XSF Editor Team - 2014-02-25

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  4. winfried editor meeting in 5 minutes, right?
  5. m&m correct
  6. winfried I will give a shout in the xsf muc... ;-)
  7. m&m graze (-:
  8. Lloyd yep, although my invite says its in council@muc.xmpp.org.
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  11. Dave Cridland lurks
  12. winfried was wondering what that sound was...
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  14. m&m goes to cobble together today's agenda from the emails
  15. Steffen Larsen Hi Guys!
  16. winfried hi!
  17. Lloyd Hello
  18. Steffen Larsen almost everybody here?
  19. Lloyd Ash should be along in a moment, his daughter is a little unwell at the moment
  20. m&m yuck
  21. Kev has joined
  22. Steffen Larsen oohh I know the problem
  23. Steffen Larsen all of the family sick at the moment
  24. winfried Yeah, on holiday with sick kids right now...
  25. Dave Cridland My kids aren't sick.
  26. Steffen Larsen congrats Dave!
  27. Steffen Larsen :-)
  28. winfried Dave Cridland should leave the muc right now...
  29. winfried Shouldn's Joachim be here?
  30. stpeter heh, another advantage of text chat
  31. winfried LOL
  32. Ash has joined
  33. m&m ok, that looks like everyone
  34. Lloyd realises he can take his headset off
  35. Steffen Larsen :-)
  36. Dave Cridland Lloyd, Leave it on, everyone will leave you alone.
  37. Ash Hi All.
  38. m&m heh
  39. m&m ok, let's get started
  40. m&m some of us are time-constrained
  41. Dave Cridland puts his on to get the kids to be quiet.
  42. m&m 1) "What I Do" by Peter Saint-Andre
  43. winfried has everybody read the xep-readme?
  44. m&m did all of the editors read http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-README.html ?
  45. Steffen Larsen yes. I have
  46. stpeter first of all, I'd like to thank you all for volunteering to help!
  47. winfried I have
  48. Ash Affirmative
  49. Steffen Larsen svn is a bit outdated maybe
  50. Steffen Larsen ;-)
  51. Steffen Larsen otherwise fine
  52. stpeter right
  53. m&m ok, some updates are necessary
  54. stpeter ack
  55. winfried peter: do you have any additions to the readme?
  56. winfried things we need to know right now?
  57. Steffen Larsen I assume that the XEP for svn is in git? ;-)
  58. stpeter the "Counting Council Votes" is outdated
  59. winfried the council posts the votes to the standards list, right?
  60. stpeter I'll fix up some details in the README this week
  61. stpeter the radar page is no longer used
  62. Steffen Larsen cool
  63. stpeter etc.
  64. stpeter but the basics are correct
  65. Steffen Larsen stpeter:how often do the editor do work? I mean, maybe we should meet 2 a month or so to distribute work
  66. winfried stpeter: obvious changes to the readme can be made us too...
  67. Steffen Larsen yes for sure
  68. stpeter Steffen Larsen: in general there might be editorial tasks before or after each Council meeting
  69. stpeter e.g., publishing incoming proto-XEPs
  70. Steffen Larsen stpeter: ok
  71. stpeter issuing Last Calls, counting votes, etc. after meetings
  72. stpeter that kind of thing
  73. Steffen Larsen stupid question: how often are there council meetings?
  74. stpeter once a week
  75. stpeter usually
  76. winfried I have made a list of 'events' we should respond to, it is quite easy:
  77. Ash We could do with some kind of ticket/issue tracker system so people can pick up stuff that needs to be done rather then work having to be divvied out
  78. Dave Cridland Steffen Larsen, Once per week 1600 Wed.
  79. Steffen Larsen :-) ok
  80. stpeter sometimes there's no meeting
  81. stpeter Ash: sure
  82. Steffen Larsen yes
  83. Steffen Larsen we had jira once
  84. stpeter Ash: we used Jira in the past but I'm open to anything else you guys like
  85. winfried we should respond to: incoming xeps in editor@..
