End to End Encryption SIG - 2024-03-11

  1. opal

    L29Ah, no it has to be invite-only

  2. opal

    to be fair "public channel" is ambiguous from skye's question

  3. skye

    Ohh..here I thought I was being specific. 😂

  4. skye

    > yes but it's kinda pointless L29Ah: why is it pointless? Can you please explain.

  5. skye

    opal: if its invite only-it needs a password? They cannot enter the chatroom until then?

  6. opal

    it needs an invite...

  7. opal

    >Can you please explain[?] theres nothing to explain because L29Ah was answering your badly-formed question

  8. opal

    thus the answer doesnt really apply to anything

  9. moparisthebest

    skye, well it's pointless because if you have a public room anyone can join (like this one) then if we encrypt it, who are we hiding it from? if the attacker wants the messages they can just join right?

  10. moparisthebest

    if you create a private channel where you only invite accounts you know, then only they can join, and you *can* use OMEMO in there

  11. skye

    I understand-- thank you. opal & moparisthebest