XSF Editor Team - 2014-03-10

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  11. jabberjocke hi kev have you looked at my mail to the editors?
  12. jabberjocke about the IoT update
  13. Kev Hiya. I'm not one of the editors, I'm just here to see what's going on.
  14. jabberjocke got an answer from the list moderator
  15. Kev http://xmpp.org/participate/become-a-member/editor-team/
  16. jabberjocke that it had to be moderated before going to the list
  17. Kev Ah.
  18. Kev Not me, I'm afraid.
  19. jabberjocke ok
  20. Kev Ping one of the people on that page (Lloyd is here, and he's on the team)
  21. jabberjocke will do
  22. Lloyd I'm afraid I don't have access to anything yet.
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  31. stpeter yay m&m
  32. m&m I'm trying
  33. m&m that was involved though (-:
  34. stpeter :)
  35. stpeter need to get the rest of the team up to speed
  36. m&m yes
  37. stpeter heats up some lunch, bbiaf
  38. m&m and the tools updated
  39. m&m for instance, is there a reason that the diffs URL needs to be specified on the command line?
  40. stpeter m&m no great reason AFAIK
  41. m&m I wonder if it could be calculated from the "revision > version" values
  42. m&m assuming that revision[0] is always the latest
  43. m&m goes off foraging for lunch
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  45. Steffen Larsen Hi guys!
  46. Steffen Larsen back from vacation. We have a meeting tomorrow, right?
  47. stpeter I think so
  48. m&m yes
  49. stpeter given timezone changes, let's make sure we agree on the time in UTC
  50. stpeter in the US we moved the clocks forward an hour over the weekend
  51. m&m /sigh
  52. m&m right
  53. m&m although I thought I specified the time in UTC a fortnight ago (-:
  54. stpeter probably
  55. stpeter that seems like an age and a day
  56. m&m grumbles about calendars start on Monday and not Sunday
  57. stpeter hwh
  58. stpeter heh even
  59. stpeter need to log off for a bit, bbl
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  61. m&m 2014-03-11 @ 16:00 UTC
  62. Steffen Larsen ok super
  63. m&m I do need to come up with an agenda, don't I?
  64. Steffen Larsen well, maybe also a status about privileges for git etc
  65. m&m so that would be part of the agenda (-:
  66. Steffen Larsen :-)
  67. Steffen Larsen and maybe what XEPs are in queue etc.
  68. m&m I think tomorrow's meeting will be a postmortem discussion
  69. Steffen Larsen is that visiable somewhere? or do we only get it by email
  70. m&m from the first attempt to have !stpeter publish XEPs
  71. Steffen Larsen yes
  72. m&m I keep meaning to write it down, but fail
  73. m&m I blame the IETF
  74. Steffen Larsen :-)
  75. m&m the queue right now is just email
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  79. m&m stpeter: what is expected of the XEP editor with regards to BOSH right now?
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