End to End Encryption SIG - 2021-08-13

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  12. vanitasvitae I'm currently working on a ProtoXEP specifying cryptographic device management using OpenPGP. If anyone wants to take a look: https://github.com/vanitasvitae/flowdalic-xeps/blob/cryptdm/xep-cryptdm/xep-cryptdm.xml
  13. vanitasvitae This is basically what I talked about in the Office Hours some time ago
  14. vanitasvitae Note: This is still work in progress and a lot is missing, yet I wanted to give you a hint to enable some intermediate discussion 🙂
  15. vanitasvitae I would especially be interested in feedback regarding the following question: Would you consider to split this specification up into a general architectural document describing the mechanism of using certificate chains to authorize device keys, plus a second document describing an implementation using OpenPGP, or would you stick to one monolithic document describing both?
  16. vanitasvitae Splitting up the document would make it easier to create a second document later, describing an implementation using X.509 certificates for example.
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