XSF Editor Team - 2014-04-08

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  6. Kev It seems there is only two XEPs remaining here: http://xmpp.org/xmpp-protocols/xmpp-extensions/ Link Mauve @ 8:44 intosi That's not many. intosi @ 8:50 It's only the index that's broken. The actual XEPs seem to work just fine. 8:53 Link Mauve Yeah. Link Mauve @ 8:54
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  18. stpeter hmm
  19. stpeter did I miss anything?
  20. Ash I don't think so, unless I missed it all too (which may well be the case!)
  21. m&m shunting bleeding hearts
  22. Ash Is that shunting or c… ;)
  23. m&m heartbleed.com
  24. stpeter yeah, my heart bleeds for the internet
  25. m&m about 67% of it today
  26. Kev I'm assuming everyone in this room has been running around madly for several hours because of this :)
  27. Kev m&m: The XEP index is now allegedly broken.
  28. m&m /sigh
  29. m&m ok
  30. m&m *blink*
  31. m&m well, according to the index, we only have two XEPs
  32. m&m hrm
  33. stpeter oh that's a good idea, let's consolidate everything into 2 XEPs
  34. m&m yeah yeah yeah
  35. m&m so, it looks like the table is only written by gen.py
  36. m&m I'm not sure what's faster: writing the file by hand, or running gen.py over every XEP
  37. stpeter isn't there all.py?
  38. stpeter or all.sh?
  39. m&m it doesn't actually call gen.py
  40. stpeter that invokes gen.py?
  41. m&m it calls xsltproc by hand
  42. stpeter hrmph
  43. stpeter nod
  44. m&m and doesn't update the xep table
  45. stpeter yeah
  46. m&m I think I'll modify all.sh to call gen.py
  47. m&m I would not be confident in my abilities to hand-create that table
  48. stpeter nod
  49. m&m actually, nevermind
  50. m&m it looks like it was there, but commented
  51. stpeter aha
  52. stpeter bbiaf
  53. m&m but first I have to delete the existing table, because it appends rather than sully sorts (-:
  54. m&m fully sorts
  55. stpeter the table is sullied? ;-)
  56. m&m Yes. Yes it is!
  57. m&m index is rebuilding
  58. m&m 37/345
  59. stpeter too many XEPs!!
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  65. m&m and done
  66. stpeter thank you thank you
  67. Kev Thanks.
  68. m&m /sigh
  69. m&m the thirteenth-council page was never created
  70. stpeter m&m ah hrmph
  71. m&m creating it now
  72. m&m can someone refresh my memory on how many votes the current council has gone through already?
  73. stpeter m&m let me take a look
  74. stpeter looks like updates to 156 and 206, and advancement of 152
  75. m&m ok, and I'm tracking down the dates of those now, too
  76. m&m just found 206
  77. stpeter I went to http://xmpp.org/xmpp-protocols/xmpp-extensions/ and ordered by date
  78. stpeter uncheck experimental and it's easy
  79. m&m U R SMART
  80. m&m hrm
  81. m&m XEP-0206 is at version 1.4rc2
  82. m&m notes to fix
  83. m&m http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/thirteenth-council/
  84. stpeter thanks Matt!
  85. m&m it also looks like 124 1.11rc4 is approved, yes?
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  87. stpeter let's check
  88. m&m I might just ask in tomorrow's meeting
  89. stpeter k
  90. m&m it looks like it, but I want to make sure I'm not mixing up the votes
  91. m&m it's easy when they all vote +1 (-:
  92. m&m (on all items)
  93. stpeter m&m: I see +1 from all Council members for 124
  94. stpeter it's confusing that it's "rc4", makes me think about SSL vulns and https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-popov-tls-prohibiting-rc4/
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  96. m&m heh
  97. m&m yeah
  98. m&m stpeter: thanks … still recovering from a week of PTO (-:
  99. m&m and I'm not sure I'll actually be at tomorrow's meeting now
  100. m&m /-:
  101. Kev Please Turn Over? :)
  102. m&m it's the acronym we all user over here for "not at work"
  103. Kev Ah.
  104. m&m officially "Paid Time Off", although it gets used when the time-off isn't paid-for
  105. m&m and now for sustenance
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