XMPP Council - 2024-01-16

  1. dan.caseley

    Is it time?

  2. daniel

    It's time

  3. daniel

    1) Roll call

  4. dan.caseley


  5. daniel

    larma, singpolyma moparisthebest ?

  6. larma

    Yes, sorry

  7. moparisthebest

    Yes also sorry

  8. moparisthebest


  9. dan.caseley

    Is this slot not ideal for folk? Should we consider a move?

  10. daniel

    this slot works for me. I still get ever so slightly confused because it was wednesday for years

  11. daniel

    but that's really just a me problem and i will get used to it

  12. moparisthebest

    It's fine for me I just have to fix my notifications...

  13. daniel

    that said I’m on vacation for the next two meetings

  14. daniel

    so we can either just skip those meetings or let moparisthebest chair

  15. moparisthebest

    I can chair if no one else wants to

  16. dan.caseley


  17. daniel

    anyway let's formally move through the agenda

  18. daniel

    3) Editors update

  19. daniel


  20. daniel

    4) Items for voting

  21. daniel


  22. daniel

    5) Pending votes

  23. daniel


  24. daniel

    6) Date of next

  25. daniel

    as I said i'm only available +3w but don’t let me stop you

  26. dan.caseley

    +1w makes sense, in case there's anything emergent. We had warning last week about consistent colour coming soon.

  27. dan.caseley

    But maying "coming soon" is also consistent 🙂

  28. larma

    Both in between would work for me.

  29. daniel

    fwiw I agree that we should keep the regular scheduled meeting even though we aren’t doing much at the moment

  30. daniel

    that allows us to move quickly if something comes up

  31. larma


  32. daniel

    ok. so +1w it is

  33. daniel

    7) AOB

  34. moparisthebest

    I got nothing

  35. daniel

    8) Close

  36. daniel

    thank you all

  37. dan.caseley

    Cheers everyone!

  38. larma

    Thanks all

  39. moparisthebest