  86. Steffen Larsen but it was never actively used
  87. stpeter winfried: yes
  88. winfried to: council decisions
  89. Steffen Larsen besides me and some others
  90. stpeter editor@ is currently just an alias that sends stuff to me
  91. winfried and we should monitor experimental xeps not being updated for 12 month
  92. m&m I'd rather re-use infrastructure that's available
  93. stpeter winfried: correct
  94. Steffen Larsen I like a ticket system.. especially when there is more than one person
  95. stpeter Steffen Larsen: WFM
  96. m&m rather than spin up something new
  97. Steffen Larsen m&m: +1
  98. Ash Would be great if emails to editor@ could be fed straight into the ticketing too
  99. Dave Cridland As an alternative, a rota would probably work fine.
  100. stpeter Ash: sure thing
  101. stpeter rota?
  102. Dave Cridland That is, have one duty editor per week.
  103. stpeter ah
  104. winfried or should we make editor@ a mailinglist?
  105. stpeter winfried: possible, yes
  106. winfried can we coordinate to ourselves too ;-)
  107. Steffen Larsen hmm no I think a muc and jira is perfect
  108. m&m I think making editor@ a mailing list is reasonable
  109. Steffen Larsen emails are not a ticket system. :-)
  110. m&m essentially write-only
  111. stpeter well, editor@ does receive inbound messages from authors, so making it a mailing list would enable everyone to know what's incoming
  112. winfried Is there already a ticketing system at the xsf?
  113. m&m as long as the traffic on editor@ is relatively low (which I assume it is), I think we can live with the manual conversion to a ticket
  114. Steffen Larsen I only know of jira
  115. stpeter winfried: we sort-of have Jira
  116. Ash \me has been working on deploying a ticketing system for the past few months so has ticketing on the brain!
  117. m&m (-:
  118. stpeter m&m: yes, I think that would be fine
  119. Ash Jira is great as it's hosted and free and even better if it's already set up
  120. Steffen Larsen how many are we (editors)?
  121. Steffen Larsen yes
  122. Lloyd 8 with joachim?
  123. stpeter Steffen Larsen: 6 or 7, I think
  124. m&m 6 not including stpeter
  125. Steffen Larsen ok
  126. m&m 7 if we include stpeter
  127. Lloyd - Dave, course :)
  128. Steffen Larsen stpeter: we might use you as a shadow in the start.. to ask questions etc.
  129. Steffen Larsen :-)
  130. Dave Cridland Right, there's 8 people here, but Kev, stpeter and I aren't actually editors.
  131. stpeter Steffen Larsen: yes, of course!
  132. Dave Cridland However you're missing Joachim.
  133. m&m hrm … we're missing someone
  134. Steffen Larsen stpeter: we dont wanna mess things up.. just want to help
  135. m&m was Joachim on the list?
  136. Steffen Larsen to sec
  137. m&m I pulled it from Board and Council logs
  138. winfried Joachim raised his hand in Brussels, but was not on the list approved by the board
  139. Steffen Larsen hhmm maybe I should write and ask him
  140. winfried (And he raised his hand again on the members list)
  141. m&m the other name on the list was Stefan Strigler
  142. winfried Ah, indeed, Stefan
  143. Steffen Larsen yes. stefan should be here
  144. Steffen Larsen I'll write him now
  145. stpeter regarding access, IMHO each member of the editor team should have git privileges and an account on athena to run the scripts (or, you guys can figure out some subset of people)
  146. m&m Steffen Larsen: thanks. He should have been part of the email chain
  147. Dave Cridland Right, yes. Not Joachim, but Steffan.
  148. m&m I think granting everyone is fine
  149. winfried Just pinged Steve
  150. Steffen Larsen me too!
  151. Steffen Larsen :-9
  152. winfried LOL
  153. Steffen Larsen prob. in erlang world..
  154. Steffen Larsen he is coming in now
  155. winfried concurrent processes ;-)
  156. Steffen Larsen ha ha
  157. Steffen Larsen yes
  158. Dave Cridland winfried, Really slow message passing, though.
  159. m&m heh
  160. Steffen Larsen :-)
  161. zeank@jwchat.org has joined
  162. Steffen Larsen Hi Steve!
  163. zeank@jwchat.org hey, hi! :)
  164. Steffen Larsen :-)
  165. winfried Welcome!
  166. stpeter so what action items do we have?
  167. zeank@jwchat.org sorry, sorry, sorry
  168. m&m from what I've gathered so far ...
  169. winfried transfering editor@.. to a mailinglist
  170. m&m #1: setup a ticketing system
  171. Steffen Larsen #git access
  172. m&m #2: transfer editor@ to a mailing list
  173. Ash # update xep-README
  174. zeank@jwchat.org couldn't we just use github to handle most of it?
