted.

  255. daniel

    I'm not suggesting to make a new xep. I was trying to illustrate how pointless implicit or explicit blocking by the author is in this case

  256. Zash

    Are authors too op in this thing? :)

  257. daniel

    I don't think they are

  258. daniel

    We are just trying to be nice. Council has already added two Co authors

  259. moparisthebest

    Just for future reference if I don't respond in a week feel free to add more authors to my XEPs immediately

  260. jonas’


  261. MSavoritias (fae,ve) has left

  262. Ge0rG waits for moparisthebest to go on vacation

  263. larma

    If moparisthebest going to vacation would always cause Ge0rG to improve XEPs authored by him, I guess that would be a very much desired result 🙂

  264. Ge0rG


  265. moparisthebest

    Wait Ge0rG will fix my XEPs if I go on vacation? 🎉

  266. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest: for some exotic value of "to fix"

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