XSF Editor Team - 2017-09-25

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  50. SamWhited We already have a Trello for boards, FYI, please do not use GitHub boards. I don't really care between the two, but let's not duplicate info and everyone was already using Trello.
  51. SamWhited I have closed the GitHub boards.
  52. SamWhited Feel free to rearrange or rename columns in the trello board if you need to. If you can't, let me know and I'll fix permissions (but I think everyone can)
  53. jonasw I don’t like trello.
  54. SamWhited Me neither.
  55. jonasw any good reason not to move to github "projects"?
  56. jonasw they’re nicely integrated.
  57. SamWhited Everyone was already using Trello
  58. jonasw there’s no tight coupling between the boards, is there?
  59. SamWhited If the council has a thing on Trello, they can move it directly to the editor board. Let's not try to change our entire process just because I don't love something.
  60. SamWhited It works and is "good enough".
  61. jonasw right, maybe I don’t know trello well enough
  62. SamWhited s/I/we/
  63. jonasw what I liked about the github things is that you can see right on the PR what the status in council etc. is
  64. Guus (github has a Trello-like feature?)
  65. jonasw Guus, yeah, they added that a few months ago I think
  66. SamWhited Guus: I think they call it "Projects", it's fairly recent.
  67. jonasw I used it to track PRs through council
  68. SamWhited I assume Trello has a GitHub integration we could enable, but I haven't tried it; it was never really a problem.
  69. SamWhited I just don't want info ending up in two places with council looking at our Trello and half the stuff being on GitHub.
  70. jonasw I put the stuff on council trello whenever needed.
  71. jonasw SamWhited, what do you suggest as a means of communication so that work I do on the xeps repo (e.g. with respect to tooling) is seen by all active editors?
  72. jonasw I tried PRs on the xeps repository which apparently didn’t really help.
  73. jonasw I can ping the editors list, do you think that’d be more useful?
  74. jonasw also it’d have been nice to get some notice before you simply close the boards -- they are referenced in the current readme
  75. jonasw and I currently don’t have the time to re-work the readme
  76. jonasw also it is a bit demotivating to get my work (thought put into a process I can work efficiently with, given that there was only sparse documentation, the timezone issue noone of us can do something about and the huge backlog) reverted without a word of discussion.
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  78. SamWhited jonasw: the email list would be good for communication
  79. jonasw right, let’s try that
  80. SamWhited Sorry if it's demotivating, but please don't just duplicate work that's already been done.
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  82. jonasw SamWhited, I understand.
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  84. SamWhited Reworked the readme: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/519
  85. SamWhited If we want to change in the future that's fine, but for now let's not make the editor process require any more steps than it already does.
  86. SamWhited And let's discuss before changing the process.
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  88. jonasw SamWhited, okay, fair
  89. jonasw I’m composing an email with an overview of what I did in the last month besides working on XEP updates.
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  91. jonasw thanks for the fix to the readme
  92. SamWhited Sure thing; thanks for all the work you've been doing?
  93. SamWhited !, even.
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  95. jonasw email sent, have fun reading it :)
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