  175. m&m no
  176. Lloyd zeank: Yes!
  177. Lloyd I agree
  178. m&m github is not canonical
  179. stpeter BTW we'll need list admins for editor@ to approve legitimate incoming messages
  180. stpeter (and we plan to deploy greylisting on atlas soon to avoid an overload of spam)
  181. winfried ok, editor gets 99,5% spam?
  182. stpeter probably
  183. Steffen Larsen auch
  184. winfried :-(
  185. m&m such is life
  186. stpeter I have it redirect to my gmail.com address so all the spam magically goes away
  187. Dave Cridland Technically, ProtoXEP submissions MUST have a specific subject line.
  188. stpeter but greylisting should help
  189. stpeter Dave Cridland: true
  190. stpeter I'll let the list admins work out methods :-)
  191. winfried LOL...!
  192. Dave Cridland is re-reading XEP-0001 and referenced docs.
  193. Steffen Larsen thanks peter :-)
  194. winfried On access:
  195. winfried to do the job we need shell access to ...
  196. m&m right
  197. winfried where is also a git repository that is used to publish... (right?)
  198. Steffen Larsen I think I have access alraedy
  199. m&m a couple of us might already have shell access (or had it in the past)
  200. Steffen Larsen already
  201. Steffen Larsen form way back.. doing some jingle stuff in 2007/8
  202. m&m I had shell access at one point, but I think those ssh keys were lost
  203. winfried I have no shell access...
  204. Steffen Larsen prob. me neither
  205. winfried who can coordinate that?
  206. Steffen Larsen how will do this? tobi?
  207. stpeter tobi, kev, and I have shell access to that machine
  208. m&m anyone from the i-team should be able to do it, no?
  209. stpeter and others, likely
  210. m&m I can harass —erm — follow up with one of those three
  211. stpeter editor@ list set up
  212. m&m gracias
  213. winfried thanks, hit me with the spam :-P
  214. Ash :)
  215. m&m I'm already moderator for other lists, what's one more? (-:
  216. stpeter anyone else want to be a moderator?
  217. m&m I assume for shell access that the box admins will need SSH keys
  218. winfried shall we send pgp-signed ssh-keys to the editor list?
  219. Steffen Larsen ok. who is gathering the list and doing action on our bullit points?
  220. stpeter m&m yes please
  221. Dave Cridland stpeter, Stating the obvious, it's open to non-subscriber posts, right?
  222. stpeter winfried: sure
  223. Steffen Larsen yes
  224. stpeter Dave Cridland: it will be once I configure it correctly
  225. Dave Cridland stpeter, Just seemed like something worth double-checking. :-)
  226. stpeter yep
  227. stpeter T-2 minutes, right?
  228. m&m pesters Tobias about shell access
  229. stpeter anything else?
  230. m&m yes
  231. winfried - how to keep git tidy
  232. winfried - how to divide labour :-)
  233. m&m we should setup another meeting to finish up inauguration
  234. Steffen Larsen so are we using branch strategy or just pure master?
  235. Steffen Larsen or git flow?
  236. zeank@jwchat.org ugh
  237. winfried ugh what?
  238. m&m see, we have more to do than just divvy out work (-:
  239. stpeter which email address is right for Lloyd?
  240. zeank@jwchat.org git flow for this sounds a bit like overhead ;)
  241. stpeter evilprofessor?
  242. Lloyd stpeter lloyd@evilprofessor.co.uk please
  243. Steffen Larsen nah.. well it depends on the scenario
  244. stpeter ok I've added a bunch of you to the editor@ list
  245. winfried great!
  246. m&m stpeter: thanks
  247. zeank@jwchat.org uhm, added myself already ;)
  248. stpeter 7 members, I must be missing someone
  249. m&m now, could the editor team be made admins for this room, please (-:
  250. m&m 7 sounds right
  251. stpeter heh yes
  252. Steffen Larsen yes please
  253. Steffen Larsen :-)
  254. psa has joined
  255. m&m ok, I need to get going … how about we have a follow up meeting
  256. Steffen Larsen will we recevie an email about the editor list?
  257. zeank@jwchat.org can't you post the list of email addresses subscribed?
  258. m&m I cannot meet next week
  259. Steffen Larsen next week I am on ski
  260. Steffen Larsen so maybe next week again?
  261. Steffen Larsen some of you guys will prob. meet in london, right?
  262. m&m WFM, unless we have a quorum in London
  263. m&m (-:
  264. m&m right
  265. psa hmm, how do I change affiliations in Adium?
