XSF Editor Team - 2014-03-14

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  7. Kev I'm assuming that me sending out Council minutes saying "All +1 to obsoleting xep27" (for example), is considered a prod to the editor team to do the needful.
  8. Kev If that's not sufficient, please shout.
  9. m&m That should be enough, Kev
  10. Kev Ta.
  11. m&m there might be a delay in it happening
  12. m&m but consider us poked
  13. m&m and happy PI day, everyone
  14. Kev Happy pi day to you too.
  15. m&m Kev: I assume you're fine with starttls-dialback as standards-track.
  16. Kev Yes please.
  17. m&m wonders if the steps should be followed very literally from Draft -> Deprecated -> Obsolete
  18. Kev I would not bother.
  19. m&m done and done
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