XSF Editor Team - 2017-09-23

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  28. jonasw should we run https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/517 by council?
  29. jonasw it only touches the schema and from what I can tell it fixes things (but I’m not very schema-literate)
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  38. Flow jonasw: what worries me is that this is probably an error found in many schemas
  39. Flow and re 517: I wonder why the third xs:choice element is required, but i'm just a bit schema-literate and I didn't looked into it
  40. jonasw Flow, possibly. the submitter of the PR mentioned that they’ll be correcting schemas as they go along -- they plan to build a client doin gvalidation
  41. jonasw maybe join jdev, they’re around there
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  43. Flow i'm a jdev regular ;)
  44. jonasw see the discussion there, I also questioned what it does, they seem confident
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  60. SamWhited Schemas are non normative, so it probably doesn't matter.
  61. SamWhited No need to go through council if you think it works, I mean.
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  79. SamWhited FYI: I've been playing with a little XEP formatting / processing tool, while I wouldn't want to use it for anything serious yet (the output formatting is pretty broken), it just got its first useful feature: it will tell you what XEPs need to be deprecated:
  80. SamWhited https://bitbucket.org/mellium/xep/src
  81. SamWhited > xep defer -n xepsdir/
  82. SamWhited returns a bunch of stuff (though currently chokes on the README not having a valid number, I should probably make it less strict)
  83. SamWhited I say "first useful feature", the revision printer is pretty nice too, I use that a lot.
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  85. SamWhited I'm sorry… https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/518/files
  86. SamWhited I'll commit to processing this one since I'm the one that submitted it and it's going to be a pain.
  87. SamWhited I left out at least one thing that should be deferred, but we had a LC recently so I assumed that counted as "activity"
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  91. SamWhited *sigh* and of course somehow literally none of those were correct. Please disregard, I was apparently on an ancient commit.
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