  266. winfried m&m anything that stops us from getting started?
  267. psa winfried: I don't think so
  268. m&m winfried: shell access
  269. winfried just keep each other informed..
  270. winfried ;-)
  271. winfried right!
  272. Steffen Larsen yes please keep me in the loop
  273. Ash We can always continue the discussion on the mailing list
  274. Dave Cridland winfried, Well, git and shell.
  275. Steffen Larsen when I am on vacation next week
  276. Ash In slower time
  277. m&m is pestering tobias about shell/git access now
  278. winfried git: we decided on branching strategy not?
  279. zeank@jwchat.org winfried: did we? which one? where? when?
  280. Dave Cridland I'd suggest pure master unless there's a reason to go branching.
  281. zeank@jwchat.org (y)
  282. stpeter +1
  283. winfried well: I counted your 'ugh' as a vote for branching...
  284. winfried ah
  285. m&m +1
  286. winfried ok
  287. m&m master + email-based MINE-ing
  288. Steffen Larsen ash: creepy with the email!
  289. stpeter and the first spam message arrives!
  290. stpeter that didn't take long
  291. Steffen Larsen master is fine if work is that little
  292. Ash Hehe. Yeah. Great minds, eh!
  293. Steffen Larsen Ash: :-)
  294. stpeter BTW, this room is archived, as is the editor@ list
  295. Steffen Larsen stpeter: super!
  296. winfried +1
  297. Tobias has joined
  298. simon has joined
  299. zeank@jwchat.org for everything else there is git rebase ;)
  300. m&m Steffen Larsen: there's not usually much to do with the XEPs themselves
  301. zeank@jwchat.org uhm no I mean git push -f :D
  302. m&m ok
  303. m&m so, let's plan to meet back here in exactly two weeks
  304. Dave Cridland BTW, thanks to all of you for volunteering.
  305. stpeter m&m WGM
  306. stpeter WFM even
  307. Steffen Larsen two weeks! great!
  308. zeank@jwchat.org ok
  309. m&m 2014-02-11T16:00Z
  310. Steffen Larsen 11. March?
  311. Steffen Larsen yes
  312. stpeter we can create a calendar for the editor team, too
  313. m&m yes (-:
  314. Steffen Larsen 17:00 CET?
  315. Tobias Kev, what do people need to access xsf git? isn't that handled by gitosis or so?
  316. Dave Cridland m&m, 2014-03-11T16:00Z then
  317. winfried OK, will take some planning for me.. but probably I can make it...
  318. m&m oh, duh
  319. Dave Cridland Tobias, Yeah, gitosis IIRC.
  320. m&m yes 2014-03-11T16:00:00Z
  321. stpeter I need to step out for a few minutes, bbiab
  322. Steffen Larsen in my calendar
  323. Steffen Larsen are we done or more on the agenda?
  324. stpeter also I think a third list admin would be helpful to cut down on the admin duties (at least until we get greylisting deployed)
  325. stpeter bbiab
  326. m&m for now, I think we're done
  327. m&m I'll try to gather minutes on this meeting, but we have the logs
  328. Steffen Larsen m&m: perfect!
  329. simon has left
  330. m&m and I'll send it through editor@xmpp.org for now, fwd to standards@xmpp.org
  331. zeank@jwchat.org stpeter: you can add me as well
  332. m&m I take it y'all are ok with me assuming the Chair role, yes? (-:
  333. m&m if someone else wants it, speak up!
  334. Ash Fine by me :)
  335. Steffen Larsen +1
  336. Steffen Larsen I am just a simple working man. :-)
  337. stpeter zeank@jwchat.org: thanks
  338. winfried its ok, but are you fine with it, m&m?
  339. m&m winfried: I'm fine with it … for now (-:
  340. m&m I think it'll work out just fine
  341. Steffen Larsen steve: thanks for the email :)
  342. stpeter zeank: do you have a preferred email address for such things?
  343. winfried Everybody got the test mail on the editor list?
  344. Lloyd (y)
  345. m&m I got it
  346. Steffen Larsen ok guys. I am out of here. Have to cook some food for the family!
  347. stpeter winfried: I think I left Stefan off the list, let me check
  348. Ash Yup
  349. Steffen Larsen got it!
  350. stpeter nope, n/m
  351. zeank@jwchat.org stpeter: zeank@jwchat.org is fine
  352. zeank@jwchat.org or can it be the same I registered with?
