XMPP Council - 2024-06-04

  1. daniel

    It's time

  2. dan.caseley


  3. daniel

    1) roll call

  4. larma


  5. singpolyma


  6. daniel

    2) agenda bashing I didn't sent one out so I assume there is nothing to bash

  7. daniel

    3) editors update The occupant id xep has been updated

  8. daniel

    We'll give people some time to give feedback and vote on it in two weeks

    👌️ 1
  9. daniel

    4) items for voting

  10. daniel


  11. daniel

    5) pending votes

  12. dan.caseley


  13. daniel

    dan.caseley is pending on moving channel binding back to experimental

  14. dan.caseley


  15. daniel

    I guess that's what the +1 was for

  16. dan.caseley


  17. daniel

    That means it passed. Editor will try to make that change later today

  18. daniel

    6) date of next

  19. daniel

    As mentioned last week I'm not available

  20. daniel

    We could just go +2w

  21. daniel

    Since we probably won't have much on for next week anyway

  22. dan.caseley

    +2w wfm

  23. singpolyma

    +2w wfm

  24. larma

    I had a change of plans and now 1w would maybe work for me but 2w maybe not

  25. daniel

    OK. Let's leave it at +2w (since +1w is only a maybe)

  26. daniel

    7) aob

  27. larma

    Yes. I will try to be there.

  28. larma

    Yes. I will try to be there, but can't promise.

  29. daniel

    Assuming no AOB

  30. daniel

    8) close

  31. daniel

    Thank you all. See you in two weeks

  32. dan.caseley

    Thanks daniel

  33. moparisthebest

    oops sorry about that, +2w wfm