XMPP Council - 2023-04-19

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  24. daniel

    Quick reminder that we will continue with last weeks agenda today

  25. daniel

    There were two agenda items that we didn't get to vote on last week

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  45. daniel

    It’s time

  46. daniel

    1) Roll call

  47. moparisthebest


  48. Ge0rG

    Good morning everyone!

  49. daniel

    larma said he is traveling this week. but do we have jonas’ ?

  50. daniel

    2) Agenda bashing

  51. daniel

    nothing to bash

  52. daniel

    3) Editors update

  53. daniel

    no updates this week. I’m still working on a list for the weeks we missed

  54. daniel

    4) Items for voting

  55. daniel

    d) Issue Last Call on XEP-0353: Jingle Message Initiation https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0353.html

  56. daniel


  57. moparisthebest


  58. Ge0rG


  59. daniel

    e) Reconsider 'Proposed Extension: Call Invites' https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/call-invites.html

  60. daniel

    in case someone isn’t clear about the phrasing. this was previous rejected by council

  61. Ge0rG

    What was the last council discussion status on that?

  62. daniel

    just like content types from last week

  63. Ge0rG

    It's not harmful, so let's move it through?

  64. daniel

    the reason that we are reconsidering it is that some people feel like the situation has changed now

  65. daniel

    it was previously rejected due to duplicating JMI

  66. daniel

    but since we are now trying to make JMI stable without it also doing what call invites does call invites no longer duplicates JMI

  67. daniel


  68. jonas’

    oh look

  69. jonas’

    another room which isn't autojoined by poezio

  70. jonas’

    sorry for being late

  71. Ge0rG

    I still dislike the split into two XEPs.

  72. jonas’

    (please feel free to ping me in other places if I'm not showing up here at council time!)

  73. Ge0rG

    But that's probably still better than having it stall for another year or so, and also existing codebases.

  74. Ge0rG


  75. moparisthebest

    I'll note my dislike of not having security considerations, I think they should exist, but regardless +1 let the running code decide which should win

  76. jonas’

    +1 on LC for '353

  77. jonas’

    +1 for accepting call-invites.html

  78. daniel

    5) Pending votes

  79. daniel

    moparisthebest, is pending on everything from last week

  80. daniel

    nothing else pending. a few votes from Ge0rG have expired last week

  81. Ge0rG

    I'm very sorry about that.

  82. moparisthebest

    I'm gonna have to remain pending for now, will fix shortly

  83. daniel

    ok no worries. feel free to either reply to the email agenda from last week or ping me in here

  84. daniel

    6) Date of next

  85. daniel

    +1w wfm

  86. moparisthebest

    +1w wfm

  87. jonas’

    I might not make it, I have a meeting until 14:00Z at $dayjob and (a) it might overrun, (b) I might be on my way home at council time, or (c) I get dragged/invited to dinner afterward

  88. daniel


  89. daniel

    7) AOB

  90. jonas’

    none from me

  91. Ge0rG

    none here either

  92. moparisthebest

    Nor here

  93. daniel

    8) Close

  94. daniel

    thank you all

  95. jonas’

    thanks daniel

  96. Ge0rG

    Thank you, daniel

  97. moparisthebest

    Thanks daniel

  98. larma

    Sorry indeed was travelling. +1 for both from me as well

  99. daniel

    larma, recorded

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