  353. zeank@jwchat.org then please use stefan.strigler@gmail.com
  354. stpeter yep
  355. stpeter used @gmail
  356. stpeter anyway, bbiaf
  357. zeank@jwchat.org perf
  358. Ash Excellent
  359. stpeter wanders off
  360. Steffen Larsen has left
  361. winfried smells nice food and hears diner sounds
  362. zeank@jwchat.org winfried: enjoy ;)
  363. Kev " I have it redirect to my gmail.com address so all the spam magically goes away stpeter @ 16:21"
  364. Kev Yes, that's what gets atlas blacklisted :)
  365. simon has joined
  366. zeank@jwchat.org done with work for today as well, so bye bye ;)
  367. winfried cu!
  368. simon has left
  369. zeank@jwchat.org has left
  370. Ash Going to go and help with dinner and my cuddle my poorly little girl!
  371. m&m thanks everyone
  372. m&m I'll track down the git/ssh access minutea
  373. Kev "Kev, what do people need to access xsf git? isn't that handled by gitosis or so? Tobias @ 16:38" Send me their keys.
  374. Ash :)
  375. m&m sorry, missed it!
  376. Lloyd has left
  377. Kev m&m: This is just for access to the Git repo?
  378. Dave Cridland Kev, Shell as well.
  379. Kev Shell to do what?
  380. Dave Cridland Kev, Run the scripts in-situ, I think.
  381. Kev Which scripts, as which user?
  382. Dave Cridland Kev, This is beyond the ken of mortal folk.
  383. Dave Cridland Kev, I'd suggest asking stpeter but he is, sadly, in an XSF Editor meeting it seems.
  384. m&m it's to run the various XEP scripts as the "xsf" user
  385. m&m however, if you're not comfortable with the whole editorial team, this team will need to know what subset is acceptable
  386. Dave Cridland I think in practical terms, it really needs to be the whole team.
  387. m&m I agree
  388. Kev The whole team being able to regenerate XEPs seems fine.
  389. Kev I'm just not keen on handing out root to accomplish it - thus needing to know what's involved.
  390. m&m /nod
  391. m&m stpeter can provide more info, but the XEP-README should have the major points
  392. stpeter we don't use root to run the editor scripts
  393. stpeter wouldn't we just need to add folks to the 'xsf' group?
  394. Kev No, I gathered that. But normal shell accounts presumably won't do :)
  395. Kev I don't know.
  396. Kev That's why I asked what they need :)
  397. stpeter that's my impression, anyway
  398. stpeter currently I run all those scripts as 'xsf'
  399. Kev Could I start with giving m&m access as a member of the xsf group, then, and waiting for the reports of "I can't do X" to come in?
  400. Dave Cridland If there are scripts that are safe to run (as in, they're idempotent or whatever), then could we devise a dry-run test?
  401. Kev I think 'safe to run' and 'idempotent' are very different things.
  402. Kev rm -rf / is idempotent.
  403. Kev (Well, loosely. It's technically not operating on itself, so it's not really idempotence)
  404. stpeter Kev: I think have a smaller group of script-runners seems fine to me
  405. Dave Cridland Yes, I've fallen foul of the "using an impressive sounding word but in the wrong way" fallacy.
  406. Tobias stpeter, right...basically it's changing to xsf home dir, switch to xmpp-hg, run "hg pull -u" and then ./calgen.py or extensions/gen.py -a
  407. stpeter Tobias: yep
  408. stpeter reviews the XEP-README
  409. Kev Tobias: "switch to xmpp-hg'?
  410. Tobias Kev /home/xsf/xmpp-hg folder
  411. Kev Righty.
  412. Kev Nowhere in there did you change user :)
  413. Tobias well..i was already the xsf user
  414. Tobias :)
  415. Tobias maybe a setuid bit or so, but that might be too much
  416. stpeter Kev: what's your feeling about making the editor README a XEP?
  417. Kev I think there's no need and no harm.
  418. stpeter sounds about right
  419. m&m WFM
  420. Kev Well. Limited harm.
  421. Kev It's extra work without any clear(to me) benefit.
  422. Kev What's the motivation for doing so?
  423. stpeter no motivation here
  424. m&m I don't have any
  425. m&m rejects some posts to editor@xmpp.org
  426. winfried I don't see any reason to publish internal procedures...
