XSF Editor Team - 2015-10-27

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  17. m&m


  18. stpeter


  19. stpeter

    how goes it?

  20. m&m

    trucking along

  21. m&m

    preparing for Yokohama next week

  22. m&m

    so, we have PRs to cover!

  23. m&m

    I know there were items added to the council agenda, but I couldn't be present, and I haven't noticed minutes yet

  24. stpeter


  25. stpeter


  26. stpeter

    anyway, to the PRs?

  27. m&m

    PR 40 is waiting on authors

  28. m&m

    PR 41 is waiting on council, AFAIK

  29. stpeter

    I have some Yokohama prep to do too - not sure why, but I volunteered to help finish off the trickle-ICE spec (cf. XEP-0176) so I need to create a presentation for that

  30. stpeter

    and I have a few specs in AUTH48 ;-)

  31. m&m

    remote presentation? (-:

  32. m&m

    I think PR 82 is waiting on the submitter, but I'll ping the authors to be sure

  33. m&m

    wait, no, it's waiting on authors

  34. m&m

    PR 83 is waiting on … somebody (-:

  35. m&m

    I think Sam and Matt Wild have the ideas in their head, and haven't yet put them to digital pen

  36. stpeter


  37. stpeter

    I still haven't gotten to the XEP-0198 stuff as you can see :(

  38. m&m


  39. m&m

    it happens

  40. m&m

    PR 95 — I'm not sure what the action here is

  41. m&m

    is it to council?

  42. stpeter

    I'm trying to finish this AUTH48 stuff and also update 2 Internet-Drafts for Monday....

  43. stpeter looks

  44. stpeter

    I think the action there is to ask sco0ter to remove the status 174 stuff and then we can merge the PR

  45. stpeter

    because all the other fixes were fine

  46. stpeter

    and then a point release IMHO

  47. m&m


  48. stpeter

    I can reply in that issue

  49. stpeter


  50. m&m


  51. m&m

    PR 97 is another XEP-0198 item

  52. stpeter


  53. m&m

    PR 99 — I might just accept this as-is … it would be nicer if I could see it run cross-platform, but that's more effort than I'm willing to put into it

  54. m&m

    there are conflicts that need to be resolved, though

  55. stpeter


  56. m&m

    PR 100 went to council, no?

  57. stpeter

    PR 100 - see http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2015-10-21/#15:07:32

  58. stpeter

    so basically it needs more list discussion

  59. m&m

    yep, see that

  60. stpeter

    it = XEP-0138 and the impact of attacks on application-layer compression in XMPP

  61. m&m


  62. stpeter

    (not just this PR)

  63. m&m

    ok, so we'll need to get that going at some point

  64. m&m

    we == (XEP Editor, Kev)

  65. m&m

    someone in that set (-:

  66. stpeter

    we had a thread earlier this month about deprecating stream compression but it fizzled out

  67. stpeter

    I will reply to the last message from Thijs

  68. m&m

    yeah, I vaguely remember

  69. m&m

    PR 104 is still rippling through the list

  70. m&m

    Not sure if we should "call it" and let the council formally weigh in

  71. m&m

    I have a sense meaningful discussion is no longer happening

  72. stpeter


  73. stpeter

    I do think some guidance from the Council would be good there

  74. m&m

    better to wait for next council though

  75. stpeter


  76. stpeter

    well, maybe

  77. stpeter

    doesn't necessarily matter, I guess :-)

  78. m&m

    I'd rather not be in the middle of a vote when a new council is elected … even if it's really ends up as the same council (-:

  79. stpeter

    good point

  80. stpeter

    PR 106 - I have not looked at that yet

  81. m&m

    I think we're waiting for someone to take it to the list

  82. stpeter

    says "Needs Author" too ;-)

  83. m&m

    very true (-:

  84. m&m

    that's kind of my default labels on Draft and Final docs

  85. m&m

    if something isn't clearly just editorial

  86. stpeter


  87. stpeter

    good plan

  88. m&m


  89. m&m

    PR 111 I can get processed today

  90. m&m

    Same with PR 112

  91. stpeter

    ok super

  92. m&m

    And PR 113 is a simple editorial

  93. m&m

    I'll get those last three processed, and publish XEP-0320 as 1.9

  94. stpeter

    re #112 I've had some chats with Lance / @legastero about encrypted file transfer and I know someone else who's put a fair amount of thought into it, so I look forward to list discussion

  95. m&m

    er 1.0

  96. m&m


  97. stpeter


  98. SamWhited

    RE 83: I'm going to just close it since it was deemed not the correct behavior. I really do need to sit down and do a new update.

