XSF Editor Team - 2017-03-16

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  2. Flow anyone opposed that urn:xmpp:hashes:2 uses xs:base64binary?
  3. Flow if not, then this should be an editorial change requireing no namespace bump as schemas are non normative
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  5. SamWhited Other XEPs in the wild use hex encoding. If we didn't bump the namespace a lot of jingle implementations and the specs themselves would break.
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  9. Flow SamWhited: The question was if anyone is opposed me doing s/xs:string/xs:base64binary/ at the right place in the schema for urn:xmpp:hashes:2
  10. SamWhited Oh; that sounds sensible.
  11. Flow and in a few other places
  12. Flow e.g. OX also uses base64 and xs:string
  13. Flow I didn't knew that xs:base64binary was specified, good that CSH pointed it out
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