  427. stpeter m&m: we can do those in bulk sometime
  428. stpeter nods to winfried
  429. m&m I was testing my password, seemed like a worthy test case (-:
  430. stpeter setting up greylisting seems like a higher priority now
  431. m&m /nod
  432. Kev Next question is: how do I use gpg to verify m&m's key? :)
  433. Tobias gpg, the pinnacle of usability
  434. Kev m&m: Key ID?
  435. stpeter BTW, when the editor team processes files, we might want to not use personal initials, or use a convention like editor+psa
  436. stpeter e.g., when publishing initial versions
  437. stpeter that seems reasonable
  438. stpeter it's similar to what the RFC Editor does
  439. Kev XEP Editor(PSA), I'd have thought, would do?
  440. Kev Which is slightly less cryptic - but hills, etc.
  441. stpeter <initials>editor(psa)</initials>
  442. stpeter or somesuch
  443. stpeter I don't particularly care, as long as we're consistent :-)
  444. psa has left
  445. winfried has left
  446. m&m back now
  447. m&m my gpg key should be in the public keyring by now
  448. m&m otherwise you'll have a wonderful opportunity to verify it a week from today (-:
  449. m&m if tracking the specific editor is necessary, then editor(initials) seems fine, but I don't see a problem with just using "editor"
  450. m&m has left
  451. Kev It seems like information it's potentially useful to have, and not harmful to have, so I don't see why not to.
  452. m&m has joined
  453. stpeter http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-README.html updated
  454. m&m gracias
  455. Tobias has left
  456. Neustradamus has joined
  457. Kev sighup:~/tmp/mmkey/> gpg --verify id_rsa.pub.sig id_rsa.pub.txt 5:43pm gpg: Signature made Tue Feb 25 17:00:42 2014 GMT using RSA key ID 109E05BB gpg: BAD signature from "Matthew A. Miller <linuxwolf@outer-planes.net>"
  458. Kev Uhhoh!
  459. m&m hrmph
  460. Kev I think there's an argument about whether a key only signed by you is trusted, too :D
  461. stpeter sets the editor@ mailman config to set only a daily digest of messages in the admin queue
  462. Steffen Larsen has joined
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  464. Kev Editors - Does Council need to do BOSH things?
  465. Kev If so, what please? :)
  466. stpeter hmm
  467. stpeter catches up on council minutes and such
  468. Neustradamus I have missed some discussions... but there are not logs since some months: http://logs.jabber.org/new/ Can you help me?
  469. Steffen Larsen has joined
  470. stpeter Neustradamus: that doesn't have anything to do with the XEP Editor Team
  471. Neustradamus There is not discussion here?
  472. stpeter redirects the conversation to the appropriate chatroom
  473. Neustradamus before "<m&m> /nod"?
  474. Kev If you want the logs for this room, note that it's not on jabber.org, and look at http://logs.xmpp.org
  475. stpeter Neustradamus: this room is for discussion about the XEP Editor Team, not jabber.org logging issues
  476. stpeter right, see http://logs.xmpp.org/editor/ for logs of this room
  477. m&m /-:
  478. Neustradamus ho yes, sorry!
  479. m&m git clone failed for me: mamille2$ git clone git@athena.jabber.org:xmpp.git Cloning into 'xmpp'... ssh: connect to host athena.jabber.org port 22: Connection refused fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.
  480. Kev m&m: Right. I've not set it up for you because I'm hoping I have some way of verifying your key first :)
  481. stpeter it's not on port 22 either
  482. Kev Send me your key over XMPP and I'll vaguely trust it :)
  483. Steffen Larsen hey stpeter. I just made a quick wiki: http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Editor_team . Who was the last couple of persons?
  484. Neustradamus I mix jabber.org/xmpp.org logs but my request was originaly about to see previous conversations before line that I have noted before...
