XMPP Council - 2023-03-13

  1. MattJ

    If Council is looking for XEPs that may need to be revived/advanced, here are some candidates: https://data.xmpp.net/explore/xmpp/deferred

  2. jonas’

    (note: deferral has not been executed since 2020 probably)

  3. MattJ

    So we need a "needs to be deferred" query too :)

  4. jonas’

    that'd be this one: https://data.xmpp.net/explore/xmpp?sql=select%0D%0A++xeps.number%2C%0D%0A++xeps.title%2C%0D%0A++xeps.last_updated%0D%0Afrom+xeps%0D%0Awhere+xeps.status+%3D+%22Experimental%22+and+xeps.last_updated+%3C%3D+%222022-09-13%22%0D%0Aorder+by+xeps.last_updated+asc%3B

  5. jonas’

    or better this one to exclude malformed inbox things: https://data.xmpp.net/explore/xmpp?sql=select%0D%0A++xeps.number%2C%0D%0A++xeps.title%2C%0D%0A++xeps.last_updated%0D%0Afrom+xeps%0D%0Awhere+xeps.status+%3D+%22Experimental%22+and+xeps.last_updated+%3C%3D+%222022-09-13%22+and+xeps.number+is+not+null%0D%0Aorder+by+xeps.last_updated+asc%3B

  6. jonas’

    but someone™ could also just run deferrals.py

  7. Zash

    inb4 sibling of dependabot?

  8. larma

    jonas’, isn't it 12 months, not 6 for deferred state?

  9. jonas’

    oh, maybe 12

  10. jonas’

    I don't want to look at the xeps repo

  11. emus

    MattJ: where should we advertise the service best?