XSF Editor Team - 2014-02-20

  1. Steffen Larsen has joined
  2. Steffen Larsen wuha!. it works
  3. Steffen Larsen :-)
  4. Steffen Larsen Great job stpeter!. thanks
  5. stpeter hehe
  6. stpeter hi Steffen, how are you?
  7. stpeter it seems that stpeter@stpeter.im is an admin on muc.xmpp.org :-)
  8. Steffen Larsen I'm great actually.. doing what I like the most. doing XMPP apps and server stuff. :-)
  9. stpeter yay!
  10. Steffen Larsen and you? had a great start at andyet?
  11. stpeter ok I am going to turn on logging
  12. Steffen Larsen sure!
  13. Steffen Larsen please do
  14. stpeter yes, a great start - a wonderful team
  15. Steffen Larsen yes. I envy you.
  16. Steffen Larsen truely great stuff the guys are doing
  17. stpeter ok, I can't enable logging via the client
  18. stpeter but I've made the room persistent
  19. stpeter I might need to hack the server config :-)
  20. Steffen Larsen I have my own company and its great.. but sometimes it must be great to have some great and inspiring colleagues.
  21. Steffen Larsen ha ha
  22. stpeter yeah that must be lonely sometimes - it's great to have a support structure in a small team
  23. Steffen Larsen yes
  24. Steffen Larsen but 80% of the time I am sitting at the company I am doing consultancy for
  25. Steffen Larsen mostly to get out and meet some people
  26. Steffen Larsen Too bad I can't meet up with you guys in London here in March. seems to be interesting stuff
  27. stpeter there's always FOSDEM next year
  28. stpeter but we might need to find somewhere else to meet than the Cisco office
  29. Steffen Larsen yes
  30. stpeter there must be some nice co-working spaces in Brussels
  31. Steffen Larsen actually I might come to US this year as well, if there will be a summit in autumn
  32. stpeter or maybe we can meet in Leuven - Remko says it is much nicer :-)
  33. Steffen Larsen tickets are cheep at the moment
  34. Steffen Larsen ohh
  35. Steffen Larsen its close to Brussels
  36. Steffen Larsen ?
  37. stpeter yeah I don't know what we'll do about a second Summit
  38. stpeter yes
  39. stpeter quite close
  40. stpeter maybe a 20-30 minute train ride
  41. Steffen Larsen he he yes. but people are still showing up. Its great with more fuzz about XMPP.. due to IoT and webRTC
  42. Steffen Larsen ok cool
  43. stpeter yes
  44. stpeter I wonder what kind of conference we can co-locate with
  45. stpeter Realtime Conf was good for that reason
  46. stpeter we don't have anything like FOSDEM in North America
  47. Steffen Larsen iI remember we teamed up with this big one in 2010.. was it qcon??
  48. Steffen Larsen in portland
  49. stpeter probably OSCON
  50. stpeter it is much more corporate than FOSDEM
  51. Steffen Larsen ahh yes
  52. Steffen Larsen true true
  53. Steffen Larsen but it was actually quite good
  54. Steffen Larsen and I liked portland. more leaned back than NYC where I have family. ;-)
  55. stpeter yeah Portland is nice
  56. stpeter good food, good beer, friendly vibe, lots of tech / open source stuff happening
  57. Steffen Larsen yes!
  58. stpeter aha, it seems that logging is on by default: http://logs.xmpp.org/editor/140220/
  59. Steffen Larsen super!
  60. stpeter but room creation is locked down so that only admins can create rooms
  61. Steffen Larsen out of the box with prosody?
  62. stpeter it's how this prosody instance is configured
  63. Steffen Larsen ok
  64. Steffen Larsen I think I'll do the same archive log for tigase.. I've started to work abit with these guys
  65. Steffen Larsen its nice to have
  66. stpeter I like the Tigase guys :-)
  67. stpeter yes
  68. Steffen Larsen yes
  69. stpeter so many good people in the XMPP community
  70. Steffen Larsen they asked me to help them.. so I am kind of a subcontractor for them :-)
  71. Steffen Larsen yes.. thats what I like
  72. Steffen Larsen the only protocol with an actual community
  73. Steffen Larsen and active
  74. Steffen Larsen even though we could be more active. :-)
  75. stpeter oh yes, we certainly could be
  76. stpeter I think the encrypted network effort has been good for getting operators involved, but there's more we can do for sure
  77. stpeter bbiaf, time for lunch here
  78. Steffen Larsen yes true
  79. Steffen Larsen ok. cheers!
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