  485. Kev Neustradamus: So follow the link that we gave you.
  486. m&m http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/259/943/694.png
  487. Neustradamus Kev: :)
  488. stpeter m&m: 5284 is your friend
  489. Kev Host athena.jabber.org Port 5284
  490. m&m I'm following the instructions on http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xsf-source-control/
  491. Kev ~/.ssh/config
  492. m&m thanks
  493. Neustradamus little question: editor@... is a ML? because it is not listed on http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo
  494. stpeter Steffen Larsen: I think that list is complete
  495. Kev m&m: You should have access to the xmpp repository.
  496. stpeter Neustradamus: it's mostly an alias and not really a mailing list -- we have other lists that are not listed there
  497. m&m "Ashley" ==> Ashley Ward
  498. stpeter right
  499. m&m otherwise that looks like the right list to me
  500. Kev Which we very probably want to split up to only contain XEPs and associated at some point.
  501. stpeter not sure whether editor@ ought to be archived
  502. Neustradamus stpeter: ok! For me, like you want...
  503. m&m hmm
  504. Steffen Larsen does anyone know if joachim actually signed up for editor? I know he signed up for upnp laison..
  505. m&m hmm hmm hmmm … archiving editor@ … hmm hmm
  506. stpeter Steffen Larsen: I defer to others on that, although we do need to get the UPnP thing going :-)
  507. Steffen Larsen stpeter: yes
  508. m&m yeah, "not it" on UPnP
  509. Steffen Larsen m&m: updated the names on the wiki
  510. stpeter laughs at m&m's MINE :-)
  511. m&m smacks forehead
  512. m&m I could have updated that list myself! (-
  513. m&m stpeter: (-:<
  514. m&m I'm now waiting for Kev to apply the public key I sent him via IM
  515. Kev stpeter: He did not volunteer on the list, and wasn't on the list selected by Council and Board, I think?
  516. m&m he was not
  517. Kev m&m: Scroll up four minutes.
  518. m&m from my reading of the list(s)
  519. stpeter Kev: that's my understanding
  520. Kev I don't see a problem with adding him, I think it just needs Council to suggest it to Board.
  521. m&m Kev: I did send my key over XMPP
  522. Kev m&m: You should have access to the xmpp repository. Kev @ 21:07
  523. Kev It was done, immediately!
  524. m&m hrmph
  525. m&m I did not see that
  526. m&m I do not see that
  527. m&m (in the history)
  528. m&m anyway, thank you for applying my pubkey
  529. Kev YW.
  530. Neustradamus I am volunteer like I have said previously on xsf room at Dave Cridland
  531. m&m studies http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-README.html#advancing
  532. stpeter heh
  533. stpeter it's always good to test the runbook
  534. m&m exactly
  535. Kev I think the README might be missing 'assign appropriate namespaces'?
  536. Steffen Larsen ok g'night folks.. off to bed. cheers
  537. m&m hrm
  538. m&m oh, nevermind … I skipped a step (-:
  539. m&m has left
  540. m&m has joined
  541. m&m commits and pushes changes …
  542. m&m XEP-0152 is now at step 6 of XEP-README
  543. m&m now I need someone with shell access to finish things off
  544. Steffen Larsen has left
  545. Kev Ah yes, you needed that as well.
  546. m&m (-:
  547. Kev mamille?
  548. Kev linuxwolf?
  549. m&m the latter would be nicer, otherwise mamille2 (which is my work uid)
  550. Kev Let me know when you're logged in.
  551. m&m in
  552. Kev Marvellous.
  553. Kev I guess you don't need a password as you're not sudoing.
  554. Kev You thought just being in the xsf group would be enough, yes?
  555. m&m well, I haven't tried to run any of the scripts yet
  556. Neustradamus stpeter: somes links do not work on http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-README.html maybe a little update?
  557. Kev Hmm. I wonder if xmpp or xsf was what was meant.
  558. Kev xsf
  559. m&m logout and login as xsf@ ?
  560. Kev You are now in the xsf group if you log out and in again.
  561. Kev Which someone thought should be enough for you.
  562. m&m I guess we'll see
  563. m&m hrmph
  564. Kev Give me a moment, I'll do something else.
  565. m&m assuming "Update SVN on the webserver" means "Pull to editor's workspace from local git repository", I ran into a permissions problem
  566. m&m if that helps suss out the next layer of this onion
  567. Kev OK.
  568. Kev Can you try sudo su - please?
  569. m&m prompted for password
  570. Kev sudo /bin/bash
  571. m&m sudo is prompting for a password
  572. Kev sudo -u xsf /usr/bin/vim
  573. Kev And if that doesn't work, lastly
  574. Kev sudo -u /bin/bash
  575. Kev Which is the only one that should work, if I've not screwed up the sudo config.
  576. m&m -u by itself?
