XSF Editor Team - 2017-09-19

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  32. moparisthebest friendly poke for any available editor to issue XEP-0368 call for experience :)
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  35. jonasw moparisthebest, I’m still not sure on how the process works, sorry.
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  37. jonasw moparisthebest, but I’ll give it a shot now anyways
  38. moparisthebest jonasw, I don't think anyone is, how about just an email like "Subject: Call for Experience: XEP-0368" "The council is going to consider moving this to final and is looking for feedback" or something
  39. moparisthebest I'm bad with words :)
  40. jonasw I can’t simply say council is going to do anything unless council said so
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  42. moparisthebest that's what xep-0001 says though
  43. jonasw XEP-0001 says that the editor (without specifying what triggers this) issues a CFE *before* the XEP is laid before council for advancement.
  44. jonasw there’s nothing in XEP-0001 (I thnik, point me to it if I’m wrong) which says that council MUST look at something which has been CFE’d
  45. moparisthebest right, that's what I'm looking to get to happen
  46. jonasw I’m still trying to figure out what stops me from issuing CFEs for all (old enough) Draft XEPs at once
  47. moparisthebest oh yea, but it'll be presented to them at least 14 days after anyway
  48. jonasw it seems fishy :)
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  50. jonasw anyways, let’s give this a shot
  51. moparisthebest yea jonasw I'm just trying to push it towards final I only know what xep-1 says and it seems like next step is for editor to send email so :shrug: :)
  52. jonasw somebody will complain if we did anything wrong
  53. moparisthebest that's kind of what I figured, if it's wrong, xep-1 should be clarified
  54. jonasw you’re the author, right?
  55. moparisthebest yep
  56. jonasw okay
  57. jonasw there you go, email sent (will take a minute or two to propagate through the list)
  58. moparisthebest thanks much
  59. jonasw will also comment on it once the mail got through, I actually implemented it.
  60. moparisthebest oh yea in your client, library, or both?
  61. jonasw library
  62. jonasw (from which follows, client)
  63. jonasw (I didn’t bother with implementing an off switch)
  64. moparisthebest yea I was going to try to pull up all implementations I know about in a mail later
  65. moparisthebest dwd said he implemented it in a server, it's the only s2s implementation I know of, there are a few client ones iirc
  66. moparisthebest it's arguably much more useful for clients
  67. jonasw there you go
  68. moparisthebest thanks
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  70. Guus 368 appendix A - Short Name: NOT_YET_ASSIGNED ... If this is going from draft to final, it's likely never getting one?
  71. Guus (perhaps simply remove that line?)
  72. Guus also, section 4 starts with a undefined referal: "this provides". It being the start of a paragraph titled "Use Cases", makes it unclear if 'this' refers to the entire XEP, or rather the ALPN description in the previous paragraph. I'd reword it slightly.
  73. SamWhited I think the council assigns a short name when it goes to draft or final.
  74. Guus in unrelated news: I'm going to have a beautiful bike shed. Been working on its plans for years.
  75. Guus xep-0053 suggests short names can be assigned as early as when a xep is published as experimental: "When a XEP is first published in the Experimental state, the XMPP Registrar shall work with the author(s) to mint an appropriate namespace name, which shall be of the form "urn:xmpp:ShortName:0" or, where appropriate, "urn:xmpp:ShortName:SubName:0"
  76. Guus I don't care to much, by the way. I just thought the 'yet' part was misplaced in something that's about to be 'final'
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