XSF Editor Team - 2017-09-27

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  29. jonasw if anyone could revert what peter did ... ;-)
  30. Kev Peter didn't say what he did, so I can't revert it easily.
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  32. jonasw I was afraid so
  33. jonasw at least everyone now learns how much spam an open ML attracts :)
  34. Kev It's much less bad than I expected, this wasn't a particularly bad day, it seems.
  35. Kev It's the days where it gets multiple thousand in one day that are a real nuisance.
  36. jonasw sounds great
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  38. Kev Oh. It looks like as well as the change letting spam through, it's also now got a moderation list that needs handling.
  39. Kev I guess that means we need to get Sam onto the admin list for the list so he can handle the moderation queue. And hopefully fix whatever configuration is letting the spam through without it hitting the queue.
  40. jonasw Kev, there’s a seperate moderator list (if you care about the privilegues)
  41. jonasw right below the list of admin addresses
  42. Kev Ta.
  43. Kev The spam is pissing me off significantly already.
  44. jonasw understandable
  45. Kev Especially as we had a solution to this problem.
  46. jonasw yeah, I‘m surprised peter made that change and then disappeared :/
  47. Kev Can't blame people for doing what they're asked.
  48. jonasw it could’ve used a bit more testing
  49. jonasw on the upside, that’s a whole new type of spam to train my filters on
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  66. SamWhited For what it's worth I still don't think we shouldn't go back to the "silently drop messages" strategy, but I guess I just have a well trained spam filter because most of them were caught for now. I would still like the list to just be configured how every other list we have is, maybe sync the standards/members lists to a whitelist for receiving.
  67. Kev We can't be configured how every other list is, because we want to be able to accept XEP submissions.
  68. Kev If we could be configured how other lists are (only editors can post), it'd be easy.
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  72. SamWhited We can't accept XEPs via email when they get lost in the void silently or get lost in a ton of spam. It's consistently a problem that people can't figure out why their messages aren't getting to editor@, and apparently spam is a problem for some people, and I think we've gotten one XEP by email since I've been doing this so why not disable it?
  73. SamWhited If people want to submit an XEP by email they can send it to one of us directly, it will be no less documented or hard to do than the current state of affairs.
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  80. jonasw https://hub.docker.com/r/xmppxsf/xeps/builds/bj8obtizkjjqexc6dzqm2ht/ okay, these build failures due to some XSLs not loading from sourceforge are getting annoying
  81. SamWhited *sigh* indeed
  82. SamWhited Loading random libraries from sourceforge as part of a build would be concerning even if it wasn't breaking, but I don't know how XSLT works enough to know if we can do it locally or remove the dependency somehow.
  83. Kev I'm on a two-week intensive coding thing with work at the moment, come Monday I'll hopefully have a few cycles to spare if you remind me then.
  84. Kev Not that I suggest I'll be competent to solve anything.
  85. SamWhited Kev: Thanks; if you know anything at all about XSLT or XML you're more competent than me
  86. jonasw I know both, but I’m afraid this might be more or less deeply in texml
  87. Kev I suspect we all know a little about XML.
  88. Kev XSLT is way outside my comfort zone.
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  90. jonasw I kinda like it.
  91. jonasw I built a whole CMS around it, kindof.
  92. SamWhited I know that there are things that look like <this> and other things that look like </this> (or sometimes like <this/> for some reason) and that they sometimes have key-value pairs on them and text in the middle.
  93. SamWhited Oh, and sometimes things start with xml: and those get inherited to all the other things under the top level things.
  94. Tobi jonasw, we can certainly put http://xsltsl.sourceforge.net/modules/stdlib.xsl in our repo and load that instead
  95. jonasw and we’ll have to adapt paths in there too
  96. Tobi in our xsl, yes
  97. jonasw doesn’t the stdlib in turn reference other .xsl files?
  98. Tobi ah..right
  99. jonasw that’s what put me off from simply fixing this
  100. jonasw but sure, we should do it.
  101. SamWhited I am not proud of knowing so little about a core part of the technology we develop, but it also makes me want to cry so I've never bothered to learn more than enough to get by :(
  102. jonasw ugh
  103. jonasw I can’t even load it right now.
  104. jonasw can you download the XSL files right now?
  105. jonasw there seems to be an issue there
  106. Tobi nope
  107. jonasw great
  108. jonasw let’s hope they come back
  109. Tobi https://github.com/oarevalo/WebReports/tree/master/common/xsltsl-1.2.1
  110. jonasw smart
  111. jonasw If I have time after dinner (after board meeting), I might give it a shot at fixing this
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  113. jonasw just a heads up so that we don’t duplicate work
  114. Tobi ok
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  127. Guus editors: I've just tweaked the website configuration. images are now no longer served from a static file directory on EOS, but from the xmpp.org docker instance instead.
  128. Guus If this breaks anything, blame me (and let me know)
  129. SamWhited Thanks Guus!
  130. Guus don't thank me yet
  131. Guus I think this was in place for a reason...
  132. Guus I just don't know what that was :)
  133. SamWhited … for letting us know that you're trying to break things.
  134. Guus :)
  135. SamWhited s/trying/going/
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