XMPP Council - 2023-03-21

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  108. pep.

    https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2023-March/039215.html I've sent this today to clarify the situation around the PR (or complicate it rather?)

  109. pep.

    I wouldn't merge it as is but I guess I need a decision to make the new PR

  110. MattJ

    If the only blocking question now is about how to treat "updates", I doubt we'll make more progress than last time I brought it up on the list

  111. pep.

    Someone makes an executive decision?

  112. pep.

    pretty plz

  113. MattJ

    The executive decision was made in favour of (2)

  114. MattJ

    I don't want to say it was by me, because I'm the author of an implementation that already does it that way

  115. pep.

    MattJ, what was the informational text you wanted to get in, regarding pubsub and key/value store

  116. MattJ

    But Ralph probably has the most implementation experience of XEP-0060 out of anyone in the community, and he also says (2)

  117. pep.

    Can you propose wording and a place for me to add it? Or a patch

  118. MattJ

    Shall do that now

  119. pep.

    I guess I'll make a new PR and remove this one, so that council can vote on the new one next week if they want more time

  120. pep.

    And I'll include wording to define "overwrite"

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  143. MattJ

    First stab at it: https://pad.nixnet.services/DoGOIieYRuSQvYzK_xIKAw

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  151. pep.

    Looks good to me. You also define the order in there, so there's only a few things for me to do

  152. pep.

    That can go into implementation notes?

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  154. MattJ

    It would be good to at least also clarify the couple of places it says "overwrite" too

  155. pep.


  156. pep.

    Maybe that can go in there too

  157. pep.

    Since you talk about updates already

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