  577. Kev No.
  578. m&m -u xsf
  579. Kev Type what I meant, not what I said :)
  580. m&m (-:
  581. m&m still prompting for a password
  582. Kev Hmm
  583. Kev groups
  584. m&m linuxwolf xsf
  585. Kev OK.
  586. Kev Now log out/in and try again.
  587. m&m will do
  588. m&m but why don't I just passwd?
  589. m&m that worked
  590. Kev The config is that you can only run one command, which is /bin/bash as xsf.
  591. Kev I could add needing a password onto that as well. I guess that wouldn't be stupid.
  592. m&m I think that would be a good idea
  593. m&m oh, but I'll need my current password, because I'm not root (duh)
  594. Kev You now have your current password.
  595. Kev Please change it.
  596. m&m password updated
  597. Kev Good. You need your password to sudo now.
  598. m&m and I'm prompted for a password on sudo
  599. m&m ls -lhA
  600. m&m er
  601. m&m I must be an idiot, because I can't get past my permissions problem cloning the git repo
  602. stpeter sorry, I was on a video call, what did I miss in those 60 messages? ;-)
  603. m&m I am stuck on step 6 of "Advancing a XEP"
  604. stpeter oh
  605. stpeter well, you must have a password of some kind on athena, no?
  606. m&m I do
  607. m&m I'm logged in now
  608. stpeter oh ok
  609. m&m its a basic permissions problem
  610. stpeter hrm
  611. stpeter on which part?
  612. m&m with the local git repo
  613. stpeter I munged lots of steps into one
  614. stpeter hrm
  615. m&m readable only by the user "git"
  616. stpeter local = on athena?
  617. m&m or anyone in the "git" group
  618. m&m yes
  619. m&m assuming that "Update SVN on the webserver" means "Pull latest into git working directory"
  620. stpeter oh I thought I removed all references to SVN
  621. stpeter ah, not quite, I see
  622. stpeter did you reload the README?
  623. m&m oh
  624. m&m I had a cached copy
  625. m&m I had reloaded, but I didn't aggressively reload (-:
  626. m&m ok
  627. m&m I see I did mess up the <revision/> block then
  628. m&m used <initials>Editor(mm)</initials> instead of <initials>XEP Editor (mm)</initials>
  629. m&m that's trivial to fix
  630. stpeter I foresee the need to make further fixes on the README
  631. stpeter has left
  632. m&m testing
  633. stpeter has joined
  634. stpeter weird
  635. stpeter anyway I see: git:x:1017: xsf:x:1018:git
  636. stpeter which is strange
  637. stpeter in /etc/groups
  638. m&m hrmph
  639. m&m very
  640. stpeter /etc/group that is
  641. m&m just tried to run archive.sh, and got: cp: cannot stat `/var/www/vhosts/xmpp.org/extensions/xep-.html': No such file or directory
  642. m&m I don't know how innocuous that is
  643. stpeter oh
  644. stpeter heh
  645. stpeter usage for those scripts is in the script
  646. stpeter my bad
  647. m&m (-:
  648. stpeter we're finding errors in the documentation
  649. stpeter so it's './archive.sh 0152' or whatever
  650. m&m ah, ok
  651. stpeter and lastcall.py takes a date
  652. stpeter and so on
  653. stpeter bad docs, bad scripts
  654. m&m hehe
  655. stpeter I'm sure the editor team can do better
  656. m&m so that worked
  657. m&m maybe
  658. m&m "maybe" as in "maybe we could do better"
  659. m&m so, "List Administration"
  660. m&m this states I need to login to list-admin for standards@xmpp.org
  661. stpeter right
  662. stpeter the announcement email will go there
  663. stpeter from running ./announce.py 0152
  664. m&m right
  665. stpeter but email from editor@ is modded
  666. stpeter since otherwise we'd have lots more spam on the list
  667. m&m sure
  668. m&m it makes sense
  669. stpeter I think we could fix some of that in the postfix config
  670. stpeter discard all editor@ from addresses other than those originating locally
  671. m&m /nod
  672. m&m anyway
  673. m&m I either need the admin password for standards, or you need to clear out the queue
  674. m&m 'cause we're ready to announce!
  675. m&m (or the postfix config is jiggered)
  676. stpeter just cleared the queue
  677. m&m ok, calling announce now
  678. m&m check the queue, should be a message pending from editor@xmpp.org
  679. stpeter has left