End to End Encryption SIG - 2022-11-06

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  55. trollge

    I was wondering... all information processors(ISPs, instant messaging and emal servers owners, web site and forum owners etc) operating within any country must comply to its laws and collaborate with police when it requests any kind of data on a specific person. And there is the specific country like USA, and their police issues a data request to an XMPP server for all personal chat history belonging to the user account that was registered on the server and another person with specified nickname. Those chat logs are encrypted by OMEMO and the person who this XMPP account belongs to is out of reach for the US police. The question is what would US government do to this XMPP server which complied to the request and sent all data requested to the police but the data itself is E2E encrypted and all the police gets is randomized binary blobs and unsatisfying realization they got onto a person who know what proper E2E is? Would they shut down the XMPP server or let it be as it was?

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  57. trollge

    My question is abstract and doesn't relate to the USA laws and practical reality of application of laws

  58. trollge

    My question is abstract and doesn't relate specifically to the USA laws and the practical reality of their application of laws. It is just a random country that I thought of...

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