XSF Editor Team - 2014-03-25

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  33. m&m hrmph
  34. stpeter yes?
  35. m&m I realized nothing went on the calendar for today
  36. Lloyd hello
  37. m&m I am a loser
  38. stpeter I added it to the calendar, but I wasn't able to run calgen.py on the new location
  39. Lloyd that's very harsh, its a calendar entry.
  40. m&m thankfully, Lloyd is here to give a status update on automation options (-:
  41. Ash Hello all
  42. Lloyd is definitely a loser
  43. Lloyd Sorry guys, its been really busy again, next week is much the same as well.
  44. stpeter I might ping Tobias about getting the rackspace instance up to date
  45. m&m /nod
  46. m&m that would be helpful
  47. stpeter w.r.t. python stuff
  48. m&m completely understand the urgency
  49. Lloyd Although I'll be visiting Mr Tennant next week whilst speaking at a mozilla event, might be a chance to get some time on this.
  50. m&m very cool
  51. m&m At this point, the Editor is waiting on council decisions
  52. Lloyd giving a talk with one of stpeter's minions about webrtc/xmpp
  53. m&m (-:
  54. stpeter Lloyd: good work!
  55. m&m fippo?
  56. stpeter yep
  57. m&m he's not a very good minion (-:
  58. Lloyd yep. I *think* he's doing a hangouts replacement, and I'm covering xmpp + xmpp in a browser.
  59. m&m but he's good to work with
  60. stpeter Lloyd: well, we (&yet) have https://talky.io/ and much work is going into it right now
  61. stpeter not sure that's exactly a hangouts *replacement*
  62. Lloyd I think the naming is just to raise eyebrows :)
  63. m&m heh
  64. Lloyd "federated killer of the skypes"
  65. m&m alright, so we've gotten (lack of) status on automation, and info on where the editor queue stands
  66. Lloyd :-(
  67. m&m we'll get there
  68. m&m it's not an easy problem, Lloyd
  69. Lloyd time is my problem - its my birthday soon, maybe I'll get a giftcard for it
  70. m&m (-:
  71. m&m as for a next meeting … I'm on vacation next week
  72. m&m I hope
  73. stpeter good for you!
  74. m&m yeah, going to see my parents
  75. m&m if everything goes ok
  76. m&m you're all free to call some sort of formalish meeting next week if you want, but I highly doubt I'll be here
  77. m&m anyone have something else?
  78. stpeter now that I think about it, I am not even sure if xml2rfc will run properly on perseus (rackspace instance), so we'll need to test that out
  79. m&m stpeter: which version?
  80. m&m (of xml2rfc)
  81. stpeter I don't have anything, although I do think that having a weekly get-together is good just to make sure we don't forget about each other :-)
  82. m&m wants to get back to his ECC
  83. m&m absolutely
  84. stpeter ok I think we're done, then
  85. m&m I just won't be here (-:
  86. stpeter yep
  87. stpeter understood
  88. m&m oh
  89. m&m I will not be able to attend tomorrow's council meeting
  90. m&m nor board meeting
  91. stpeter ok
  92. stpeter we can represent for you
  93. stpeter thanks for the heads-up, though
  94. m&m council is expected to vote on XEP-0124 v1.11
  95. m&m well, technically they already are voting on it
  96. m&m tomorrow will be their 1 week warning
  97. m&m save with iot-discovery
  98. stpeter o
  99. m&m same even
  100. stpeter ok
  101. m&m alright, I think we're don unless anyone else has something
  102. Ash Not from me
  103. m&m done even
  104. m&m clearly I need a vacation
  105. Ash :)
  106. stpeter you deserve it, enjoy!
  107. Lloyd Have a good break!
  108. m&m thanks (-:
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  112. stpeter some humo[u]r for those of you using git: http://justinhileman.info/article/git-pretty/full/
  113. stpeter (via bear)
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