XSF Editor Team - 2014-03-12

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  7. Steffen Larsen hey. I just skimmed through the logs of this editor muc.. But I couldn't see any assignments. Anything that needs to be done or that I can help with?
  8. Lloyd Steffen Larsen, you can help with automated tooling if you want?
  9. Steffen Larsen YES
  10. Lloyd Putting some ideas together for next week
  11. Steffen Larsen very much!
  12. Lloyd Cool, will get an email to you with some starting points (unless you want to jump the gun on me) and we'll move from there :D
  13. Steffen Larsen ok Lloyd just write to me personally if you want to discuess some solutions and ideas.. I have a lot as well
  14. Steffen Larsen sure
  15. Lloyd Great!
  16. Steffen Larsen I hate sitting on my hand…
  17. Steffen Larsen :-)
  18. Steffen Larsen btw I saw that you discussed jira for queueing etc.. any conclusions?
  19. Lloyd Nope, I think we were getting sidetracked by that point. The feeling was we should be hosting as much as possible (although there's nothing to say we couldn't make the case for changes)
  20. Lloyd http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/5b/5b3761867c14de76ab959f4b9ece9a3b51654222b93c92e7e02c4e80fad9da21.jpg
  21. Steffen Larsen yes
  22. Steffen Larsen but we already have an jira
  23. Steffen Larsen I used it for changing XEP .. but that was 2-3 years ago
  24. Steffen Larsen it was on http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/SPEC . but that prob. forwarded into jira cloud space somewhere
  25. Steffen Larsen well - off to a meeting. write me Lloyd
  26. Lloyd that was hosted by us, rather than atlassian, but apparently a PITA to keep updated
  27. Lloyd Sure!
  28. Steffen Larsen well.. its just a jar
  29. Steffen Larsen :-)
  30. Steffen Larsen war
  31. Steffen Larsen later
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  42. stpeter switching rooms
  43. m&m 1) add an <interim/> element in the header
  44. stpeter so basically I generate the HTML and copy it to /var/www/vhosts/xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-nnnn-x.y.html
  45. m&m do you check it in?
  46. m&m commit+push
  47. stpeter it gets checked into git for traceability
  48. stpeter yes
  49. m&m ok
  50. stpeter that way we can track the diffs
  51. stpeter as 1.1rc1 and so on
  52. m&m right
  53. stpeter thus http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/api/xep/0124/diff/1.10/vs/1.11rc3 or whatever
  54. stpeter but yes we didn't document that in the readme
  55. m&m ah
  56. m&m ok
  57. m&m that's easy enough
  58. stpeter the 'rcx' thing is just a convention
  59. m&m /nod
  60. stpeter I think we might have used something else at one point
  61. m&m I can see how using SVN branches could handle this
  62. stpeter yeah
  63. stpeter basically I didn't know anything about branches when I created this workflow, so I punted on using them ;-)
  64. m&m (-:
  65. m&m git branches still leave me a little confused
  66. stpeter yeah me too
  67. m&m they seem like CVS branches, but that's probably a naïve view
  68. Lloyd wouldn't tags be better than branches?
  69. m&m http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0124-1.11rc3.html
  70. stpeter yes, that's the last one I did, as I recall
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