XSF Editor Team - 2017-09-17

  1. jonasw

    for coordination purposes: going to merge https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/427 now

  2. SamWhited

    jonasw: If you do, can you move it back to Experimental at the same time?

  3. SamWhited

    I'll add a note for the council to take a look at it again with the new changes

  4. jonasw


  5. SamWhited


  6. SamWhited

    Card: https://trello.com/c/GZraNyMS

  7. jonasw


  8. jonasw

    number of PRs down to the single digits \o/

  9. jonasw

    someone should ping iteam about xmpp.css, I’m not sure a github ping in a closed PR will do

  10. SamWhited

    /cc Guus

  11. SamWhited

    Now it's a ping in two places :)

  12. SamWhited

    Oh, I was apparently wrong, it is loading xmpp.css from our container so nothing to do here but wait for that build to get picked up by EOS I guess

  13. SamWhited

    maybe someone fixed that the last time we ran into having to update in multiple places

  14. SamWhited

    pretty sure it used to be a problem anyways; oh well.

  15. Guus

    SamWhited: just got home. You need anything?

  16. SamWhited

    Guus: sorry, thought I needed a website person to update xmpp.css, but it looks to be part of the xeps container after all

  17. SamWhited

    Thanks though!

  18. Guus