  99. m&m

    ah, ok

  100. m&m

    thanks Sam

  101. stpeter

    hey Sam, OK

  102. m&m

    I think that's it

  103. stpeter

    anything needing attention in the issues? https://github.com/xsf/xeps/issues

  104. stpeter

    I'm on the hook for some PRs there

  105. m&m

    at this point, all the actions there are for someone to update or write a doc

  106. stpeter


  107. m&m

    non-trivial updates at that

  108. stpeter

    some of 'em, yeah

  109. stpeter

    I'll deal with active PRs first, methinks

  110. m&m


  111. stpeter

    so we're done in half an hour!

  112. stpeter

    good job, team!

  113. m&m

    amazing (-:

  114. SamWhited

    Rebased 99 on master

  115. stpeter

    gold star for the day!

  116. stpeter

    I have yet to grok rebasing in fulness - I must dedicate some time to learning git more fully

  117. m&m

    thanks Sam

  118. SamWhited

    Git is actually an incredibly simple system, which makes it nice to learn, but also means that it's way easier to learn on a whiteboard than at a computer.

  119. SamWhited

    What happened to the attachto XEP I submitted? Looks like the council voted to accept as Experimental last wednesday. Did that fall through the cracks?

  120. SamWhited


  121. m&m

    in so much as Kev hasn't pushed out minutes, and I could not attend the last Council meeting

  122. SamWhited

    Ah, no minutes. That'll do it.

  123. m&m

    well, there's minutes *now" *(-:

  124. m&m

    we'll get that published as 0.1 presently

  125. SamWhited

    Same with entity versioning actually, that was a while back. I think one or two people were to vote "on list" but it's probably been longer than the two weeks or whatever it is. I should go check on that.

  126. m&m

    oh, wait … can't yet … waiting on Dave

  127. Kev

    Sorry, just saw a highlight. What's up?

  128. m&m

    I have to poke Council again about entityversioning

  129. m&m

    I was just waiting on minutes

  130. m&m

    so issue resolved

  131. Kev

    Ah. Perfect timing, then.

  132. SamWhited

    Oh yah, there they are... good timing.

  133. m&m

    we do have some protoXEPs that might have fallen through the cracks … will gather up the list and let you know, Kev

  134. SamWhited

    Maybe council should file an issue after they have a vote so we can track the actual task of doing whatever the thing is alongside PR's and what not.

  135. SamWhited

    Vote in the MUC or on-list or in some non-third-party place, but track all work on GitHub.

  136. m&m

    that's a good idea, but something for the Editor team to do

  137. m&m

    technically the Editor is responsible for tracking votes

  138. SamWhited

    makes sense

  139. SamWhited

    I'll start just doing that if I'm watching a council meeting and a vote happens. See if the workflow feels good.

  140. Kev

    I suggest that Editors think about what they'd like, and talk to the new Council Chair about it when the guard changes.

  141. stpeter


  142. stpeter

    I have, in the past for another board I was running, used GitHub for creating meeting agendas but not yet for tracking votes - I somewhat like the idea of having everything in one place (although the XEPs repo might not be that place, at least for Council business - setting up a separate Council repo could work, though) ... but, as Kev says, that's something for the next Council to ponder

  143. Kev

    If it was me, I'd be more inclined to use Trello for this, but whatever, it won't be me :)

  144. SamWhited

    I was thinking more tracking of the actual work. So council would vote in the normal way, but then file an issue to tell the editors "merge and mark this XEP as experimental" or whatever the task is.

  145. Kev

    I think that's traditionally been the Editor's job.

  146. SamWhited

    Yah, less benefit if the editors are doing it (because then if minutes are late or something there's a delay), but it doesn't really matter. Mainly just having a tracking issue which, if the editor who was going to do something goes on vacation, can be looked at by others so things don't fall through the cracks.

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