End to End Encryption SIG - 2022-01-07

  1. qy

    pep.: Example bot? 😶

  2. qy

    Oh, in the slixmpp repo

  3. qy

    Disregard me, sorry

  4. pep.


  5. pep.

    I do have to fix the chain_length thing with the update of the backend omemo lib

  6. pep.

    And it might be useful to be able to make the bot say things as well, not just echo, for debugging purposes

  7. pep.

    I mean, without even sending a command, directly from a repl or sth

  8. qy

    Mm, doesn't quite help, cause i can already test at that level against myself, but cheers anyway

  9. pep.

    What did you want to test

  10. qy

    The libsignal calls themselves... i've implemented the crypto provider and the store, but a {signedprekey, identitykey, signature} set from me seems to never validate, even by myself

  11. qy

    Something's fundamentally wrong

  12. pep.


  13. qy

    So i need to check my impls are right

  14. qy

    There's no way to unit test at that level, it seems